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Legislative. “I do not believe in the traditional political system”, Aly Dioura independent candidate in Seine-Saint-Denis

Aly Dioura is 35 years old. He is from the city of 4000 in La Courneuve (93) where he still lives. An association activist for fifteen years, part of the territorial public service and spokesperson for the “La Seine-Saint-Denis au cœur” movement, he is running for the legislative elections in the 4th district of Seine-Saint-Denis.

LCDL: This is your second candidacy for a ballot…

Aly Dioura: Indeed. I was a candidate for the first time last year in the departmental elections in Seine-Saint-Denis. Elections during which we climbed somewhat to everyone’s surprise, except for us!, in the second round against outgoing President Stéphane Troussel.

What made you want to introduce yourself in the first place?

The trigger was twofold. Already, the nature of the composition of the new municipal team of my city, in La Courneuve. So and so was the wife of, the other the child of… And then there was what happened during the health crisis and the glaring absence of local elected officials to respond to certain social emergencies, such as those related social housing and the difficulties of families in meeting their basic needs.

You prefer to present yourself as an independent. Why ?

The reason is simple: I don’t believe in the traditional political system. I think that this system no longer meets both the expectations of the inhabitants, in particular the most vulnerable, but above all, I believe that it is no longer legitimate in view of the mistrust and the structural abstention today that it generates.

Are you more right-wing or left-wing?

The right, even the extreme right, we can see very well what it is, and the more the years pass, the more we feel its yoke with full force. On the other hand, the left has lost its aura, in addition to its values. This word no longer means much in the eyes of the popular, urban and rural categories.

For my part, I claim to be of the left but of a pragmatic left and which makes no concessions on its values, in particular in terms of social justice and anti-racism.

Aly Dioura, qhat do you think of Nupes?

It’s an agreement between the left-wing parties, but it’s an agreement between them, without this “we” which includes all the popular categories and those who are discriminated against in particular. Some may rightly rejoice to see this left coming together. But in my opinion, this gathering is more of a sham than anything else. Anti-racism in the LFI and PS sauce is, for example, diametrically opposed. And that’s no small thing for some popular categories…

You are running in a popular constituency. In your opinion, what should be done to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants?

It is essential to get out of partisan postures and limit mandates in time. Make new faces emerge in order to bring citizens closer to their representatives who, even at the local level, often consider the latter disconnected from reality. And above all, no longer negotiate and compromise on the values ​​of the left, the fight against social injustice and anti-racism. It is an essential prelude to improving the living conditions and development of the inhabitants.

If you are not in the second round, will you give voting instructions?

I think, like last year and with regard to the local configuration of the forces in contention and in particular the division of the left of the parties, that we have every chance of reaching the second round. Furthermore, I have great difficulty with the idea of ​​a voting instruction. I have always considered this process as infantilizing, even contemptuous.

I sometimes hear the extreme urgency that politicians have to come out in favor of this on the very background of the Republican front. But I like to say that if Marine Le Pen and her party are so anti-republican, why not dissolve them in the same way as all the associations dissolved in recent years by the government? And then, our movement is not intended to play this game that we have collectively decried for ages.

What about the alliances you could make with the other left-wing candidates?

Make alliances on the basis of what? Programmatic alliances must be made before the first round, because if they are made afterwards, it can quickly seem like a betrayal, especially when the candidates in the running have publicly shattered themselves in the field of the campaign.

If you are elected deputy, what will be your main battles?

Anti-racism, social housing, disability and inclusion, school and the right to health for all. A 100% left program.


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