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“I hope and aspire to a political career”

At 18, Raphaëlle Rosa takes the light in the political news. The young woman, labeled LR, is a candidate in the 8th constituency of Moselle. Between two revisions of the baccalaureate, she goes to the markets to tow and convince that her fresh look must settle on the benches of the National Assembly.

Paris Match: You are on a land of the right. The far right is at a high level in your constituency: 41% in the second round for the FN candidate in the 2017 legislative elections. Having the Les Républicains label in 2022, isn’t that shooting yourself in the foot? Especially when you’re young like you…
Raphaelle Rosa : I joined in 2019 and never let the party down despite the ups and downs. I could not see myself starting without the approval of the party and its investiture. I am loyal to the party which represents a real right in France. Despite the worries during the presidential election, there is only one way to do it: stay faithful to your party and show that you are in agreement with the ideas.

“I will fight to be able to lower the price of gasoline”

What ideas will you defend if elected? Which ones come up from the field?
The government is disappointing with its decisions. Being a candidate in a cross-border constituency, the prices of gasoline and transport are issues that come up a lot. I will fight to be able to lower the price of gasoline. Regarding the ecological theme, it is attributed to the left while the right has a real program. Education is also a subject that interests me enormously, I am in favor of aid for very young dropouts.

What’s next after this ad

In the polls, LR comes in fourth position. Your party would only have about fifty seats left, at best. How do you explain this announced defeat? Is it Valérie Pécresse’s fault or is it deeper?
I can’t deny the fact that when you get 4.8% in the presidential election, it’s going to be complicated behind for the legislative elections. But in the media and on social networks, the LR candidates are those who make the most beautiful campaigns, with all the proximity of the people of their constituency. They do not give up and want to straighten the country.

What’s next after this ad

“Young people must help us and show that our political family is still there”

How should your party be rebuilt, in your opinion, for the next few years and with whom at its head?
It will take a big change with new faces in the party. We will see after the election of the new president of the party. We have to change the way things work, young people have to help us and show that our political family is still there.

You appreciate Rachida Dati, she even supported you in your campaign via a video. Would you support her possible candidacy to take the helm of the party?
I will see her at the head of the party, it is a track to explore. She has not announced that she is a candidate. It’s his decision, I’m not going to speak for him.

What’s next after this ad

What’s next after this ad

What did you do to convince voters during your campaign? Since when will you be towing on the markets? Did any reactions surprise you?
My young age is surprising, we have rarely known younger. But I am proud to be able to represent the party during the legislative elections. I proceeded by towing, door to door, I was in the markets, it is important to have proximity. I went to the events where I was invited, yesterday (Wednesday, Editor’s note) I went to meet a farmers’ union for example. My youth is also an asset to bring a fresh look to politics.

You are 18 years old, you pass the baccalaureate at the same time. It’s not too hard to manage both?
Next week is philosophy, normally I don’t have too many worries. I will have the big oral a week later, close to the second round. It’s an asset to study, at the same time it teaches me how to manage a busy schedule. I hope and aspire to a political career later, that teaches me.

Your father is on the left. How did you come to turn to Les Républicains and right-wing ideas?
It’s true that when I told him I was going to join LR he made a weird face. But he didn’t see it as a rebellion, I was serious with my convictions, I knew what I wanted for our country and my future too. I discussed it with him, I showed him my opinions and he invested himself a lot, he supports me and he helped me a lot, it’s nice

On what topics do you have big disagreements with your parents?
On ecology! My father wants me to read a book by Jean-Marc Jancovici. On the economy we have opinions which also differ but it remains cordial of course.

What course are you going to take next year? What are your favorite subjects?
I was accepted at the Higher Institute of Law in Paris. The schedule is seamless unlike college. Some days we don’t have class, it’s a possibility to mix politics and studies, it suits me very well.

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