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La Casa de Papel and Le Jeu de la dame will have video games, and these are not the only announcements from Netflix. – The Troyes Observer

After several days of movie and TV series announcements, Netflix today wrapped up Geeked Week 2022 by giving full attention to one of its main growth pillars for the coming months: the arrival of games. video for iOS and Android mobiles in free access for all subscribers of the platform, an effort for which they promise to have more than 50 titles in their catalog by the end of the year.

So far, they have presented a dozen proposals, highlighting two experiments based on two of their most successful series: La Casa de Papel and Gambito de Dama; but there is much more to say.

Desta: The Memories Between

The creators of Monument Valley guarantee success on mobile phones. Also confirmed for PC, Desta: The Memories Between offers iOS and Android users a turn-based strategy game inspired by dodgeball. Overcome failed relationships and a tragic family event with an exciting and surreal ball game. Not dated.

Checkers chess

The Queen’s Game sparked the desire of many to master the art of chess a year ago. Today, this video game aims to help them develop their board game skills by taking lessons, tackling puzzles, and battling online opponents and familiar faces straight out of the miniseries. award-winning. It is currently unknown when the game will be available on Netflix.

Play with fire

It’s essentially a dating simulator, with the appeal of adapting Netflix reality show Too Hot To Handle into play. There’s not much to comment on, but the player is invited to travel to their dream villa by swiping left on a cast of sexy bachelors vying for their affections, all without breaking any strict rules. and with a prize. Coming in 2023.

Money Heist

“It won’t just be relaxation and romance.” Netflix leaves us with a first look at an action-adventure video game La Casa de Papel where players will have to crack safes, pick locks and participate in a heist in a casino in Monaco. “It’s to help an old friend of the professor,” they say. It features a cartoon-like graphic style, and has no release date yet.

Lucky Luna

It’s not just adaptations of hit Netflix series that have been announced. Other great proposals like Lucky Luna, an action-platform adventure inspired by Japanese folklore where we are invited to accompany Luna on a magical journey to the depths of hidden dungeons and legendary temples as she discovers the mysteries of her past. The release date is unknown.


Now available exclusively to Netflix subscribers, Poinpy is a vertical arcade game from award-winning game creator Downwell where you jump around, dodge adorable baddies and feed the blue monster chasing you. “Warning: the more you play, the harder it gets!” they warn, although you can also earn and unlock abilities as you progress through the game.

Shadow and Bone: Destinies

“From the shadows comes a new mobile game based on the popular series”. This proposal is presented as a single player narrative RPG in which you can slip into the skin of some of the protagonists of the series while crossing the world of the Grishaverse. Shadow and Bone: Destinies is still in early development. Netflix expects it to be available in 2023.

Other announcements

Games available on other platforms

It wasn’t just a “world premiere” we got at summer game fest 2022. The arrival on Netflix of Raji: An Ancient Epic, an action adventure set in ancient India, from Spiritfarer, a death management game in which we are the master of a ferry that transports souls, from Terra Nil, an inverted city building title in which we restore the natural ecosystem in wastelands created by man, from Wild Things: Animal Adventure, a Candy Crush Saga-style tic-tac-toe puzzle adventure, and Reigns: Three Kingdoms, where you rule your own kingdom and change fate with a simple swipe of finger.

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