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I put away my post notebook

The parliamentary session is closed. I should be able to close my post notebook. But could I enter the intense break phase that summer allows?

Alas part of my closing lines are imposed on me by the very strange reactions to my previous post. The cries of orfaie about my lines on Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan really pissed me off. Certainly the various Atlanticist parish bulletins in France did not surprise me. Pavlov reigns supreme over them. One word: “USA” and the pack is unleashed. No interest. The AFP dispatch which claims to report on my post deserves only a distressed comment: why read such a calamitous summary? Better to read my text directly by going to my blog. It’s not long. It is 3500 characters. But why do so few informed, educated people not interrupt their vacation for a moment to say what everyone knows about Taiwan? How to understand that the din of some does not receive the astonished denial of others? What kind of fear rules the debate? Where is the active president of Franco-Chinese friendships Mr. Raffarin? And the signatories of the UMP’s cooperation agreement with the Chinese Communist Party? And Fabien Roussel after his recent friendship trip to China? The smugness of the former and the frightened caution of the latter dismay me.

In reality, for my part, I have only repeated the constant doctrine of our country (France, let us remember) since 1965 with regard to China. It was further confirmed by Jean-Yves Le Drian, then Macron’s foreign minister, when he was questioned on the subject. There is only one China. One of my critics pronounces it differently? Why doesn’t he say it then as clearly as I do on my side? Anyone discussing what China we’re talking about? Why not say it instead of beating around the bush? Because this is also regulated by the international agreements accepted by our country and the members of the UN. This is China, whose capital is Beijing and sits among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council alongside France in particular. China which has an embassy in Paris (the capital of the French).
Do those who find fault with my post know that in the United States my point of view is also expressed by many personalities, and at the highest level of the current Democratic administration? Do they know that the same applies to the security services which intervene so widely in the definition of US foreign policy? And what do they say about the super cold reception received since his provocation by Madame Nancy Pelosi in Tokyo and Seoul? Do they know that the US is committed to China through three very clear joint communiqués with the Chinese communist government? Do they know that from the first one (in 1972, repeated in 1978 and 1982) the USA proclaims that there is only one China of which Taiwan is a part. And that China and the USA undertake to respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial unity? What do those who deny all this want? They think that millennial China will bow to their posturing? They want to push China to have to enter into closer convergence with Russia? They want to push for the formation of a more homogeneous bloc between the USA and Europe “whatever the cost” in terms of enslavement and the risk of war? Because these are the theses on the table. So far, no one has decided them yet. Neither in the United States nor in China. But the formation of new major geopolitical blocs is the challenge of our time.
Macron’s France has given up playing a role in this world game. Should we resign ourselves to it? The macronists therefore bleat in chorus with the Atlanticist foliculars. Shameless ! Do they remember how France was treated by the Australians on US orders in the submarine affair? And how she was expelled from the Anglo-Saxon military alliance for the Pacific? They want to beg a caress from their master who treats them so rudely? Do the go-to-wars of the newsrooms and the small groups of macronie know what risks their foolishness would pose to the world if someone took them seriously? The frogs who take themselves for oxen would not be the only ones to burst if their stupidities were the law.
This is why non-alignment is a central thesis for the French in this time of transition. Opposite what proposal? There are not any. And don’t tell me that what I’m talking about is approving of everything the Chinese government does. Not only do I not believe this is his request to live in peace with other nations, but I also want to recall what I said in the offending post. Here is : ” Regardless of the breadth and level of criticism that may be leveled at the Chinese government, we must refuse to condone war on China to satisfy US views on Taiwan. “. Which means also standing up to those in the USA who are also of this opinion. We must not want a new war front or anything that distracts us from the anti-globalization policy that the human species needs to face the consequences of climate change.

After the world of the friends of war, a glance at that of the friends of a future dedicated to the “Green Rule” (never again taking from nature more than it can replenish). Hop, we’re going to Sainte Anne du Portzic, in the harbor of Brest! Since the beginning of summer 2022, an energy-producing dyke has been installed there. Two ideas at work: first, storms and rising water levels linked to climate change will require new dykes to protect coastal activities. Then we’re going to need a new abundant and renewable source of energy. The movement of the sea hits 1000 kilometers of French coasts in France. It contains 66 times what we need on land. Transforming the natural energy of waves into electricity is an idea that now has the force of evidence. There are several methods and experimental machines in this field. French engineering schools can imagine many more and build them faster than many believe today. My idea, if I had been elected President, was to develop a production power taking over from nuclear power as it was shut down. 60% of wave energy can be converted into electrical energy. It’s a fabulous record. The prototype put in place was installed at the beginning of last July. If all goes well, a full-size prototype will be built in 2023 and launched the following year. This equipment, made of a box 20 m wide and high, will produce one mega watt. It would be enough to produce and assemble as many as necessary. Of course I am not a specialist in wave machines. But these machines exist. They prove that it is possible, as our program asserted. Yes, there is a mass relief available in the face of nuclear power.

I must be able to take stock of the first political episode of Macron’s new mandate. It was this extraordinary parliamentary session in July. Let us recall the meaning of the recent past. First the NUPES won the first round of the legislative election. Then macronie lost the second round, even helping Le Pen to win 40 duels against rebellious France. Finally, the course of the first parliamentary session of the mandate led the macronie to abandon the September session for the first time in six years. The beautiful strategy of alliance on two fronts with “the reasonable right and the reasonable left” is a total failure. No one has come from the left into the Macronist nets. And LR didn’t fracture. On both sides the balance of power has improved. The Nupes did not crack. On the contrary. From now on, caught between the LR senatorial majority and the LR group in the Assembly, the macronie lives on the charity of the traditional right. To the point of having also had to beg the RN. Which offered a patent of respectability to the right very inexpensive. In short, everyone has strengthened but the Macronie has sunk into the nothingness of the very technocratic Prime Minister. Which morally sank alongside the super-creepy deputy Meyer Habib, unanimously despised in the hemicycle.

Of course the Assembly is only part of the reality of the country. But it is the decisive place of the arbitrations of a democratic society. This decisive articulation is now largely dislocated. Moreover, our country is no longer really a democracy as expected of a developed country with a long tradition in this area. The social excesses of power and the mistreatment it imposes on the country, its gross indifference to popular suffering and ecological imperatives, its servility towards the wealthy multimillionaires: everything about it is abuse, provocations, denial of the general interest . And that’s just the beginning. Macronist negligence is expensive in the face of the health crisis, in the face of the educational disaster, in the face of the water crisis which he denies, the fires which he watches without doing better than phrases or disguising himself. The slope is taken from an interminable and decadent end of reign. Macron being turned towards the exit (since he cannot present himself again) the whole system will be placed under right-wing one-upmanship for which only Macron will pay the electoral price. Before us: dissolution or social mobilization. In both cases: an opportunity to exit from above for French society, to get rid of the worst ordeal of ransacking it has experienced for a long time. But also the danger of a swerve towards the far right and its various macronist or LR branches. So: you have to prepare.

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