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“If we take care of ourselves, we can improve our health at any age”

This Tuesday, May 3, Michel Cymes is back with an unpublished from the collection “Take care of yourself!” on France 5, devoted this time to “a healthy heart”.

Every day, 400 French people die from cardiovascular disease and it is the leading cause of death among women. However, there are solutions to take care of your heart, at any age. As with each issue of “Take care of yourself”, a collection that works very well on France 5, the principle is simple: Michel Cymes follows three volunteers whom he entrusts to specialists, dieticians and sportsmen. There is Virginie, in her fifties: she is still traumatized from having suffered a heart attack 18 months ago and cannot give up her addiction to cigarettes. Jean-Luc, 53, a former great athlete, is increasingly exhausted and no longer has the heart to play sports as before. He gained 10 kg and suffers from hypertension. Yvonne, 82, would like to participate in activities but she suffers from age-related heart failure. She runs out of breath very quickly and borders on faint. This symptom can be reduced!

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Concrete solutions

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Supported and accompanied by Michel Cymes and his specialists, such as Stéphane Diagana, former 400m hurdles champion converted into a “health sport” coach, they will each find concrete solutions that will really change their lives such as interval sport, start a “logbook control” of your cigarette consumption or monitor your salt consumption (and especially the awareness of “invisible salt”): you should not consume more than 6 grams per day… not easy! And it works. “In medicineexplains Michel Cymes, on knows that for a patient who has a pathology, for him to get better, awareness is needed. This allows us to move forward together, as a team.»

there is no fatality

Virgine, Jean-Luc and Yvonne will gradually regain the health of their hearts. Because what is always very positive in “Take care of yourself!” is the idea that there is no fatality! “An unhealthy heart is not a doomed heartconfirms Michel Cymes. The idea of ​​this program is to show that whatever our age and our background, apart from special cases, if we take care of ourselves, we can improve our health and our life expectancy. And the heart is a very good example. We took three volunteers who are very representative of the French population, post-infarction, too sedentary, heart failure, but we are not just addressing this type of person! Because the idea is also to send the message to those who have no problem, as a preventive measure. There is a double target, those who are affected by heart problems and those who preferred to avoid it and who will be comforted in their good lifestyle habits, such as playing sports..”

A little extra soul

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And then, in “Take care of yourself!”, there is also this little extra soul which is not purely medical. Michel Cymes is very touched by the volunteers and this mutual aid warms the heart. “Thank you for pointing it outhe tells us, anyway, if you don’t have empathy when you’re a doctor, you have to do something else. In these shows, by the way, I end up forgetting the cameras“. The former presenter of “Magazine de la santé” was particularly touched by Yvonne who is a bit like our granny to all of us: “I was very moved when she started to dance a little tango on her own and I suggested that we dance together, when she had given up dancing and walking to see landscapes. She was radiant, it was incredible, I felt like I had my grandmother in my arms !»

Emotion and good resolutions are the winning recipe for “Take care of yourself!” which scores very well on France 5: the first two issues, devoted in February and March 2022 to joint pain and excessive medication, each exceeded one million viewers. It is a balm on the heart of Michel Cymes who saw his two health entertainment stop in quick succession: “Antidote” and “Vitamin C” on Sunday on France 2. “With “Take care of yourself!”, I reconnect with my DNA, namely putting on my doctor’s coat, after having taken a small step aside in programs more oriented towards games or entertainment.“.

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This summer we will also find it in three issues of “Extraordinary Powers”: unexplained healings, female desire and pleasure and near-death experiences. Michel Cymes has also just co-signed with the mentalist Fabien Olicard the book Memory: you have the power! (Ed. First): “The principle is simple, explains Michel Cymes. How to memorize and maintain your memory with both a scientific discourse on the brain from me, and little mentalist tricks from Fabien. There too, as with “Take care of yourself”, we want to show that at any age you can improve. And it’s a goldfish that tells you! (laughs)”.

Health Ambassador for the 2024 Olympics

More than ever focused on health, Michel Cymes is now our “health ambassador” for the 2024 Olympic Games, he also wears an “JO 2024” sweatshirt to go running with Virginie, one of the volunteers in “Take care of yourself !”, this evening: “It is a huge responsibility and an honor to get the French moving and to talk about the importance of “sport health”. For me, who has been repeating this for years, to have been chosen is a real consecration, an accomplishment. There are still recent studies that have demonstrated the rise of obesity in children. People are overweight, the Covid killed those who had comorbidities, such as hypertension, diabetes or societal diseases that can be avoided, so there is a real need to move and play sports. I will participate in conferences and events to explain all this and for municipalities to implement projects such as more sports furniture in the city, etc. The goal is for the French to be less sedentary: 30 minutes of daily activity is the message to get across until the Olympics and even after!»

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