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I Love America – 2021 movie

March 11, 2022

on Amazon Prime Video

1h 42min

Lisa Azuelos

Lisa Azuelos

Sophie Marceau,

Djanis Bouzyani,
Colin Woodell


2.1 499 ratings including 131 reviews

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Lisa decides to change her life by leaving Paris for Los Angeles. Her children have left the family nest and her famous mother, absent all her life, has just died: Lisa therefore needs a new start! There she finds her best friend Luka who has made a success of his career in the United States by setting up a famous drag queens bar, but his sentimental life is as complicated as it is abundant. Luka makes it her mission to help Lisa revive her love life, which has been extinguished for too long, by creating a profile for her on a dating site. Between awkward meetings and an unexpected story with John, Lisa understands that the real meeting is with herself, if she manages to forgive the one who was her first love… her mother.

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I Love America Trailer VF

I Love America Trailer VF


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John N.

John N.

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I don’t know where to start to destroy the film, it’s so bad!! I realize in fact that what I hate the most in a bad film are the cliches and clichés; and then when we see the colossal sum that this one conveys, we wonder if the director Lisa Azuelos saw the film again during editing!!! The pathos of the mother/daughter relationship, bababababa… Is gay caricatural? Nooo, barely!! I had …

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The film hesitates between biographical drama and romantic comedy. If the childhood memories and what is told about the relationship with the mother of the narrator, is rather moving, everything related to the search for love is completely useless, often falling into vulgarity, a bad comedy of situation and unnecessarily crude dialogues. The gay best friend is an absolute cliché, we don’t believe their friendship for a moment, the end…

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Chris B

Chris B

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Uninteresting film that tells the life of a 50-year-old woman who registers on dating apps pushed by her gay friend, cut by memories and childhood
Long and boring movie. Sophie marceau has fallen very low.



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I really liked the films of Lisa Azuelos, with in mind Comme t’y es belle! With subtlety and lightness she manages to develop a group of real characters. Here nothing rings true in the contemporary part of the film, only the evocations of childhood and the scenes with the mother are beautiful. Cliché isn’t even the word that co comes on the party in LA anymore!!! Often outrageous but without humor. A feeling of…

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