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Interview. Batch. The Reconquest party clarifies its priorities and teaches the outgoing deputy

Monique Goussu, “Reconquest! » on the 1 constituency of the Lot. (©DR)

Monique Goussu, candidate for the legislative elections in the 1st constituency of Lotunder the label “Reconquest! » defines the three main axes of his campaign and takes the outgoing deputy Aurélien Pradié to task on various aspects of his mandate.

News: What are the three main topics that are important to you for these elections?

Monique Goussu: The first concern of the French is purchasing power, which continues to decline. The prices of many products are constantly rising and this should not improve according to INSEE forecasts. The wage increases have not made it possible to counter inflation and they risk further worsening our competitiveness compared to European countries which do not have the same social system as us. A targeted reduction in social charges which weigh on wages and the tax exemption of overtime seem to me to be more appropriate measures to restore purchasing power to the French. In the immediate future, we could raise the amount of the employer’s tax-exempt participation for restaurant tickets and also increase holiday vouchers, simple and quick measures that would benefit millions of workers.
Another major subject is insecurity in the public space, which has become a major problem that the current government has only aggravated by lax penal policies, the establishment of excusable defense or by denial of reality. Attacks are daily and delinquency is on the rise in all territories. The solution would require more resources for justice and the police, and a policy more focused on repression than on prevention.
My third concern is to defend the interests of the nation and of the French, whether in terms of education, agriculture, industry, medicine or research, France could regain its place among the great economic nations if politicians had a real vision of the future for France and implemented development programs in all areas of excellence. Our know-how is recognized but we find it difficult to preserve and exploit it. The Covid episode made us realize that reindustrialization is a national priority.

How do you view the mandate of outgoing MP Aurélien Pradié?

MG: The record of Mr. Pradié’s term of office is rather thin, a lot of communication and promises but few actions! Many Lotois are disappointed by his behavior in the National Assembly, his numerous absences in committee and in the hemicycle and his lack of involvement in the national issues on which he was called upon to decide on behalf of his voters (See https ://
The commitments he had made to the representatives of the farmers, the FDSEA and JA unions were not honored and Mr. Pradié preferred to table an amendment to have the name “chocolatine” recognized rather than defend the Lot producers of chocolate. lambs or truffles from the competition of low-cost foreign imports authorized by the free trade agreements signed by the EU
This member who plays the turbulent also turned a blind eye to the establishment of the Gramat biogas plant, while many scientists had expressed their concerns about the risks of nuisance and environmental pollution. Citizen groups and local residents opposed to this establishment in the heart of the PNRCQ have nevertheless requested it.
On the contrary, he declared that he was an ardent defender of methanization and wanted to “bring everyone around a table to have methanization collectively accepted”. One can wonder about the role of his company Humani Conseil, around which he did not make much publicity and for good reason, it would have been liquidated. If Mr. Pradié had wanted to develop renewable energies, he could have completed during his term of office the “Causse Énergie” photovoltaic park in Séniergues, which he started ten years ago and for which he has repeatedly communicated and which is now abandoned, although it has received a favorable opinion for its establishment. Aurélien Pradié found himself dead last in number of votes on the list in the municipal elections of Cœur-de-Causse (347 votes), or 86 votes less than the first (433 votes). Nothing to brag about!

The issue of health is at the heart of this campaign, what do you propose to fight against medical deserts in the Lot?

MG: Rather than forcing young doctors to settle in rural areas as some suggest, it seems to me preferable to strengthen the attractiveness of our territories by highlighting their assets. There are more customers in the countryside than in the big cities where the offer is already abundant. We must encourage the arrival of general practitioners in the countryside by identifying needs and setting up free consultation places where caregivers can set up and consult isolated populations several times a week. Some municipalities are already doing this successfully. While Mr. Pradié scared away the doctors of the MSP of Labastide-Murat by exerting too many constraints on them, we must on the contrary take into account their requests and respect the way in which they wish to exercise their profession.

You dispute the position of Aurélien Pradié in relation to the Pass vaccine, what would you have done in his place?

MG: If I had been a member of parliament during the COVID period, I would have voted against the introduction of the Vaccination Pass, an attack on individual freedoms, and I would have supported the 40 carers and Doctor Cantois of the hospital of Cahors who lost their jobs after the introduction of this law. Mr. Pradié did not do so and was not even present in the National Assembly during the vote on this law. Finally, I propose the revaluation of the fee-for-service for nurses and those who are impacted in the context of their travels by the increase in fuel. Caregivers and home helpers must also be supported by a significant increase in their income and consideration of the arduous nature of their work.

Reconquest is a brand new party, what about in the Lot today?

MG: Reconquest in the Lot today has 285 members, making it an influential political party that relies on an important territorial network. Éric Zemmour’s party now has 126,830 members and is presenting 550 legislative candidates. I receive a lot of support, oral and written, from people on the Right, PR (Republican Party) or RN (National Rally) who tell me how much they regret that the call for the Union of Rights launched by Éric Zemmour did not succeed. and made it possible to form a strong alliance in the face of Emmanuel Macron’s policy. You will see in both constituencies the opportunistic presence of two RN candidates while Marine Le Pen’s party no longer has any political roots in the Lot. This political parachuting demonstrates that the RN rejects any Union of Rights and tries to continue to exist after having slammed the door on many activists by closing their permanence. Not better for the LR party of Aurélien Pradié, which arrived behind the Reconquest party.

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