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four exhilarating journeys to rediscover the taste of America

After 18 long months of closure, the USA is reopening its borders to travellers, adding 50 states to the map of possibilities. Crossing mountains and forests, reawakening your child’s soul, filling up on new flavors… Here are our ideas for stays.

Colorado on track

For 30 years, the Rocky Mountaineer has transported thousands of passengers through the Rocky Mountains, the impressive mountain range that stretches 4,800 km from northern British Columbia to New Mexico. This summer, the panoramic train opened a new section and now connects Denver (Colorado) to Moab (Utah). Behind the windows of the “Rockies to the Red Rocks”, the landscapes are revealed. Sometimes vast canyons and hoodoos, sometimes verdant forests and tumultuous waterfalls, around which elk, moose and sheep rub shoulders with the elusive cougars. Impending boarding.

Travel Houses (Tel: 01 53 63 13 43). Circuit “From Denver to Moab by train”, 9 days/7 nights, from €2,995 from Paris, international flights, train tickets, car rental and accommodation with breakfast included.

Forest bathing in Vermont

More than 30 km of hiking trails wind through the spruces, red pines and tamaracks of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park. Alpegor / AdobeStock

In 1869, Frederick Billings decided to remedy the deforestation of the hills and valleys of Vermont. He acquired Marsh Farm, north of the town of Woodstock, and land on the slopes of Mount Tom to introduce European tree species. Today, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park is the oldest sustainably managed forest in the United States. More than 30 km of hiking trails wind between Norway spruces, red pines and European larches which, in winter, put on an immaculate coat. At the end of the day, we treat ourselves, with red cheeks and cold noses, to a well-deserved rest by the fireside in a luxurious hotel.

Amplitudes (Tel: 01 44 50 18 58). “New England: Original America” circuit, part of which is in Vermont, 16 days/14 nights, from €4,595 departing from Paris, accommodation and vehicle rental included.

Philly foodie in Pennsylvania

The Reading Terminal Market, opened 130 years ago, is one of the oldest covered markets in the country and a must-see attraction when visiting the city. STEPHAN GLADIEU/Le Figaro Magazine

City of American independence, Philadelphia is often neglected. Less than two hours from New York, it is nevertheless the ideal stopover for gourmets. While the Reading Terminal Market, one of the oldest covered markets in the country, opened 130 years ago, is a living painting of America where farmers in plaid shirts, Italian mammas and Amish market gardeners mingle, a new generation of chefs energizes the city with cosmopolitan tables. The opportunity to learn about the principle of BYOB (Bring your own bottle, literally “bring your own bottle”), very widespread in this State due to the high taxation of alcohol.

World Travelers (Tel.: 01 84 17 57 96). 10 days/8 nights, from €4,100 departing from Paris, international flights, accommodation, guided tours and skip-the-line museum tickets included.

Florida as a tribe

Cinderella’s Castle in Orlando has been given a golden coat of arms in the colors of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. UPI/Newscom/SIPA

Cinderella’s castle has adorned itself with its most beautiful clothes of light. After months of waiting, Walt Disney World enthusiasts can finally celebrate the 50th anniversary of the gigantic leisure complex. Orlando’s 4 theme parks and 2 water parks are preparing for a year and a half of excitement, with the inauguration of new night shows, hotels including the highly anticipated Star Wars and a myriad of attractions such as the Tron roller coaster. For Walt Disney, who died five years before the opening of the park for which he had worked so hard, the dream has come true.

Tribe of Explorers (Tel: 01 87 66 44 90). 8 days/6 nights, from €1,449 departing from Paris, international flights, car rental, accommodation for 4 people and activities included. Tickets for Walt Disney World in addition, count 275 € per person.

Find our special file on the United States in the magazine Le Figaro Voyage (148 p., €7.90).


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