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Here are the 10 best movies of 2020 according to the American Film Institute

Cinema and Documentary

One thing is certain, you have great hours of cinema ahead of you with this ranking.

While 2020 has been a particularly trying year for the Seventh Art, the American Film Institute has just unveiled its list of the ten best films of 2020. Known for its numerous rankings, the AFI has revealed its favorites of the cinema (and especially streaming platforms).

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A ranking that allows us to wait before the Golden Globe and the Oscars, respectively postponed to February 28 and April 25. The ten films listed in alphabetical order could well turn out to be among the big winners of these two ceremonies. Among them, seven are from productions of streaming platforms. Which ? We show you!

1. Da 5 Bloods by Spike Lee

Summary: The story of four African-American veterans who return to Vietnam to find the remains of their leader and a hypothetical buried treasure.

2. Ma Rainey’s Blues by George C. Wolfe

Synopsis : Tensions rise and tempers flare during a recording session in 1920s Chicago, while several musicians wait for the legendary Ma Rainey, avant-garde artist nicknamed “the mother of the blues” . Arriving late, the intrepid and volcanic Ma Rainey throws herself into a showdown with her white manager and producer, who are determined to impose their artistic choices on her. While the musicians wait in the rehearsal room, the ambitious trumpeter Levee, attracted by Ma’s girlfriend, is determined to make his place in the music business. Pushing his comrades to confide, he provokes a flood of anecdotes, truths and lies that will forever change the course of their lives…

3. Judas and the Black Messiah by Shaka King

Summary: Focus on the rise of Fred Hampton, African-American political activist, member of the Black Panther Party in Illinois, who died in December 1969 at the age of twenty-one. The assault, which caused his death, was carried out by the FBI and the Chicago police on the orders of undercover agent William O’Neal.

4. mank by David Fincher

Summary: In this caustic take on 1930s Hollywood, screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, an inveterate alcoholic with acerbic eyes, attempts to complete the script for Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane in time.

5. minari by Lee Isaac Chung

Summary: A Korean-American family decides to settle in a small farm in Arkansas to live their “American dream”. The family home changes completely with the arrival of the sneaky, rude, but overly loving grandmother. Between the instability and the challenges of this new life in the Ozarks, the family will show incredible resilience and learn what it really means to “be at home”.

6. nomadland by Chloe Zhao

Summary: After the economic collapse of the workers’ town in Nevada where she lived, Fern decides to hit the road in her converted van and adopt a nomadic life in modern times, breaking with the standards of today’s society. True nomads embody Fern’s comrades and mentors and accompany her in her discovery of the vast expanses of the American West.

7. One Night in Miami by Regina King

Summary: Miami, February 25, 1964, the young Cassius Clay (future Mohamed Ali) becomes world boxing champion, heavyweight category. Because of racial segregation, he must celebrate his victory away from other athletes. Surrounded by his friends, activist Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke and football star Jim Brown, Cassius Clay decides to define a new world.

8. The Chicago Seven by Aaron Sorkin

Summary: When the demonstration on the sidelines of the 1968 Democratic convention turns into a confrontation, its organizers are accused of conspiracy and incitement to revolt.

9. Drunk by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers

Summary: A jazz enthusiast and college music teacher, Joe Gardner finally has the opportunity to realize his dream: to play in the best jazz club in New York. But an unfortunate misstep rushes him into the “Great Before” – a fantastical place where new souls gain their personality, character and uniqueness before being sent to Earth. Determined to get his life back, Joe teams up with 22, a mischievous and witty soul who has never grasped the point of living a human life. Desperately trying to show 22 just how great existence is, Joe may just uncover the answers to some of the most important questions about the meaning of life.

10. Sound of Metal by Darius Marder

Summary: Ruben and Lou, together in town and on stage, criss-cross the United States between two concerts. One evening, Ruben is bothered by tinnitus, and a doctor tells him that he will soon be deaf. Distraught, and faced with his old demons, Ruben will have to make a decision that will change his life forever.

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