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“Le Big Show”: saw Jarry’s first broadcast on France 2

The transfer materializes for Jarry. Arthur’s ex-accomplice and game host on TF1 (“Game of Talents”, “Good Singers”) takes control of the “Big Show”, a production adapted from a British format and signed Hervé Hubert, this evening in prime time on France 2. watched on the big screen, on Monday April 25 at the Club de l’étoile in Paris (17th century), the first forty minutes of the show, according to Jarry himself, “the craziest in public service”.

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“How does TV do such things?”

The references of the new incarnation of France 2 to present the program nevertheless come straight from the catalog of television programs of the last century. Among the ingredients of the “Big Show”? From the spontaneity inherent in Jacques Martin’s “L’école des fans” and surprises, as in the heyday of “Sacred evening”. But unlike Jean-Pierre Foucault’s show, the star here “it’s the public, people who had just come to watch a show and who find themselves trapped“, assured Jarry in a press conference. “I wanted people to reclaim television. This show is theirs“, added the host that we find here in a universe at the antipodes of the TF1 programs which popularized it, “Friday, everything is permitted” or “Tourists”.

The spectators of the Marigny theater will learn the hard way that “everything is possible“through a succession of happenings, sketches and hidden cameras masterfully led by the comedian. And it works, the public never knows what to expect and Jarry knows how to have fun.”What is this mess ?“, wonders at the microphone of the comedian a spectator from Essonne who discovers, amazed, his house projected on the big screen.

As he can do in concert, Jarry, more than ever in his element in contact with the public, strolls through the room sometimes in search of passionate karaoke singers – some, endowed with a developed sense of self-mockery, will share the scene with a generous Amir – sometimes in search of spectators whose family lives “on the other side of the planet“. Impossible to say too much but this is how the first emotional sequence of the show begins, a heartbreaking family reunion in front of which it is difficult to remain impassive. “How does TV do such things?“, is surprised in tears one of the protagonists from Bergerac (Dordogne) trapped by members of her family and the production.

A sensitive and spicy Jarry

We have chosen the most universal stories possible, which speak as much to the inhabitants of small villages as to the city dwellers of large cities.“, said the presenter. “I want people to think that France 2 is a new channel, that they don’t need to go to platforms or Tik Tok to find modern formats, that young people come and they love it“, explained Jarry to And to add:It had been a long time since France Télévisions had made such popular entertainment“.

Sensitive, teasing, spicy, Jarry bluffs the audience with his sense of repartee, whatever the register of the sequence. The host thus plays down the most tearful scenes with humor. “What’s up, my friend ?“, he thus addresses a toddler landing on the set. “You see the lady there, she’s the one you’ll inherit when you grow up“, launched the one who was close to Arthur. The comedian refuses to “fall into pathos” and gives, with his identifiable tone, rhythm to the program of which he did not miss any of the major stages of construction. Jary added: “I got involved in writing the scripts, in choosing the cast, in the editing, the trailers…“.

We would almost forget the presence of the relative interest on the set of the actress Laëtitia Milot (“The vengeance with clear eyes”, “Olivia”, “We will meet again”), godmother of the program with her mother Sylviane. And the (too?) long sequence from the very start of the show during which Jarry, the former heroine of “Plus belle la vie”‘s mobile phone in hand, writes a text message in real time with content that is more embarrassing than hilarious to the entire repertoire of the actress. Two issues of the “Big Show”, already in the box, have been ordered by France 2. The first audience figures will decide its future. Across the Channel, the program, entitled “Michael McIntyre’s Big Show”, named after its host, has been on BBC One since December 25, 2015. A great longevity!

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