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Include the right to abortion in the Constitution? 81% of French people are in favor according to this study

CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT via Getty Images Pro-abortion demonstrators at a rally calling for the right to abortion to be protected by the Constitution, in France, July 2, 2022.


Abortion – 81%. This is the share of French people who say they are in favor of the inclusion of the right to abortion in the French Constitution, according to an Ifop study for the Jean Jaurès Foundation, published on July 5, 2022. Among them, 48% even say they are “very favorable” to this inscription. Figures which testify to the consensus of the French around the question of the constitutionalization of the right to abortion, far from the American division on the subject.

Entitled “The relationship of the French to abortion and the question of the inclusion of abortion in the French constitution”, the survey was carried out among a sample of 1009 people, representative of the French population aged 18 years and older, based on a self-administered online questionnaire from June 28 to 29, 2022.

77% of French people consider such registration useful

The investigation also resonates particularly with French political news, while LREM and Nupes have each tabled a bill aimed at constitutionalizing the right to access medical termination of pregnancy (IVG), following the reversal of the US Supreme Court on the subject.

And it matters little whether these are proposals emanating from both the majority and the opposition, since the Ifop study indeed underlines that this membership rate is high whatever the political side. of the people interviewed.

In detail, 91% of Yannick Jadot’s voters in the presidential election say they are in favor of constitutionalizing the right to abortion, 85% of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters, 87% of Emmanuel Macron’s voters, 80% of Marine Le Pen voters and 77% of Valérie Pécresse voters. Eric Zemmour’s voters share this position at 59%.

77% of French people also consider this registration to be “useful”, a figure which rises to 91% for people who see themselves as very feminist. However, only 31% of French people consider it possible that the right to abortion could be called into question in the near future in France. A large majority (56%) therefore considers this right to be definitively acquired.

A broad consensus around the right to abortion

The Ifop study also underlines more broadly the consensus around the right to abortion in France. 83% of French people consider positively the authorization of abortion by French law. Among them, 64% consider it “a very good thing”, a figure up 16 points from a similar study carried out for the magazine Marie Claire in July 1995.

Similarly, 78% of French people believe that a woman should be able to abort freely. The Ifop survey recalls on this subject an Ipsos study of 2020, which had shown that 66% of French people believed that a woman should have the right to abort freely, against 35% of Americans.

“The resurgence of the debate on the constitutionalization of abortion clearly highlights the cultural “gap” between the two nations: French society being so secularized that “pro-Life” speeches do not really imprint beyond the media. religious […]. French public opinion remains one of the most attached to abortion”, observes François Kraus, director of the Politics and News division of Ifop, in the report of the study.

A figure perhaps contrasts with the rest of the study: they are still 13% of respondents, to think that a woman should have the right to abort only in certain circumstances, when the pregnancy results from a rape for example .

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