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Legislative elections. The political and health emergency of Jérôme Moroge –

Text: Marco Polisson – In 2014, he managed the feat of snatching Pierre Bénite from four decades of communist management which have permanently weighed down this working-class town of 10,200 inhabitants. At 42, this father of two wants to capitalize on his good local image to win a national mandate by becoming a deputy for the 12th district of the Rhone.

He has already tried his luck in the 2017 legislative elections, but his circus had been swept away by the Macronist wave. Jérôme Moroge, who is not the type to let himself down, has decided to try his luck again. And he has good reason to believe in it, the political deal having really changed… Admittedly, Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, but the membership vote of 2017 turned into a vote of spite in 2022, which will have an impact on the legislative elections where, according to several studies, voters will play it local. This opens up new spaces for young elected officials in the field, including Jérôme Moroge as Alexander Porter in VillefrancheWhere Bastien Joint in Caluire are the spearheads.

At the Auberge Savoyarde with Titi, on Jacotte’s birthday

Jérôme Moroge proved himself in Pierre-Bénite, of which he was re-elected mayor in 2020. The following year, in the regional elections, Laurent Wauquiez came out on top in his city. Just listen to his constituents, seated at Jean-Luc to go on rockor at Jacotte and Tweety at the Savoyard inn (above) to feel the buy-in and momentum around his candidacy. Dynamic confirmed, Tuesday, May 31, by the presence of 460 people at his campaign meeting, held at La Canopée, in the company of his deputy Katia Pechardfirst assistant of Pascal Charmot, Mayor of Tassin-La-Demi-Lune. His friend Renaud PfefferMayor of Mornant and Vice-President of the Region is reasonably confident: “Intelligent and friendly, he is a hard worker who has done a huge job for Pierre-Bénite, which makes him bankable in the eyes of voters”.

On the front line on the subject of perfluorides

The latter were recently able to appreciate his sense of anticipation and his reactivity when the perfluorinated scandal surfaced in mid-May. The “revelations” of France 2 were not for Jérôme Moroge. For several years, the city councilor had alerted the political and health authorities without result. In a letter sent on July 31, 2020 to the head of the Grand Lyon drinking water management service, and which we were able to consult, his chief of staff, Gaetan Juillat, asks the community about the dangerousness of PFS particles: “Also, it would seem that perfluorinated substances are substances not listed in the Health Code, could you provide us with more information on these emerging molecules and their potential risk? for the people? Courier remained a dead letter.

“I wonder about the inaction of the Metropolis in the matter because other municipalities could be impacted” protests the mayor who learned that following these discharges into the Rhône, the air and the land of Pierre -Bénite and surrounding areas were also contaminated. This is the case of the allotments near the railway line and the Brotillon stadium that Jérôme Moroge decided to close as a precaution. “We were lied to about it! “he protests, taking the decision to bring the case to justice, referring to the letters sent to the Ministry of Health and the services of the environmentalist president of the Metropolis, Bruno Bernard, remained unanswered. A controversy and pollution which also plague the campaign of the outgoing LREM deputy Cyrille Isaac-Sibille.

TO KNOW > The 12th constituency includes, from North to South: Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, Francheville, Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, La Mulatière, Oullins, Pierre-Bénite, Irigny, Vernaison and Charly


Box (almost) full! Of the 9 mayors in his circo, 7 have given him their support. Grand slam also within civil society, where he can count on Paola Boiron, Marc Degrangeor on the former OL player Pierre Laigle (above). Nora Debza, president of a parents’ association in Tassin, underlines that “the education of our children has always been a priority for Jérôme Moroge”. As for Maxime Balouzat, president of the association of merchants of Oullins, he is full of praise: “Jérôme is a man of action, as close as possible to shops and businesses. He is present on a daily basis, his benevolence and his understanding of the field make him the politician we like to have in 2022! »

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