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Films And Series To See On Disney + In March 2022: Red Alert, Moon ..

But what a month of March 2022 at Disney +… There is something for everyone on the platform. Fans of Korean productions are delighted after Snow Drop, with a new series adapted from the TV show Running Man. And if you are a fan of Marvel series (Moon Knight), Pixar films (Red Alert) or dramas, read this article.

Wednesday, March 2: A Korean series Outrun By Running Man

A single release, a program inspired by a Korean entertainment show Running Man. The pitch of the show: the hosts receive guests who participate in specific missions.

For this spin-off series, we will follow several personalities who will be caught up in crazy games.

Friday March 4: The Franchise The transporter, the movie Fresh

Action movie fans will appreciate the March 4 releases. The trilogy which revealed Jason Statham arrives as well as the 4th film with a new interpreter. We no longer present to you the ingredients that made the success of these films. A charismatic actor, well choreographed fights, infernal chases…

The curiosity will be the release of the film Fresh. We are talking to you about the revelation of the last edition of the Sundance festival, so it is a great exclusivity for owners of Disney +. On the other hand, given the subject, this is not a film to be reserved for the sensitive souls.

This is Mimi Cave’s first feature film. We find the heroine of the Normal people series (available on Salto), Daisy Edgar-Jones, alongside Sebastian Stan (Bucky at Marvel) who needs no introduction…

Here is the synopsis: Noa meets Steve in a grocery store. Annoyed by the apps, she decides to give him her phone number. After 1 most successful first date, she follows him on a journey where she will discover a passion that is a little too atypical…

Other releases available include 8 Women, Source of Women, and Captain Marvel. 3 feature films which have the particularity of featuring some profiles of strong women (Reminder Women’s Day is March 8).

Wednesday March 9: The sequel to The Great North

Less prestigious arrivals that have their audience. Season 2 of The Great North, an American Fox animated series, tells the adventures of a family in Alaska.

Alexandra Ehle – seasons 1 and 2 and Face au crime complete the program for this day. Alexandra is a brilliant chemist from Bordeaux. She is played by Julie Depardieu.

We have already told you about Face au crime. To find out more, here is the interview with the journalist Mariana Van Zeller.

Friday March 11: Pixar’s latest Red Alert

The next creation from the Pixar studio arrives on Disney + from March 11 like Luca and Soul… What a shame not to be able to discover this little gem of animation on the big screen. We had the chance to meet the creative team of the film, you will learn a little more behind the scenes.

The preview took place at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. The entire dubbing team was present. French side, Jaynelia Coadou and Yumi Fujimori play Mei and her mother Ming respectively. The making-of of the film will also be online the same day.

Two quality animated films are also arriving on Disney +, A Monster in Paris and Jack and the Mechanical Heart.

The age of reason with Sophie Marceau is also on the program.

Friday March 18: The remake of Thirteen by the Dozen

Remakes and reboots are all the rage at Disney. We take the recipe from films with Steve Martin and we take another more current reference from American comedy, the brilliant Zach Braf. We’ll be honest, it’s not the movie we’re most looking forward to in March, but we hope the actor will be able to bring some of his genius to this new version.

First: Robot Competition is a fun program that Real Steel fans should especially enjoy. We let you discover the concept.

The comedy Disco with Franck Dubosq integrates the Disney catalog. A great opportunity for you to have a good time with your loved ones. Two other French films will also be there, Children’s Games and I’m fine, don’t worry.

Wednesday March 23: a new original French creation Parallèles

A really big day at Disney+. We will especially remember the broadcast of the Parallèles series, which is therefore the second French production at Disney after Week-end Family (the comedy with Eric Judor).

A pitch that immerses us in full science fiction. Parallel dimensions will be at the heart of the story. Bilal, Romane, Samuel and Victor will be shared in different places following unforeseen events. There are only 6 episodes but if we trust the trailer, the pace will necessarily be intense.

A French series, Innoncente, carried by a trio of actors Julie de Bona, Sagamore Stévenin, Olivia Bonamy will also be available. On the American series side, The Fosters season 4 and the first season of Fort Salem will delight fans of dramas and occult series.

The feature film In the eyes of Tammy Faye intrigues. A biopic in the pure line of films that the American public particularly appreciates. Two talented actors Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield embody Tammy Faye and her husband Jim Bakker, who in the 70s and 80s ran the largest evangelical channel in the world. However, like many success stories, their success hides dark secrets.

Friday, March 25: Ice Age Returns “The Adventures of Buck Wild”

Who would have bet on a return of Buck Wild? Not us in any case. We can assume that we will see our heroes for a cameo or two.

The star of the High school Musical series, Olivia Rodrigo will also point the tip of her nose with Olivia Rodrigo: driving home 2 u. Mickey’s wonderful spring will delight children.

And for fans of French cinema, you can watch Delicacy / Emotions Anonymous.

Wednesday March 30: Make way for Moon Knight, Marvel’s Batman

The most significant productions for Marvel are the many series that come out on the platform. While the latest projects haven’t won over all comic book fans, the trends are quite positive for the adaptation of Moon Knight. He’s not Marvel’s most famous hero.

This is an even more psychotic sort of Batman with superhuman abilities. You could say he is a mix between Black Panther and the Dark Knight. The choice of Oscar Isaac to embody him is most judicious as the actor knows how to brilliantly endorse many emotions.

Europe seen from the sky as well as the Muppets babies season 2 complete the line-up.

What a crazy month in March 2022 on Disney+.

Cover photo: Copyright Disney / Pixar

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