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Legislative elections in Lot-et-Garonne: “The political landscape is turned upside down”

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Bertrand Girardi, “The Republicans, Nicolas Lacombe, mayor of Nérac, Christine Bonfanti, senator of Lot-et-Garonne, Sophie Borderie, president of the departmental council, Jean Dionis, mayor of Agen etc., political figures from Lot-et-Garonne -Garonne reacting to the results of the first round in the department.

Bertrand Girardi, “Les Républicains”: “I am very happy with the result, 2,542 votes with this high rate of abstention, that’s good. We went to get them. We have to recreate conviviality, union, things which have not been done for a long time. I will be the linchpin. Today, I surveyed the ground up and down and across, I met in the polling stations, local elected officials, assessors. The problem of democracy today is to bridge this gap between elected officials and voters. Personally, I will not give any voting instructions. This campaign has given pride of place to the extremes. On the constituency, we have a triangular one, let them manage.”

Nicolas Lacombe, Mayor of Nérac: “My cold reading is this: To have a chance of avoiding having two RN deputies in Lot-et-Garonne, Alexandre Freschri and Maryse Combres must withdraw to block at the RN. But these are device stories in which I am not. In Nérac, the three candidates are in a pocket handkerchief. These are the three blocks that appeared during the presidential elections: a central block, an extreme right block and a block of the left as a whole. We have to live today with these three blocks. At the national level, there is no massive support for the President of the Republic. There will probably not be an absolute majority. He must prepare for a mandate that will be socially and politically difficult. This will enhance the role of parliament. The political landscape is turned upside down with strong abstention.

Christine Bonfanti, Senator for Lot-et-Garonne: “Satisfied with the score when we compare it to that of Valérie Pécresse for the Presidential elections. Our three candidates fought really well and I thank them for it, they needed courage to leave afterwards the defeat, they did it. We will see the final result next Sunday. For this second round, I will not give instructions to vote, each voter will vote in his soul and conscience.

Benoît Auricès, “Debout la France”: “I am very satisfied with the score for the small party that I represent, I wanted to make 2%, objective achieved. For the second round, I will not give any voting instructions, I am against that.”

Mohamed El Marbati “Worker’s Struggle”: Despite strong abstention, we are happy with the result, 600 votes or 1.34%, that’s more than five years ago when we were at 0.36%. It is a vote of conscience, certainly a minority, but whatever the final result, the workers must mobilize, the power is in the hands of the capitalists, this fight will have to be waged.

Sophie Rambourg, Animal Party: “I’m very satisfied, it’s a very good result, 2%, it confirms the score we had at the Europeans. We received a very good welcome during the towing, there was an evolution in mentalities, which is really good is that we were able to discuss with everyone, including farmers, breeders, hunters. It was an interesting campaign, enriching. I just regret that we did not have not had enough funds to be able to pay for the professions of faith sent to voters. We are launching a call for membership to do better next time!”

Sophie Borderie, president of the departmental council: “For the first constituency, the outgoing deputy comes in first position, Maryse Combres achieved a good score by coming in third position. If I can express myself without any bias, probably should- it is withdrawn so as not to risk that the RN has a deputy in the National Assembly.This triangular on Agen-Nérac is really very surprising, nobody was considering it only a few hours ago.As for the second constituency , I am satisfied with the result, our candidate Christophe Courregelongues comes in second position, there is really a dynamic around his candidacy and the different parties that form the Nupes.It is a disavowal for the outgoing deputy who comes in third position. To avoid there also that an RN is elected, Alexandre Freschi should withdraw in favor of Christophe Courregelongues.

Jean Dionis, the mayor of Agen, declares: “I call for a clear vote for the presidential majority, for the candidates of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. To weigh in Paris, Agen needs a strong political team and For this, I call on Michel Lauzzana to vote. By voting in this way, they will allow the president to apply the program for which a large majority of French people elected him, and this in a constructive dialogue with the National Assembly.
To vote for Nupes or the National Rally is to choose immobility with a
President of the Republic in permanent conflict with Parliament, which is just impossible given the serious current geopolitical context, whether at the national or international level.
To vote for Nupes or the National Rally is to vote for exorbitant programs of additional public expenditure, not only demagogic, but extremely brutal for the majority of French people. With these two extremes, we start with a small distribution of public money, we continue with a recession, and we end with a heavy addition for each of us, and especially the most modest.

Pierre Chollet, “Horizons”: “With such a low turnout, we end up with a triangular, it’s very surprising. but the three presidential blocks persist. We thought we would face Maryse Combres in the second round, we didn’t “Hadn’t seen this scenario happen. We’ll have to mobilize between two rounds for Michel Lauzzana to be elected in the first constituency. He’s the one who made the best score for the presidential majority in the department. In Marmande, the candidate is in great difficulty, in Villeneuve he is not qualified.As a general rule, we find that local elected officials in their territory are doing well, those who know the voters and who have done them a favor. “

Alain Lorenzelli, president Albret community: “The deputy En Marche is in front but the gap is small. We are like the country. A president in front but with a short head and behind the RN because we are in a rural area. The Nupes is strong on the Agenais but not on rurality. I’m not surprised. We are in this new world where there are centrists, populists on the left and populists on the right. Michel Lauzzana was elected for 20 years. He did field work. He knows how the system works. For the triangular, it will be complicated. There are no large reservoirs of votes for one or the other”.

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