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Hurry up ! All these films and series leave the platform in May 2022

Every month, Netflix adds new movies, series, documentaries and entertainment shows to its catalog. Many new features are expected in May, such as season 1 of the Spanish series Welcome to Eden and the first installment of the Korean series The Sound of Magic. Movie fans The Lincoln Defense will be able to discover the series that is drawn from it, The Lincoln Lawyer. Subscribers will finally – we hope – discover the identity of the assassin in the 3rd and final season of the Mexican thriller series, Who killed Sara? A final opus which has a surprise in store for French viewers. The wait is also soon over for addicts to Stranger Things. The first part of season 4 arrives May 27 on Netflix. Before discovering all these new features, you have a few weeks left to watch certain programs on the streaming platform. Of Spider Man 2 to the Sea teeththrough the two film adaptations of Scooby Doo, here’s the content leaving Netflix in May 2022.

Netflix: which films are leaving the streaming platform in May 2022?

May 3

A simple complication: When a 17-year-old learns that the TV presenter she loves is engaged, she involves her best friend in a complicated scheme to prevent her marriage.

May 5

Goosebumps 2: Ghosts of Halloween: In the middle of Halloween night, three teenagers try to close an evil book that brings to life the characters from the Goosebumps novels.

May 10

Holmes & Watson: When the Queen receives strange death threats, Sherlock Holmes and his faithful sidekick, Dr. John Watson, use the most eccentric means to elucidate this mystery.

May 14

Arthur 3, the war of the two worlds: In the final chapter of the trilogy, a miniature Arthur must return to his normal size in order to neutralize Maltazard the cursed once and for all.

bad boys: On the heels of a high school crook who has stolen a colossal stock of heroin, a duo of Miami narcotics cops must use trickery to protect a witness.

Bad Boys II: Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett return to investigate an urban cartel as ecstasy flows through Florida plagued by gangsters and internal strife.

Hitman: A hitman caught up in a political conspiracy tries to uncover who betrayed him while struggling with his newfound feelings for a charming young woman.

My uncle from America: Three characters from different backgrounds make difficult choices as their destinies intersect, under the analytical gaze of a famous behaviorist.

No Pain No Gain: In this crime drama based on a true story, a team of hot bodybuilders live the high life in Miami by organizing kidnappings and racketeering.

Ocean’s Eleven: Fresh out of jail, gentleman burglar Danny Ocean assembles a team of experts to pull off an elaborate heist targeting three Las Vegas casinos.

Ocean’s Twelves: Danny Ocean and his associates organize new heists in Europe to pay off a debt, but run into an experienced burglar.

Car park: Following a near-death experience, a rock star attempts to return to the afterlife to undo a personal tragedy.

Spider Man 2: Tired of leading a double life, Peter Parker hangs up his superhero suit, but a tentacled villain threatens New York City.

A room in town: In the midst of workers’ strikes in Nantes, the daughter of a baroness prisoner of a loveless marriage falls in love with a steelworker who is also her mother’s tenant.

May 15

American Pie Let’s Marry Them: Jim and Michelle have been in love since high school and are finally about to get married, after Stifler organizes an anthology bachelor party…

Jaws: While a shark sows terror around the small island of Amity, the chief of police, an oceanographer and a shark hunter are busy to capture the animal.

On the way: After mistakenly sending an invitation to the entire galaxy, Oh, an offbeat alien, goes on the run and befriends Tip, a fearless young human.

ex machine: A brilliant coder wins a stay at the residence of the CEO of his company, where he is forced to test a new form of artificial intelligence.

GI Joe: Conspiracy: In this adrenaline-pumping sequel to ‘GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra’, the elite counter-terrorist team is trapped and framed for treason by the mercenary Zartan.

HOP: An unemployed slacker finds himself overwhelmed when, after knocking over the Easter Bunny, he must take over the rodent’s business to save the holidays.

Pitch Perfect: This comedy plunges into the world of a cappella singing at university where three groups of girls compete against choirs and souls to reach the top of the podium.

RIP Ghost Brigade: A dead-on-duty cop joins the Phantom Troupe, a unit made up of living cops helping their dead colleagues reach the afterlife.

The Road to Eldorado: Two Spanish charlatans win a map indicating the location of the legendary city of gold. But when they reach El Dorado, things take a turn for the worse.

Close security: Young CIA agent Matt Weston must ensure the escape of a dangerous criminal, whose hideout has been discovered and attacked, to a new secure residence.

Wanted: Choose your destiny: When Wesley Gibson discovers that his slain father belonged to a secret guild of assassins, he sharpens his innate talent as a criminal and becomes vengeful.

Zero Dark Thirty: Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, this captivating film traces the hunt for Osama bin Laden following the terrorist attacks of September 11.

May 18

Our neighbors the men: After a long winter sleep, a band of small animals discovers that men have built houses on the edge of their domain.

May 19

The Edge of Seventeen: This teenager already didn’t like high school, so when she realizes that her childhood best friend is in a relationship with her super popular big brother, it’s even worse!

May 20

superfly: In this remake of the 1972 film, a drug dealer tries one last big hit with a rival gang before retiring from the streets for good.

May 21

Living in Bondage, breaking free: An ambitious young man guided by an enigmatic billionaire finds himself in great difficulty when his entry into the beautiful world precipitates him into an occult universe.

May 23

stolen kisses: Freed from his military obligations, Antoine Doinel has a series of misadventures between odd jobs and reconquest of love.

The Woman Next Door: Years after their tumultuous affair ended, two now-married former lovers reunite with each other and rekindle the flame of their tortured passion.

Jules and Jim: Jules and Jim fall in love with the same woman, triggering a love triangle that puts their friendship to the test.

The 400 blows: In this first film by François Truffaut, young Antoine, battered by life, hopes to find comfort by escaping into the streets of Paris.

May 25

feed: Consumed by shame and guilt, and haunted by the ghost of her tragically dead twin brother, Olivia gradually sinks into despair and loneliness.

May 28

Yangon: On a trip to entertain the troops at the Burmese border during World War II, a movie star finds himself caught in a love triangle.

May 30

Bad Blood: This crime drama series follows the true story of the Rizzuto family and their accomplices, who ruled organized crime in Montreal for years.

May 31

Anaconda: A film crew navigating the Amazon embarks on a mysterious stranger who convinces them to go in search of a monstrous snake 12 meters long.

The Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec: In 1912, the intrepid young reporter Adèle Blanc-Sec is ready to do anything to achieve her goal, including following in the footsteps of the mummies in Egypt.

bone collector: A young policewoman puts herself at the service of a criminologist who has become a quadriplegic to catch up with a serial killer inspired by literature to commit his murders.

The Cat in the Hat: While waiting for their babysitter, Conrad and Sally meet a talking cat who intends to have fun with them, but leaves a hell of a mess.

The comeback: When a has-been singer attempts a last-ditch comeback, an eccentric young woman is called to the rescue.

Delicacy: A young widow still mourning the death of her husband gradually regains a taste for life after kissing a courteous and benevolent colleague.

FBI, Undercover Fake Blondes: Two FBI agents are in charge of protecting two rich, brainless heiresses whose place they will take to trap possible kidnappers.

The taste of life: A renowned cook, austere and implacable, sees her destiny turned upside down by the sudden death of her sister and the arrival of her young niece in her life.

Police Academy: By opening the police academy of his city to everyone, a mayor attracts mostly broken arms for whom the motto Serve and protect does not mean much.

Poseidon: After a tidal wave engulfs a luxury cruise ship on New Year’s Eve, a small group of survivors form and struggle to get out.

Scooby Doo: Scooby-Doo and his friends must solve a new mystery on Spooky Island, where an evil force drives some partying students to join a cult.

Scooby-Doo 2: Fred, Velma, Sammy and Scooby-Doo must stop a mysterious villain from turning Coolsville into an uncool town.

Shame: Brandon, a sex addict, tries to control his desperate urges when his unstable younger sister suddenly bursts into his life… and crashes into his home.

Netflix: Which series are leaving the streaming platform in May 2022?

May 14

South Park season 22 and 23: In this satirical sitcom, four cheeky kids with flowery language happily ridicule celebrities, politicians and other media personalities.

May 15

Hwarang season 1: An elite group of young warriors with integrity and training in martial arts discover love and friendship in Silla, during the ancient Three Kingdoms period of Korea.

Love in the Moonlight season 1: In Korea, under the Joseon dynasty, a young woman who has lived until then in the skin of a man becomes a eunuch at the royal palace and forges ties with the prince.

The Producers season 1: A young producer joins the KBS channel to get closer to his beloved and discovers the delirious world of television where ratings reign supreme.

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