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Ivory Coast: ENSEA, leaving the last promotions of the ITS and AD sectors as well as the ISE, Nialé Kaba urges them to enhance their diploma

© – Saturday, August 06, 2022 – 10:08

The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2022 from the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSEA), took place this afternoon on the premises of the establishment located in Cocody.

This promotion called KABA NialeMinister of Planning and Development is made up of 118 students including 42 Statistical Economist Engineers (ISE), 46 Statistical Works Engineers (ITS) and 30 Statistical Technical Assistants (AD).

According to Doctor Hugues Kouadio, Director of theENSEA today’s ceremony marks the baptism of the 33rd promotion of ISE, the 44ᵉ promotion of ITS and the 61ᵉ promotion of AD

Established in 1961, theENSEA of Abidjan is a higher education and research institution whose vocation is to train African statisticians. To date, more than 4,000 statisticians have been trained and find themselves in various sectors of activity around the world.

The Director announced that the year 2022 marks the release of the last promotions of ITS sectors (opened in 1963) and AD (opened in 1968) to meet the requirements of the reform of the training courses of theENSEA. These channels will now be open only at the request of countries.

L’ENSEA is a Center of Excellence recognized by UEMOA since 2005, the World Bank in 2015 and the French Development Agency in 2020. Entry into its training courses is exclusively by way of a competition open each year in the month of January.

Since its creation, it has maintained the course of excellence in the training it provides for senior and middle managers from 27 African countries. The training atENSEA is provided in 3 ways: initial training, online training and continuing education.

The keystone of the training system for senior statisticians in all African countries, theENSEA has, according to Minister Nialé Kaba, a very strong regional vocation which facilitates the diversity of nationalities and the acceleration of African integration.

Speaking to her godchildren, she was delighted to have obtained their end-of-cycle diploma after a complete training of two to three years.

“After the excellent results that you have obtained at the end of these years of hard work, you are to put yourselves at the service of your States and your fellow citizens. Know that I congratulate you and I am proud of you. The quality of the training given to theENSEA undoubtedly constitutes an important asset for you and will help you subsequently pursue rich careers in the service of the development of your respective countries. This graduation ceremony is an infinitely joyful moment that consecrates the studies carried out at the school. Recognized quality studies, including an important step in building your future,” she added.

After these months of training in the profession of statistician, it is now up to the students to enhance their diploma by responding appropriately to the expectations of their respective countries. According to the Minister of Planning and Development, they now have the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary to meet the challenge of producing quality statistics facing their national statistical systems.

“Dear godchildren, quality statistics are essential for defining quality social and economic policies but above all for adequate decision-making for monitoring the indicators of the various development agendas and for us African countries which are known as the United Nations 2030 agenda, agenda 2063 of the african union, but also the different ones that we give. So I would like to urge you to effectively put into practice what you have learned. You have the necessary skills that will make you leaders within your various administrations, whether public or private, to contribute to building the Africa we want. I would especially like in the field of statistics to count on you to impose with tact but with efficiency, the use of reliable data as a basis for decision-making”, explained Nialé Kaba.

At the moment when her godchildren leave the life of the university to face the University of life, the godmother passed on to them some messages which she drew from her own university of life.

“First I would like to tell you that you are technicians, experts, your skills must be your first asset to succeed in life. So you are experts, stay experts, work on the basis of your technicality, do not hesitate, whenever the opportunity is given to you, to maintain and improve your technical knowledge, the first asset to succeed in life. . Have audacity, ingenuity, flexibility. Audacity because you are intelligent and expert, all creations and all successes are within your reach. Always say we can because I know you can. Ingenuity and flexibility because these are essential assets for success in a constantly changing world. Finally, have rigor, rigor towards others, because that’s what will allow you to be respected and recognized leaders. To succeed in life ask you to have commitment because the most beautiful and the great projects, the most attractive strategies are nothing to the rest of realization without the commitment of those who carry them, “she said. advised.

According to her, the 118 graduates must demonstrate this commitment through their training institution also by actively participating in the network of graduates, maintaining a close link with the school by contributing to the development of its strategic plan by participating in training. of their juniors.

“A strong and solid network of graduates is also the guarantee of a solid and rich institution of its graduates. I wish you the best because I know that you will be able to get the best”, concluded Nialé Kaba.

Taking good note of the advice of their godmother, the graduates of theENSEA promised to make a brilliant professional career in his image and finally expressed their deep gratitude to the Director and the management staff of the establishment.



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