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Incidents at the Stade de France. The political class outraged by the destruction of images

Thursday, June 9 during several hearings in the Senate to try to understand the incidents that marred the final of the Champions League at the Stade de France, on May 28, new information once again swells the controversy around the management of events by the authorities, less than two days before the first round of the legislative elections.

The CCTV images of the sports arena have been erased, the parliamentarians learned with amazement. They depend on a private operator and are systematically destroyed after seven days, unless requisitioned by justice, explained Erwan Le Prévost, the director of institutional affairs for the French Football Federation (FFF), whose delegation was heard at the Senate on Thursday.

Justice would nevertheless have made the request to obtain the images Thursday evening, twelve days after the events, and after the destruction of the said tapes was made public.

“It’s called covering your tracks”

Since then, the management of the situation has been widely criticized by the entire political class. “A scandal within a scandalwas one of the first to rebel Xavier Bertand, the president Les Républicains (LR) of the Hauts-de-France region. Why was there no requisition of video surveillance images after the abuses committed by these thugs at the Stade de France? This destruction of evidence is incomprehensible and shocking. Elisabeth Borne must be explained. »

For its part, the National Rally has been upwind since the revelation of the deletion of the images, like Marine Le Pen who did not mince words this Friday morning on RMC. “It’s called covering your tracks.said the leader of the National Rally. In any case, I do not believe in good faith, and I am not talking about the organizers, but about the leaders. I’m talking about Mr. Darmanin, Mr. Dupond-Moretti, people who could, with a simple phone call, have the proof sent to them of what they were saying. The fact that there is no CCTV covers up their huge lie. […] Of course it’s a state scandal.”she hammered.

“The more the Senate auditions, the more gray areas emerge”

On the left too, this new information caused a reaction. ” It’s incomprehensible. The more we advance, the less it is cleardeclared on Public Senate Thursday the socialist senator of Saône-et-Loire Jérôme Durain, present during the hearings. If we wanted to accredit the idea that the executive is trying to hide something, we wouldn’t go about it any other way. It’s unfortunate because no doubt it’s more incompetence than concealment, but overall for a country that aims to organize the Olympic Games in 2024, it’s not glorious and I don’t think we hasn’t finished with our auditions. »

“It’s 220 cameras. They allow you to know what is happening inside, but of course also in front of the gates »recalled this morning on Franceinfo, David Assouline, socialist senator, vice-president of the Commission of Inquiry on the subject in the Senate.

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Another intriguing statement to which the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, will have to respond, that of Senator LR Michel Savin who said to himself “extremely shocked” that “the video surveillance images were not requisitioned, although Minister Darmanin had nevertheless undertaken to provide us last week”. The president of the study group devoted to major sporting events concludes: “The more the Senate auditions, the more gray areas emerge”.

Incidents at the Stade de France. The political class outraged by the destruction of images

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