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From east to west, no lull on the fire front

Un scorching episode that exhausted the hundreds of French and now European firefighters engaged from east to west on multiple fires. In the area of ​​the worst French forest fire of the moment, near Landiras, in Gironde, 1,100 firefighters are fighting day and night. To support them, 361 European firefighters – German, Polish, Austrian or Romanian – as well as Italian, Greek and Swedish Canadair took the road to the Southwest on Thursday.

The fire is “in a pause phase” and its progression is “now limited”, announced the prefecture and the department’s firefighters on Saturday morning. The assessment of this resumption of fire, after the gigantic fire of July in Landiras, has been maintained at 7,400 hectares since Tuesday, “its progression is now limited” and “the fire did not progress significantly this night. The firefighters are committed to dealing with the periphery of the fire, ”announced the prefecture in a press release.

According to Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendousse of the departmental fire and rescue service of Gironde, joined by AFP, “the situation has changed to favorable” and the fire “is in the pause phase”. According to Météo-France forecasts, thunderstorms with gusts of 60 km/h are expected in the evening in the area. These gales “could restart the fire”, warned Mr. Mendousse, for whom the question of controlling the fire is “premature”. “We are still at 10,000 evacuees”, announced from Hostens the sub-prefect of Arcachon Ronan Léaustic, during a press briefing, being cautious.

Three times more hectares in France have burned than the annual average for the past ten years, and the year has been a record in the European Union since records began in 2006. Even the Jura, with its normally more moderate climate, has been hit . Since Tuesday, two fires have devoured around 660 hectares of forest in the south of the department. Late Thursday afternoon, the progression of one of the fires in the municipalities of Vescles and Cernona could be “slowed down”, while the other, about twenty kilometers to the south-west, was ” fixed”, according to the prefecture.

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Before nightfall, another fire was still progressing in Isère in the town of Vif. In the Drôme, the fire was still not fixed in the Diois massif, in Romeyer.

750 hectares devastated in Aveyron, 320 in Ardèche

The fire that broke out on Monday in the villages of Rivière-sur-Tarn and Mostuéjouls, in Aveyron, is now fixed, allowing most of the evacuees to return home on Friday, the prefecture said Thursday evening. “Thanks to the effectiveness of the actions carried out tirelessly since Monday evening by the firefighters, the fire was set at 9:40 p.m. over the entire area,” wrote the prefecture of Aveyron in a press release.

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Most of the evacuated housing can be reinvested, specifies the prefecture, with the exception of four localities in the municipality of Mostuéjouls. Thursday evening, according to the firefighters, more than 750 hectares of vegetation, in particular coniferous forests, had been traversed by the flames, often in areas difficult to access between the Causse de Sauveterre and the Tarn gorges. Five hundred people had to be evacuated as a precaution from their homes and several campsites in the area on Wednesday evening. Already overnight from Monday to Tuesday, 3,000 people had been evacuated. The fire caused no injuries.

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The fire which broke out on Wednesday evening in Ardèche, and which ravaged 320 hectares, “has been fixed”, announced the department prefecture on Friday afternoon. “The fire has been fixed since the beginning of the afternoon. However, 150 to 200 firefighters are still mobilized. Fifty firefighters will still be there tonight and a monitoring device will remain in place until the end of the weekend, ”she said in a press release. Four firefighters were slightly injured and 250 people evacuated as a preventive measure on Thursday. The origin of the fire is currently not known, but “there were several firings in the area”, according to Lieutenant Jaussaud.

A total of 240 firefighters and foresters-sappers are on the ground on Friday and are hoping for air resources. Thursday, three Canadair, a water bomber helicopter (HBE) and a Dash came in support.

Two Swedish planes sent near Rennes

A fire that broke out overnight in the Brocéliande forest, west of Rennes, has already destroyed 300 hectares of vegetation, and two Swedish water bombers arrived as reinforcements will help fight it, announced Friday August 12 the prefecture of Morbihan. The fire broke out around 1 a.m. in the town of Campénéac, about sixty kilometers west of Rennes. He was “still active” Friday morning, according to this source.

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The two Air Tractor AT 802 planes “arrived yesterday evening from Sweden as part of European solidarity will intervene on the fire”, specified the prefecture in a press release. They had landed Tuesday evening at Vannes aerodrome. One hundred and fifty people were “preventively evacuated” from Campénéac, according to the press release.

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About 200 firefighters are engaged, with reinforcements from neighboring departments as well as from the nearby military school of Saint-Cyr-Coëtquidan. The forest of Brocéliande is a high place of the Arthurian legend, straddling the east of Morbihan and the south-west of Ille-et-Vilaine. France was to quickly receive reinforcements in planes and firefighters from the EU as well as from five European countries to deal with the forest fires which are ravaging the south-west of the country in particular, Emmanuel Macron and the European Commission announced on Thursday.

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