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LIVE – “Technology must not rule the country”: when François Bayrou pays for Elisabeth Borne – Liberation

Legislative elections 2022case

The political day is marked by the continuation of consultations at the Elysee Palace and the arrival of new deputies in the Assembly, where groups and ambitions have been organized since the results of the second round of legislative elections.

by AFP, LIBERATION and Laure Bretton

Before switching to a big international sequence – a European Council on Thursday in Brussels – Emmanuel Macron continues his tour of the political forces on Wednesday, in search of a difficult consensus in the Assembly. Deprived of his absolute majority, does the head of state really want a government of national unity? With representatives of the extreme right in it? Historical and plethoric, the contingent of deputies of the National Rally arrives at the Palais-Bourbon, with a list of demands as long as your arm.


The RN arrives at the Palais-Bourbon. The deputies of the National Rally begin to arrive at the Bourbon brewery, an institution in front of the National Assembly. The tie is respected for men, correct dress for women. For many, people discover each other. “It’s a bit like back to school,” for Matthieu Marchio newly elected in the sixteenth constituency of the North.


David Guiraud (LFI): “We must not recruit only parliamentary attachés from the big schools”. Freshly elected to the National Assembly, the new rebellious deputy of Roubaix puts forward the defense of the working classes. A commitment that notably involves the recruitment of staff far removed from the political world. Find our interview on our website.


Who will be the boss of the macronists in the Assembly? The Renaissance deputies (ex-LREM) met this morning to elect their new president, after the defeat of Christophe Castaner in the legislative elections. The elected Yvelines Aurore Bergé has been a big favorite since Jean-René Cazeneuve gave up running. In front of her, a figure from the left wing, Stella Dupont, the ex-chevènementiste Guillaume Vuilletet, and the former socialist Rémy Rebeyrotte. “I understand that an anti-Bergé front has risen. Surprises can be huge”, says a former minister. End of the suspense at the end of the morning.


Macron’s national union is no for the PS. Patron of socialist senators, Patrick Kanner rejected the idea of ​​a government of national unity, apparently put forward by Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday during his interview with the communist Fabien Roussel. “We are not the Red Cross, dropped Kanner when asked about Public Senate. We are not here to be the saviors of a President who has been sanctioned for his verticality. Now the king is naked, let him manage.”


Kisses from Bayrou for Borne. “I think the times require that the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister be political, that we do not have the feeling that it is the technique which governs the country”, swung François Bayrou on France Inter. Either a form of self-portrait. Bayrou in Matignon? “The President of the Republic will decide, I am not a woman, as it did not escape you”had to concede the boss of the Modem.


Who is telling the truth? Roussel or Macron? According to Fabien Roussel, Emmanuel Macron “considers the constitution of a government of national union, if there were the parties to take part in it”. The former communist candidate for the last presidential election detailed in his own way the interview he had just had at the Elysée Palace and mentioned another presidential hypothesis: “seek support on a case-by-case basis,” according to “topics”.


Larcher tranquillou bilou. That the Finance Committee of the Assembly is in the hands of the National Rally absolutely does not upset the President… of the Senate, Gérard Larcher. That the extreme right is considered a normal political force either apparently. In the Parisian Larcher loose: “We do not have the same history and do not share the same values, but they are elected representatives of the Republic” and refutes the idea of ​​a “sanitary cordon” to contain their ideas in Parliament. “Republican practice in the Assemblies consists in considering all elected officials with a principle of equality and respect. Then there is a regulation in the National Assembly which says that the chairman of the Finance Committee must come from the opposition. However, I note that the RN is the first opposition group. So she should come back to him.”, adds the President of the Senate. What the regulations of the Assembly do not say at all. But it must be a detail for Gérard Larcher.

7:45 am

The parade continues at the Elysée. Remained silent since Sunday, Emmanuel Macron, who celebrated Tuesday evening the 40th anniversary of the music festival in the courtyard of the Elysée, is to receive Wednesday from 9 a.m. the national secretary of Europe Ecology-The Greens Julien Bayou , newly elected deputy in Paris, then the president of the LFI group Mathilde Panot, and his former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, boss of the Horizons party.

7:33 am


What does Macron (really) want? Nothing has filtered from the lessons that the Head of State intends to draw from his consultations with the political forces on Tuesday and Wednesday. Macron also seems to be under pressure within his own camp for his management of the legislative campaign, during which he appeared absent, erased by the activism in particular of the united left under the banner of Nupes.


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