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From Guangzhou to Dubai, the 10 tallest skyscrapers in the world

The CTF Finance Center (China) – 530 meters

N°10: Straight as an I in the sky of Canton, the CTF Finance Center culminates at 530 meters and has no less than 111 floors. A gigantic complex housing a conference center, offices and at its summit, the Rosewood Hotels & Resort, one of the tallest in the world, it took only six years to build, completed in 2016.

One World Trade Center (USA) – 541 meters

N°9: Symbol of resilience after the attacks of September 11, 2001 against the twin towers, the One WTC is today the emblem of New York. Inaugurated three years after the deadly attack, it “represents the positive”, according to Kenneth Lewis, one of its architects. “It is a place of innovation and reflection, carrying modern security concepts. “.

The CN Tower (Canada) – 553 meters

N°8: Next to the others, she is an old lady since the CN Tower is… 46 years old. Completed in 1976, it was originally and for a long time one of the largest radio and television antennas in the world. Today it is Toronto’s main tourist attraction. Among his vertiginous experiences: the Haut-da-ciels, named after this 116-storey walk above the void where only a harness holds you back. Acrophobes abstain!

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La Lotte World Tower (South Korea) – 555 meters

N°7: With its silhouette inspired by traditional ceramics, this glass and steel building literally dominates Seoul. On the counter, 123 floors, the top of which is visited by tourists for its glass floor. Otherwise offices, shops and hotels “fill” the building. At its feet, one of the most imposing amusement parks in the country and the famous cherry blossoms… in the spring.

The Ping An International Finance Center (China) – 599 meters

No. 6: 80 elevators, 115 floors, this is the second tallest building in China. Located in Shenzhen in the business district, it owes its name to an insurance company. For the record, it could have been even bigger, but its architects had to abandon the idea of ​​an additional 60-meter antenna, because of the airport and the aircraft sweeper, so close…

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower (Saudi Arabia) – 601 meters

N°5: With its clock six times bigger than Big Ben and visible from 17 km around, the Makkah Clock Royal Tower looks like an Ottoman fortress. It is perhaps in homage to the one which was razed to build it in 2012 and which dated from the 18th century. At the center of six other towers that house luxury hotels, the Makkah Royal Clock Tower also serves as accommodation for the thousands of Muslims who come on pilgrimage to Mecca. The complex can accommodate 100,000 people!

Canton Tower (China) – 604 meters

#4: With its twisted look, the Canton Tower is a feat of engineering. Built at the base to serve as a television antenna, it houses a museum, panoramic restaurants and two huge water reservoirs at its summit. Holding 100,000 liters of water, they would serve to reduce the oscillations in the event of a typhoon, which are frequent in the region.

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The Shanghai Tower (China) – 632 meters

N°3: Inaugurated in 2017, this 128-storey skyscraper has everything of a vertical city. Museum, shops, offices, gardens but also 320 hotel rooms… It has everything! Even the highest restaurant in the world, perched 556 meters above the ground.

The Tokyo Skytree (Japan) – 634 meters

#2: This is the tallest broadcasting tower on the planet. This cylindrical “tree of the sky”, built between 2008 and 2012, also serves as an observatory for foreign and Japanese tourists. But in view of its success, it takes hours to reach its summit, the building having become in a few years one of the emblems of Japan. From its summit and in clear weather, it seems that you can even observe Mount Fuji.

The Burj Khalifa (United Arab Emirates) – 828 meters

N°1: It definitely crushes all its competitors. For fourteen years now, the Burj Khalifa has held the record for the tallest skyscraper in the world. Culminating at 828 meters, this slender steel spire, symbol of Dubai, takes its name from the President of the Emirates and ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, who died very recently in May 2022. But his number 1 spot could soon escape him. If in Malaysia, the Merdeka 118 tower (679 meters) should shake up the podium by ranking second this year, the Jeddah Tower (Saudi Arabia) with its 1,000 meters, will for sure be the future champion, by far! It remains to be seen when. Because announced for 2020, the mega-tower is not yet completely finished, its work having been delayed.

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