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“It’s not so much the right that is progressing as the left that is regressing”

FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE – The lawyer sees in the Fondapol study, which confirms the rightward movement of French citizens, the foil effect of a left and an extreme left complacent with Islamism and subscribed to sterile polemics.

Tuesday August 30, Le Figaro headlined on the front page: “Fondapol study: France is increasingly on the right”.

The figures from the institute headed by Dominique Reynié were eloquent: 57.70% of respondents claimed to be from the right.

But, is it really the plural right and its divided representatives which seduce or rather the left gone mad which revolts more and more?

I certainly lean towards the second branch of the proposition.

My reader knows well that I have long maintained that the collective mental state should be looked at from a psychiatric angle.

He also knows that I blame the extreme political and media left – which has engulfed the more moderate left – for being the cause of what I consider to be a real mental decerebration.

Let us first take the picturesque case of Sandrine Rousseau.

Its nonsense, its nonsense, its coquecigrues will have made our month of August.

One day, she berates Mr. Macron for a jet-ski outing. But she omits to admonish Mr. Mélenchon for a flight from Paris to Mexico City then to Honduras and Colombia with return to Paris.

Of course, one could wonder about the need to comment on each ideological lucubration of Sandrine Rousseau.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

Another day, the one who deconstructed her husband, decrees that the barbecue is a macho practice and that eating meat would be a demonstration of carnivorous virility.

I wouldn’t venture to point out to him that the word meat is feminine or to confide in him that when I converted to vegetarianism, I didn’t feel any more feminine.

I will be careful not to laugh at her and play the Apollinaire of the customs officer, because according to her, we cannot laugh at women, blacks or LGBT people. The gausserie being undoubtedly exclusively reserved for white heterosexual males, amateurs of red meat.

Besides, she says without laughing to Daily, it is necessary to rethink laughter.

At this precise moment I am no longer laughing.

Of course, one could wonder about the need to comment on each ideological ranting of the whimsical MP.

Ask yourself if it would not be advertising to raise them. On Sunday, she was even the star guest of RTL.

Although it is less the penetrating thought of the political woman who is sought – the expression of this one being rather dull – than a histrion (the vocabulary, androgynous, ignores the feminine) who makes people talk in the cottages.

But beyond the person, his excesses and extravagances, the Rousseau phenomenon is the grimacing symbol of the societal madness of the contemporary far left.

Massive immigration has brought its funeral procession of victims, so much so that under the number, we manage to forget those we mourned publicly a few weeks ago.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

Collective madness from America, which now makes French society live in the manner of a traveling re-education camp.

Watch out for offensive words, non-inclusive letters, racial, gender or environmental reasons.

Because if the people laugh about it, the media world, still dominated by the extreme left, takes the lady seriously: thus Release and theWorld adhered, the first greedily, the second frugally, to the baroque theory of the interested party on carnivorous machismo.

It is therefore in this maddening context that the people, terrified by the madness of this extreme left which has devoured the republican left, are fleeing it, shouting: “To the fools!”.

But if this people of common sense still has a little heart to laugh at certain extravagances, it especially has a heart to cry over France.

Every day of this scorching summer, massive and often illegal immigration has brought its funeral procession of innocent victims of out-of-control crime.

So much so that under the number, we come to forget those we publicly cried a few weeks ago.

Forgiveness to the three victims of Angers of a Sudanese migrant.

At the Lyonnais beheaded by his Moroccan son.

To the Ukrainian woman raped by a Guinean asylum seeker.

At the octogenarian beaten by a few young scoundrels.

To the three women of Charenton, sexual victims of an unaccompanied Algerian minor…

To the military doctor from Marseille killed at the Islamic cry of a fanatic while picking up his children from the Catholic school.

To the retired journalist from Lyon killed in the indifference of his peers, who are usually more supportive.

To everyone else…

The list of victims is innumerable and each new tragedy therefore plunges the previous one into a kind of oblivion, but at least social networks now prohibit leaving them in the shadow of media contempt for these too ordinary French people.

They whose great fault is to be victims of an evil that the empire of denial does everything to hide.

Every day also in this month of August has sadly documented the reality of the submission of the rebels to Islamism.

Whether through his implicit support for Islamic jihad or an anti-Semitic and misogynistic imam.

But this misogyny does not offend radical feminism.

The barbecue lover is probably not macho.

So I don’t know if the right is progressing, but I know very well that the left is visibly regressing in fear.

And this arithmetic regression is the consequence of a moral and intellectual regression which has affected the psyche of its actors and which is in the process of shaking the foundations of a Western world, worn out by being so hated by its spoiled children.


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