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Macron criticized for his call for sobriety

LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Macron criticized for his “sobriety” plan


Macron, here on September 4, criticized for his “sobriety” plan

POLITICS – ” Less heating, more pull. This is essentially the message sent by Emmanuel Macron this Monday, September 5, at the end of an interview with his German counterpart Olaf Scholz. He asks the French to be “ at the rendezvous of sobriety to achieve 10% energy savings and thus avoid rationing this winter.

“The solution is in our hands”, considered in particular the President of the Republic, calling for “change behavior” like that of “turn the air conditioning down a bit” and “the heating a little less strong than usual” when it’s cold. Goal: An ambient temperature of 19 degrees. How to convince politicians? Not really.

Since the Head of State announced his battle plan, which also includes increased mutual aid between the different countries of the European Union, the opposition has been having a field day. On the left, we mock a “ president who became Amish », which puts the weight of the energy transition on the most modest. On the right, Emmanuel Macron is accused of being responsible for this situation.

“Who has air conditioning? »

The vast majority of people do not have air conditioning and millions of people in this country are unable to heat themselves due to dilapidated housing. “Writes the LFI deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis Thomas Portes on social networks, in a message which qualifies as” shabby » the presidential exit.

Who has air conditioning? “, wonders for his part Ian Brossat, the spokesman of the communist party, when the rebellious Louis Boyard considers that the measure of sobriety presented by the tenant of the Elysée is not addressed to his” friends “, which ” run the air conditioning at 16 degrees in their private jets and polluting boats “.

In the same spirit, Julien Bayou makes fun of a ” president who became Amish “, using the expression used in 2020 by Emmanuel Macron himself when he criticized the restrictions wanted, at the time, by ecologists, on the deployment of 5G technology in particular.

Macron, at fault?

Basically, the boss of Europe Écologie les Verts believes that this strategy of sobriety, intended for companies and individuals, reveals the ” major lack of anticipation of recent governments. An analysis shared by his colleagues on the right… In part, only. Many are indeed the elected representatives of the Republicans and the National Rally to make Emmanuel Macron responsible for any energy difficulties to come.

For Julien Bayou, the delay is that of the “ thermal renovation ” buildings. For them, the question is rather that of abandoning the nuclear industry. “ Emmanuel Macron shirks his responsibility, on the eve of a major risk of electricity shortages “Writes MEP LR François-Xavier Bellamy, castigating the executive’s choice to close Fessenheim in 2020.

Yet it was he alone who confirmed the closure of this plant, then one of the safest in France according to ASN “Writes the elected official, in unison with many of his colleagues, quick to see this decision effectively confirmed by the tenant of the Elysée Palace as the start of energy difficulties.

Before appealing to the effort of the French, Emmanuel Macron should apologize and recall the immense responsibility that is his “, adds in particular Marine Le Pen on social networks. If she does not go into the details of her grievances, the boss of the National Rally assures her, “ if we are where we are today, it is above all because of his disastrous political choices. »

The closure of the aging Fessenheim plant? It’s not ” a subject “, has, for his part, replied Emmanuel Macron, repeating to assume his choice of the time. ” Everyone must take responsibility; for my part, I took them. »

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