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Marine Le Pen and Fabien Roussel: last guests of the “C dans l’air – Special presidential elections”

Caroline Roux receivesthe main candidates for the presidential election in “C dans l’air”. Two special one-hour live broadcasts over four weeks, where the journalist questions each candidate about their vision of France on the international scene. As in the daily broadcast, viewers can ask their questions. To watch this Sunday, February 13 at 8:55 p.m. on France 5.

“C dans l’air – Special presidential elections” with Caroline Roux. © Nathalie Guyon / FTV

The teaser

Marine Le Pen (RN – National Rally) and Fabien Roussel (PCF – French Communist Party) are Caroline Roux’s next guests for the last of the four evenings C dans l’air — Special Presidential Elections. The main candidates are invited to answer questions concerning France’s place in the world.
The journalist will interview the two candidates, with experts from C in the airon the Ukrainian crisis and Russia, but also on the choices of Europe towards the United States or China, and on the major political, economic and migratory issues.
Each of the candidates will have one hour to explain how they intend to face the great challenges of the world.
The journalist answered our questions.

Ask your questions to the presidential candidates from the February 13 show

Interview with Caroline Roux

Four evenings as a bonus and live to receive the main candidates for the presidential election: who are they?
Caroline Roux: Marine Le Pen and Fabien Roussel will be the guests of this next evening: one hour for each. The idea is to calibrate the eight main candidates based on the only thermometer available during a presidential campaign: the polls. We try to represent the entire political spectrum so that it is as fair as possible.

“We help people ask themselves the right questions”, you like to repeat. Which ones do you want to ask your guests?
CR: We are on four bonus evenings to talk only about international politics. The idea is to get the candidate to answer questions about the major dangers facing the country in the world, the major strategic alliance issues and the major economic issues. It is generally considered that the presidential election is a vision, especially on the management of public finances. But during the campaign, the candidates are asked little about their vision of France in the world. They too, I believe, want to be heard on these subjects, and that’s why they said yes » immediately, everyone.

You know them and have already interviewed them all. How does this make it more difficult to exercise? Or, on the contrary, is it an asset?
CR: It’s an asset because I know their rhythm, their way of dodging, their dominant on these themes. I have been “practicing” them for a long time, so it allows me to prepare for interviews quite calmly. The real difficulty is that these people who entered the campaign spoke very little about diplomacy, foreign affairs, the great dangers and challenges, because everything was crushed by the health crisis. These are themes that are not often addressed in political life, and even less during the campaigns. I therefore hope that they will surprise us and that we will discover things about questions that we do not often ask them.

A campaign marked by fake news, the polarization of debates on social networks… How will you deal with these subjects with your guests?
CR: We will rather talk about foreign interference, cyberattacks and the need to build cyberdefence: these are among the new great dangers. There is no head of state who is not aware that, in the years to come, we will no longer send tanks, but computer viruses to paralyze a satellite or other…

What and who will you confront them with?
CR: We find for these stages all the codes of C in the air : reports, questions from viewers, our usual experts, as well as a correspondent from France Télévisions abroad, and me. C in the air, it’s also a reporting program, and what better than to send reporters to see what’s happening on the ground and show it to candidates who often haven’t been there! The idea is to go deep into the themes that the candidate wants to raise and to confront them with the reality and complexity of the world.
Our concern, collectively C in the air, is to ask our guests about topics they don’t usually talk about, with genuine curiosity on our part. We have the luxury of being able to deal with this singular angle thanks to France Télévisions, which offers a complementary and very complete offer: the 8:22 p.m., Elysee 2022 on France 2 and formats produced by France 3. Even if we have been told for years that you do not win a presidential election with foreign policy, we see the opposite with the large audiences that our programs on Brexit or Afghanistan, Trump-Biden fractured America or Russia, or even Turkey. I really think it’s of interest to viewers.

Interview by A.-LF

The game

Play with the specialsC in the tune “Presidential Election” and try to win boxes 2 Magazine Subscriptions!

C dans l’air – Special “Presidential Election”

Caroline Roux

Caroline Roux

© Nathalie Guyon / FTV

Since January 23, in prime time, Caroline Roux receives on the set of C in the air the main candidates for the presidential election. On the same principle as the daily broadcast, every Sunday at 8.55 pm, January 23 and 30, February 6 and 13 : two one-hour programs live during which Caroline Roux questions each candidate about their vision of France on the international scene. As in the daily broadcast, viewers can ask their questions and react live.
Not a week goes by without a diplomatic crisis with China, Russia, Eastern European countries or Algeria, or even the United States. Faced with this mounting peril, what will be the position of the next President of the Republic or the next President of the Republic?
These global challenges will be an important part of the mandate of the next president. These four special evenings allow candidates to develop their vision of France and the world in the face of these various perils.
They are faced with reports from the editorial staff, as well as two emblematic experts from the show and a correspondent from the editorial staff of France Télévisions.

4 evenings (2 x 60 min) – Presentation Caroline Roux – Editor-in-Chief Sylvain Thierry – Production Maximal Productionswith the participation of France Televisions

Ask your questions to the presidential candidates from the February 13 show

C in the air – Specials “ Presidential election “ is broadcast Sunday, February 13 from 20.55 on France 5
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