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I’m an old fart… and I lost the war

These developments in French society that shock the old idiot that I am – and a few others…

I am an old fart. The old fart is generally defined as quirky, more in tune with changes in society. The expression “old con” does not put the accent on “con”, but on “old”. From a certain age, the old man lets go and becomes an idiot because he does not understand or does not adhere to the signals sent to him by society.

In my defense, I know younger people who, like me, are also old idiots. Like me, young idiots are amazed by the advertising campaign led by Santé Publique France, a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. On all the bus shelters and on the walls, colorful posters of people hugging each other warmly proclaim: “Yes my daughter is a lesbian”, “Yes my granddaughter is trans”, “Yes my roommate is a lesbian” Where “My dad is gay”. Each of the posters is marked with the slogan: “Faced with intolerance, it is up to us to make a difference. »

Having made the choice very early on not to worry about what everyone can do in the privacy of their bed, the old idiot that I am is taken aback. Why then does the state insist on lecturing me? Why does this campaign place me in the position of an intolerant offender vis-à-vis minorities whose sexual behavior is indifferent to me? Why is a state branch explaining to me that I am not behaving properly? Why do I have to pay taxes to be chastised in my daily commute?

male gauze

The old fart that I am also likes to watch pretty women go by. But for at least a year, I learned to be careful. Feminists claim that an admiring look can be considered degrading, detrimental to women’s bodily integrity, equivalent to attempted rape. What the pretty women of yesteryear took for a tribute, the young idiots of today equate it with an aggression, a relationship of predation which breaks the principle of equality between the sexes.

The old jerk that I am also feels more and more out of place in a society that considers homosexuality as the norm. I read like this in the newspaper The world an article that poses a truly suffocating question:How can you still be heterosexual? » Maïa Mazaurette, author of the article, postulates that the “old jerk” that I am has a fake sexual identity that it would be easy for him to leave if he… was less jerk. I am therefore invited to “get out of heterosexuality” when it would never occur to me to explain to a gay, a trans or any other major letter of the alphabet that he or she would be “more fulfilled” if he was straight.

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The old fart does not like either that society is governed by professional victims (racialized, LGBTQ, women, blacks, Muslims ….) who claim to gag women’s heads in the name of their religious freedom and advocate black supremacy in the name of fighting white supremacy.

But other developments, even more significant, shock the old idiot that I am. The school and the hospital were, in my youth, two founding institutions of French society. But today, I learn that nurses are leaving the hospital in droves for lack of money and consideration and that entire departments are closing for lack of doctors to care for the sick. I also learn that the Versailles Academy intends to recruit 1,300 teachers via a four-day “job dating” where almost anyone has been invited to apply. Good presentation and good speech have replaced the diplomas that were once difficult to obtain. What is this school transformed into day care center?

Alizé at Roland-Garros: the succession of idiots is assured

The choice of the new Minister of Education, Pap Ndiaye also amazes the old idiot that I am. The eminent Pierre-André Taguieff, historian, philosopher, sociologist also felt like an old fart and recognized in Le Figaro that he had been seized by “a feeling of amazement, even bewilderment” upon announcement of this appointment.

The Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye, Council of Ministers, May 23, 2022 © Ludovic MARIN / AFP

The new minister is no more stupid than any other, but he is part of a current of thought known as “decolonial” which affirms that French society must be “decolonized” because it is “white”, therefore ” structurally racist”, that its natives benefit from “white privilege” and that this “white hegemony” goes hand in hand with “hetero-patriarchy”. Without forgetting that for the decolonials, Zionism is a racism which makes Israel an “apartheid state”. The decolonials – and probably also Pap Ndiaye also believe that Muslims suffer from “systemic discrimination” and are victims of state Islamophobia.

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The youngest and less stupid than me proclaim loud and clear that we must “wait” and not prejudge the action of the new minister, but they do not wonder why a president who denounced colonization and instituted positive discrimination on the eve of his first five-year term (jobs without charges for young people from the suburbs) chose such a man-symbol to preside over the destinies of National Education. I answer them: it is not a question of ensuring the sustainability of the system, but of communitizing it.

The “old idiot” that I am is also tired of seeing young idiots like Alizé, 22, environmental activist, interrupt a semi-final of Roland Garros, and cling to the net of a tennis court to remind us that there are three years left to respect the Paris Agreements on the climate, absurd agreements which only serve to impoverish the rich countries to enrich the bank accounts of the potentates of the poor countries… The old idiots no longer support the looting and the demonization of the Western civilization through ecology and eco-Islamo-leftism.

French civilization is dismantling

In reality, an old jerk like me does not suffer from having become an old jerk, that is to say an individual who has let go and lets himself be left behind by a society which evolves naturally, drawn by its youth and the technological innovation. On the contrary, I would have loved to accompany the movement, to experiment, to understand, to test cultural, technical or societal novelties. But that’s not what it’s about.

The old idiots today don’t lose their footing because they are old. They suffer – like many young people – from becoming foreigners in their country, they struggle with too much immigration and are unhappy that an Islamic communitarianism is tearing secularism to pieces. They suffer that the French civilization to which they have assimilated at the cost of so much effort and mixed delights – the old idiot that I am is the product of the decolonization of a Jewish ghetto in North Africa by the French – either cut up, dismantled, piece after piece by all those who should have the job and vocation of defending it (politicians, academics, media, magistrates, etc.).

The old jerk feels old and jerk because he realized too late that a war was being waged against him!

He lost the war because this world he believed to be as solid as Mont Blanc began to fall apart without his reacting and today, we do not see what force can stop the process. The old fart is not only old and fart: he is also very, very sad.

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