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FOOTBALL – Antoine Buron: “Important to finish well”

For the last of the season, Amiens SC (b) got the better of Maubeuge in a thrilling match that ended 3-2.

The first opportunity, a crossed header on a corner from a Graia far too alone (1′), although it was for Maubeuge, it was Amiens who took the lead very quickly. Launched by Tatuana on a long ball over the defense, Keita takes advantage of a rough exit from Prevost to erase it and score in the empty net (1-0, 5′). But the reaction is not long in coming and, after a good defensive return in the box on Stevance (6′), a loss of the ball from Tutuana allows Toure to launch Black for equalization (1-1, 7′).

This start to the match is rhythmic and there is a lot of space within the defenses. Maubeuge benefits from it, however, better since, while Delumelle can’t find better than the small closed angle net (9′), Stevance, well launched by Bajard, forces Kayaya to divert with a headline (12′). But it is the locals, opportunists, who benefit from the northern defensive largesse when, on a deviation from Bariki, Keita sinks full axis into the surface to fix the opposing goalkeeper and find the small net (2-1, 19′).

As often this season, Ibrahima Keita was decisive, especially in the first half

If the game then loses a little rhythm, and if the Maubeugeois are much more regularly signaled offside, the second part of the half is nonetheless rich in situations. The most dangerous of them is undoubtedly for Stevance, launched by Lenoir in a duel with Kayaya, but which the latter won (25′). We also note a shot from afar from Linkard above (28′), a technical festival ofIkia Dimi concluded with a shot captured without difficulty (33′), an attempt to Keita after pressing Wessner stopped by Prevost (36′). But it is necessary to wait until the end of the half so that the match switches to one side. In this case, from that of the Picard break, Ikia Dimi launched on the right side managing to center hard in front of the goal for a recovery at the far post of Cannonball (3-1, 44′). Amiens SC (b) ideally took advantage of defensive errors and the lack of northern offensive realism to switch in front at the break.

One last goal, without consequences

When we return from the locker room, it continues on the same basis, Bariki seeing his head flee the frame (46′) before Dhib also misses the target twice, especially on a good cross from Bajard (50′). And finally, happens the opposite of what we saw in the first period. This time it is the Samarians who get a big chance, Degrumelle finding Keita on a long ball to offer him the possibility of a face to face with Prevost, won with a foot parade by the latter (55′). And for lack of having been able to conclude, it is Maubeuge who scores. Dhib eliminates his vis-à-vis on the left and crosses to Diaby at the second post which is not to be prayed for (3-2, 65′).

football amiens sc (b) – us maubeuge gazettesports kevin devigne 13
The entry of Dariminy, with that of Touho, energized the end of the match, without however managing to widen the gap

But after a final free kick from Bellali above (70′), the rain makes its appearance, seeming to shower the desires of the two teams. We finally have to wait until the very last minutes to see waves from Amiens overwhelm the northern defense. But, despite being taken on the wrong foot by the deflection of one of his defenders from the shot TouhoPrevost nevertheless released a magnificent headline (85′), the strike of Dariminy is deflected (88′), then a follower is diverted for a corner (90’+2), the attempt to Keita passed in front of goal (90’+4) and, finally, after seeing his pass for Bariki in front of goal cut off towards himself, Touho stumbles at point-blank range on an impeccable Maubeuge goalkeeper (90’+5).

It is therefore finally on an unchanged score during these last minutes under a pouring rain that the game ends, 3-2 in favor of Amiens SC (b). This allows Antoine Buron’s men to conclude this exercise at 8th rank.

Goal achieved

A result that gave him ” from pleasure “. Because if the maintenance was acquired, he still considers that it is a “significant victory”. In effect, “I wanted us to end wellhe says. It was important to finish well and to offer content in line with what we had offered for part of the year. »

The end of the season and a lower stake still made it possible to see a game without too much calculation. “There were a lot of spacesthus concedes Antoine Buron, it was the objective of to play, to suggest something. » But, “of course, staying consistent. On the whole match, we were rather, it’s good. »

And finally, when pulling the balance sheet of a season that has known ups and downs, and a little scare at the end of the course, this one is positive : we maintain ourselves. » The Amiens coach nevertheless recalls that “It was a long season, we were coming out of two seasons which had not been completed with a young group from whom we asked a lot. It’s satisfying overall because these are young boys who have succeeded in achieving the goal. »

Amiens SC (b) – US Maubeuge : 3-2 (3-1)

Goals: Keita (5′, 19′), Boulet (44′) for Amiens; Lenoir (7′), Diaby (65′) for Maubeuge

Amiens SC (b) : Kayaya – Degrumelle, Tutuana, Mourabit, Mboup – Beuvain, Wessner – Keita, Bariki, Boulet, Ikia Dimi

Incoming: Touho, Dariminy, Nottebaere

Morgan Chaumier
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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