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for Macron, even the Finance Committee becomes a headache

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The slap taken by Macron and the presidential majority after the results of the legislative elections are just beginning to show its consequences in terms of political crisis and institutional blockages. While the parliamentary groups are forming and making their entry into the National Assembly, the allocation of the various parliamentary posts must now be decided. In the forefront of which is the presidency of the finance committee, coveted by the various opposition groups and in particular by the NUPES and the RN which are the main parliamentary opposition figures to Macron and his small majority.

The presidency of the Finance Committee, which parliamentary custom generally attributes to the first opposition group, confers important prerogatives on the political group which directs it and considerable weight within the National Assembly. It is the most coveted parliamentary position because, in the texts, it allows the person who chairs it to control the action of the State by the control and the precise examination of the budget. This position also makes it possible to open parliamentary inquiries, to hear members of government and personalities outside public power.

The constitution stipulates that the presidency of the finance committee must be attributed to an opposition group during a vote, without specifying which one. Custom dictates that the presidential majority does not take part in the designation vote and lets the opposition decide. However, in the state of the new balance of power within the National Assembly, the NUPES and the RN, which both proclaim themselves as the main opposition groups, claim the presidency of this commission. In both cases, this would strengthen the institutional position of one of the two oppositions to Macron, on the left or on the right, and would confirm the tendencies towards institutional blockages.

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The NUPES, and in particular France Insoumise, of course claims the presidency of the finance commission. As Le Monde reports, Eric Coquerel, LFI deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis wishes to run for the post, but Valérie Rabot, PS deputy, “does not forbid anything”. In the background, the refusal of the PCF, the PS and the EELV to merge into a common parliamentary group of the NUPES as proposed by the FI. For Macron and the presidential majority, a LFI presidency could well represent an additional thorn in the side, and for the NUPES, a tool for its institutional strategy of “parliamentary guerrilla warfare” following the failure to obtain a majority as dangled Melenchon. As the bourgeois editorialist Neïla Latrous puts it, “the NUPES does not have enough deputies to pass bills, to influence a five-year plan. The only victory [pour LFI] it is to be able to block Emmanuel Macron, it will not go beyond ”.

The RN also aims to chair the finance committee. Marine Le Pen and her new parliamentary group are relying on the absence of a unitary NUPES group and its division into separate groups to claim the status of the leading opposition force. Indeed, with 89 deputies, the RN constitutes the largest parliamentary opposition group ahead of the FI group which has between 74 and 78 deputies and ahead of Les Républicains, enough to claim the presidency of the commission. While the RN has just achieved a historic breakthrough against the backdrop of the collapse of the “republican front”, obtaining the finance commission would constitute a small step further in the institutionalization of the party and in its de-demonization. This would further consolidate it as a party like the others that could aspire to govern the institutions of the Fifth Republic.

For the macronie, this question of the presidency of finance in the hand of one of his oppositions would imply, whatever happens, an additional element in his crisis. On France Info, the Minister of Agriculture Marc Fesneau and MP Modem explained that the majority could concede the position to… RN, “even if I did not like it to be the National Rally, it is imposed on us “. But if the custom wants that the majority abstains at the time of the vote which elects the president of the commission of finances to let slice the oppositions, nothing in the texts does not oblige him not to take part in the vote. An option could emerge for the majority which would amount to voting for an LR deputy who would present himself and thus have a presidency of the finance committee more favorable for the government and the majority. But such an option would be extremely costly for the macronie since it would expose itself to strong disputes and would give food for thought to the opposition which could constitute a front of circumstance between LFI and the RN to denounce the maneuver.

Whatever happens, this question of the Finance Committee is only one more example of the impasse in which the regime of the Fifth Republic and the government find themselves today. Whatever the scenario, in the months and years to come, neither the presidential majority, nor the oppositions of the left of the NUPES or of the extreme right with the RN will be able to constitute a solution for the problems from which the daily life suffers. working class and the popular classes who face record inflation without rising wages. In such a context, only the entry on the scene of the youth, the working class and the oppressed, in the streets and by the strike, will be able to allow a glimpse of an outcome favorable to their interests.

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