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May 18 cinema releases: I love what you do, Detective Conan: The Bride of Shibuya, Junk Head… What are the new films playing this week?

Well, it’s safe to say it’s been a busy week with the release of some highly anticipated big movies such as ” The Northman», « Ima », a comedy carried by the famous singer DadjuUtama: The Forgotten Land ” or ” Valiant Hearts », the last feature film with Camille Cottin. On the other hand, this third week of May will be a little calmer on the side of the big productions. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t have anything interesting to see in the movies this week, as several new titles are still worth checking out. Indeed, this week will be marked by the release of films such as ” I love what you do ” with Gerard Lanvin and Arthur as well as ” Brother and sister ” withMelvil Poupaudand Marion Cotillard. Fans of animated films will also be spoiled since ” Detective Conan: Bride of Shibuya ” and ” Junkhead are also coming out this week. But these are just a few of the new feature films hitting theaters this week. So, to help you make your choice, here is the list of new releases to discover in dark rooms from thisMay 18, 2022 :

We start directly with a new French comedyfrom the director Philippe Guillard which will feature Gerard Lanvin, Artus, Antoine Bertrand, Laura del Sol, Natasha Andrews, Caroline Bourg, Lou Chauvainas well as’ Anthony Hickling .

Summary:Gérard Lanvin is offered a major role in an American blockbuster, which recounts the landing in Provence in August 1944. The big-budget filming takes place in the south of France, so it is fortunate that he is going there. On the spot, Gérard will meet Momo Zapareto who takes care of the maintenance of the swimming pool of the house in which he must live during the filming. But Momo is a fan, a very fan… too much a fan! He knows and has seen all his films, and very quickly will do everything to make himself indispensable in the eyes of his idol and the film crew. For Gérard, the nightmare has only just begun…

Detective Conan: Bride of Shibuya

You are fans of the incredible investigations of the famous ” Detective Conan »? Well, this week will also be marked by the release of the animated film ” Detective Conan: Bride of Shibuya “. A feature film mixing the genre comedy, action, drama and detectivewhich was made by Susumu Mitsunaka with the voices of Minami Takayama, Wakana Yamazaki, Rikiya Koyama as well as’ Atsuko Yuya .

Summary: Tokyo. The Shibuya district is in full swing for Halloween. Detective Sato is in a wedding dress in front of an audience of guests, including Conan of course! Suddenly, an assailant bursts into the room and Detective Takagi is injured while trying to protect Sato. He survives his attack, but this attack revives in Sato the memory of the detective Matsuda, whom she was in love with, killed in bombings three years ago. At the same time, the perpetrator of these attacks escaped from prison. Coincidence? To avenge his classmate, detective Furuya alias Toru Amuro goes in search of the fugitive who is setting a trap for him. Conan finds Amuro with a bomb around his neck in an underground shelter. Amuro tells him that three years earlier, his comrades from the police academy met in Shibuya “Plamya”, a bomber. A disturbing shadow hangs over Conan and his friends. The crossroads of destinies is ablaze, Halloween turns into a rabid parade!


If you are a fan Japanese animationthis new feature film which was directed by Takahide Hori you will certainly like it. Mixing the genre adventure and science fictionthe story of the original version of ” Junkheadwill be carried by the voices of Takahide Horihimself, Atsuko Miyake as well as Yuji Sugiyama.
Summary: Humanity has managed to achieve near-immortality. But by dint of genetic manipulation, she has lost the ability to procreate and is inexorably declining. On a mission to unlock the secrets of reproduction, Parton is sent to the underground city, where mutant clones live to rebel against their creators…

We continue with ” Brother and sister “, a french dramawhich was made by Arnaud Desplechin and which will feature Melvil Poupaud, Marion Cotillard, Golshifteh Farahani, Cosmina Stratan, Patrick Timsit, Max Baissette de Malglaive, Benjamin Siksouas well as Saverio Maligno .

Summary:A brother and a sister on the verge of fifty… Alice is an actress, Louis was a teacher and a poet. Alice has hated her brother for over twenty years. They haven’t seen each other for all that time – when Louis ran into the sister by chance in the street, she didn’t greet him and ran away… In Brother and Sister, the brother and the sister will come across each other during the death of their parents.

Always in the dramatic genre but this time with a touch of romance this week will also release the film “ Follow me I’m escaping you» from the director Koji Fukada . A feature film in which we will seeWin Morisaki, Kaho Tsuchimura, Shohei Uno, Kei Ishibashi, Akari Fukunaga, Shugo Oshinari and Yukiya Kitamura .

Summary: Tsuji decided to forget about Ukiyo permanently and get engaged to his office mate. Ukiyo, on the other hand, does not get rid of the memory of Tsuji… but this time, it is him who has disappeared.

The filmmaker’s new feature film Jean-Luc Ayachentitled ” Van Gogh in Love will also be showing in theaters this week for fans of romantic films . This is a feature film in which we will see Frédéric Diefenthal, Hande Kodja, Steve Driesen, Marie Borg, Ginnie Watson, Arsène Jiroyan, Claude Barreau, Edwin Krüger, Angie Jacquot as well as Lucy Ayach .

Summary: Léo, a contemporary artist, wants to reconnect with Élise, his former companion, but Vincent Van Gogh, who has returned to our time, has fallen in love with her. A surreal love triangle takes shape and artistic issues appear in the background.

don juan serge bozon

If you are more of a fan of musical comedy the director’s new film Serge Bozon you will surely like it. This is a feature film that will feature Tahar Rahim, Virginie Efira, Alain Chamfort, Damien Chapelleandjehnny beth .
Summary: In 2022, Don Juan is no longer the man who seduces all women, but a man obsessed with a single woman: the one who abandoned him…

Memento Mori

This is adrama which was made byJean Hecheswhich will featurePhilippe Larcher, Ruby Minard, Sylvain Urban, Dominique Renckel, Alexandre Sigrist, Milan Morotti, Catherine Javaloyes as well as’Erik Hoffman.
Summary:Since his release from prison where he spent 21 years, Philippe has been begging at Wagesberg station. Under judicial supervision, his freedom depends only on the condition of his irreproachable behavior. When Anna, a young activist on the run, asks him to take her in, her well-ordered daily life will be turned upside down by the echoes of her past.

Twenty One Pilots: Cinema Experience

Are you a fan of the group?Twenty One Pilots»? Well, if you’re planning on hitting the movies this week, the new music documentary fromjason zadawill allow you to know more about this incredible duo.
Summary:Follow the Grammy-winning duo Twenty One Pilots with this epic celebration of their latest album Scaled And Icy in theaters around the world on May 19. This psychedelic experience at the crossroads of musical and theatrical performance is coming to the cinema in a remastered version for the big screen. With new content, Twenty One Pilots Cinema Experience is an immersion in the eclectic catalog and in the imagination of one of the most creative musical groups.

If you want to find out what theturkish cinemato offer, “The Neighborhood“, adramarealized byBuğra Gülsoywill also be released this week. A film that will featureBuğra Gülsoy himself, Hazar Ergüçlü, Serhat Teoman, Emre Erkanas well asSelen Oztürk.
Summary:“Le Quartier” takes place today in a suburb of Istanbul which is becoming precarious as the value of real estate increases. A flowery district, covered with trees and gardens, one side of which overlooks the Bosphorus Strait and the other side of skyscrapers with dazzling reflections. A large construction company and international financial institutions, attracted by real estate speculation, are teaming up to take control of this pearl of the Bosphorus by relying on dubious partners. The young people of the neighborhood, aware of the dangers to come, engage in a determined struggle by doing everything possible to mobilize their neighborhood. A childhood love emerges in the midst of so many adventures: that of Rüstem and Aslı. Aslı is absorbed in the preparations for the wedding, but their life will take a turn different from the one they dreamed of. It’s a story of creativity. That of the children of the people who do not just talk, but who continue to seek extraordinary ways to solve problems. “Le Quartier” is the story of a love and a fight scattered among the dead, financial intrigues, drug gangs and the land mafia.

Kornel Mundruczo

Finally, the directorKornel Mundruczowill present us this week with his brand new film entitled “Evolution“. A drama in which we will seeLili Monori, Annamaria Lang, Goya Regoas well asPadme Hamdemir.
Summary:From a fantasized memory of the Second World War to contemporary Berlin, Evolution follows three generations of a family marked by history. The pain of Eva, the miraculous child of the camps, is transmitted to her daughter Lena, then to her grandson, Jonas. Until this one breaks, with a gesture of love, the mechanics of the trauma.

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