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In July, tourist numbers on the rise around Cabourg

People on the beach of Cabourg during a very sunny month of July. ©The Pays d’Auge

At the beginning of August 2022, halfway through the summer season, are there many holidaymakers present in the territory of Normandy Cabourg pays d’Auge? And is tourist attendance satisfactory for professionals? At the Cabourg Intercommunal Tourist Office, there are attendance figures “good in comparison with last summer”. Given the very sunny weather, nearly 2,800,000 people traveled through NCPA territory between 1er and July 24, “28% more than the same period in 2021”.

Among the highlights of the month, the inevitable July 14 weekend attracted a lot of people.

20% of attendance in the first three weeks of July took place over just three days, from July 14 to 16 inclusive. Saturday, July 16 is also the busiest day of this month, both in terms of daytime attendance and number of nights.

Cabourg Pays d’Auge Normandy Tourist Office

Overnight stays also increased by 22% from 1er on July 24, “an increase confirmed by the socio-professional hosts who are satisfied with this past month”.

30% foreigners

At the Tourist Office, the number of requests and the contact with the stay advisers are greater. 34,588 people passed through the doors of the five reception offices in the area. “A 15% increase compared to July 2021, which had already been a good month of post-Covid recovery”.

Among the French tourists listed, Ile-de-France residents were the most represented, with 40% of attendance. The Normans come second, or 32% of visitors. Next come visitors from Hauts-de-France, Grand Est and Centre-Val de Loire.

Foreign customers have made a comeback this year, “+47% in our premises, and +57% according to our Flux Vision Tourisme tool”, we calculate at the Office. The Belgians (30%) are the most present in the territory, ahead of the Dutch (22%) and the British (11%). The Swiss clientele seems to be booming, with +32% compared to 2019 figures.

Foreigners represent 30% of visitors to the territory in July, an upward trend confirmed by socio-professionals.

The heat of this month of July led to queues at the glaciers.
The heat of this month of July led to queues at the glaciers. ©The Pays d’Auge

Privileged short stays

Apart from the first week of July, which recorded a slight drop, the occupancy rate for furnished tourist accommodation soared as the month progressed, even reaching 84% occupancy for the last days of July, ” with a nice increase compared to July 2021”. In addition, the average length of stays in the territory is 5.7 days (5.99 days in 2021). “The typical stay is 7 days (19% of stays [23 % en 2021]), followed by those of 2 nights (17% of stays [idem 2021]) and those of 3 nights (13% of stays [11 % en 2021]). Short stays are therefore up slightly at the start of the season”.

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Thus, at the Hotel Les Planches d’Houlgate, we have not been idle in this month of July. The influx of tourists has been felt.

It was busy at the hotel level, we had a lot of customers, we were full every night.

Léa Lemoine, employee of the hotel Les Planches in Houlgate

The 22 rooms were reserved for stays generally ranging from 4 to 5 nights. At the level of the bar of the establishment, on the other hand, the activity worked well, but a notch below July 2021, “we had a little fewer people than last summer, but that remains relative…”. As for the month of August, it is announced in the same vein, “at the level of the hotel, it is already very busy”.

More difficult for traders

However, even if this start to the season seems positive, especially for accommodation providers and restaurateurs, it is proving more complicated for traders and leisure providers, according to the Tourist Office, which explains it for three reasons: “ the inflation which is really starting to be felt, the high temperatures which do not encourage the consumption of certain products and the strong presence of day trippers who consume less than the tourists staying in the territory”.

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