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here are the 10 worst movie scenes according to fans

A few years ago, we presented you with the top of the worst series endings, showing how difficult it is to succeed in fully meeting the expectations of all fans. In this selection, you will find cult movies having marked generations, but some of which scenes have not necessarily been to everyone’s taste. This selection was established according to the opinion of the fans of the site

10) The gym scene in Jurassic Park

In the middle of a sequence where our heroes try to escape in The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Professor Malcolm’s daughter defeats a raptor with a gymnastics routine. For this surfer, it is the “most ridiculous scene she has ever seen”.

9) The descent in barrels in The Hobbit

In the movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013), an internet user was disrupted by the barrel roll sequence. “There are a few random moments that look like GoPro footage for no reason. It really distracted me in what is a really cool action scene.”

8) The sex scene in watch men

The film Watchmen: The Guardians (2009) had critics deeply divided upon its release. But a spectator tells how the sex scene between Le Hibou and Le Specter Soyeux was perceived by the public : “When I saw it at the cinema, the whole audience burst out laughing when the song ‘Hallelujah’ started […]. It’s a gratuitous sex scene, without any post-sex discussion like in the original comics, and it’s just cheap and awkward.”

7) Bucky’s sentence in Captain America

Bucky’s cheer scene in the movie Captain America: First Avenger (2011) divided fans. If many appreciated it, some see it as a fiasco. “After Steve gets the POWs out from behind enemy lines, Bucky says that line and it just feels fake and forced. It totally breaks the immersion.”

6) The bear costume scene in shining

Considered a classic horror film, shining (1980) raised many questions for many years about certain scenes in the film. Among the scenes in question are especially the one with a person dressed as a bear. If for the majority, this scene refers in the film to past spirits and the vices that took place in the haunted hotel, for this Internet user this scene is only dumb “random furry porn with no context. Yes it was in the book, but without any kind of context the scene was inserted into the movie like a donut in a CD player.”

5) The sidewalk scene in American History X

For this user, the sidewalk cult scene from the movie American History X (1998) was too violent. He said that despite it being a great movie, he would never be able to watch it a second time because of that scene. “It’s not a bad scene, but it makes me run my tongue over my teeth to make sure they’re there every time I think about it.” A very hard scene, clearly putting everyone’s sensitivity to the test.

4) The cleaning scene in That

In a comment about the film That (2017), an Internet user reports having found the film incredible, but that bloody bathroom cleaning scene set to 80s pop music had nothing to do with the tone and theme of the film. The scene had just been one of Beverly’s most traumatic moments, only to be presented in a lighthearted tone of early summer.

3) The final scene of Kingsman

The sex scene at the end of the film Kingsman: Secret Service (2015) had had a mixed reception upon its release. Probably intended to upset the codes of spy films, it appeared bizarre and unwelcome to many. “It was so out of place and out of step with the rest of the otherwise extraordinary film.”

2) The volleyball scene in Top Gun

“This scene could have easily been replaced by 5 more minutes of Tomcats doing badass stuff” can we read on the internet. The volleyball scene in Top Gun (1986) thus prompted some to look at their watch as much as Maverick.

1) The “Martha scene” in Batman v. Superman

In Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), the scene where Batman and Superman stop fighting each other, because their respective mothers have the same first name, has been widely criticized by fans. For some, it’s the most movie scene cringe that they have never seen.

Feel free to mention any other scenes that might be in this top. And if you want to continue with the theme of cinema, check out these 18 saddest scenes in cinema.

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