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Far from the ring road: three reasons to see the film with Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte

Ten years later, the sequel to “On the other side of the ring road”, with the duo Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte, is available on Netflix. Directed by Louis Leterrier, “Loin du périph”, between action film and detective comedy, has some great assets.

Laurent Lafitte and Omar Sy, second

In 2012, the cop from the beautiful Parisian neighborhoods François Monge must team up for an investigation with Ousmane Diakité, a cop from the suburbs, in the other side of the ring-road. A necessarily explosive association of which we retain above all the comic rhythm and the performance of the two actors. For the sequel, ten years later, it is Louis Leterrier who takes over from David Charhon behind the camera, this time to tell of a reunion and an investigation that moves away from Paris, towards the Alps. The original duo is back for a direct sequel titled far from the ring roadand in a movie that’s bound to display its new director’s mannerisms and high appeal for action.

far from the ring road ©Netflix

A high-flying comedy duo

All is not perfect in far from the ring road, far from there. But it would be nice to dwell on the facilities of its scenario and its few errors of taste, we cannot deny for all that the beautiful alchemy maintained by Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte. Thus, the first minutes of the film, which (re)present successively and separately the two headliners, work wonderfully, insisting on the physical intensity of Omar Sy and borderline comic fiber by Laurent Lafitte. They find themselves fairly quickly in the history of far from the ring road, when half of a body is found stuck between two cars of a TGV. Direction therefore the starting point of the train, in Savoie, to elucidate this mystery.

The two actors agree perfectly and play with the antagonisms of their characters. Ousmane has become a cop with a booming career, when on the contrary François seems more and more downhill, next to his pumps, and this configuration offers often funny exchanges. Their complicity is obvious, and we appreciate it all the more since unfortunately the rest of the cast, made up in particular of Dimitri Storoge and Izïa Higelin, does not always show up to the level.

Great action sequences

Louis Leterrier is one of our national directors who appeals to Hollywood, a land of cinema where he directed, among other The Incredible Hulk and Elusiveand who has just arrived at the helm of Fast & Furious 10 replacing Justin Lin. It’s that Louis Leterrier knows how to lead blockbusters and is an action director (The carrier, Danny the Dogetc.) very competent.

far from the ring road therefore offers some explosive and muscular action sequences, including breathtaking car stunts. Fighting too, where Omar Sy stands out, all with humor and a joy to fight it all Hollywoodwhich can be found for example in the saga bad boys.

A promising taste

No studio makes a mystery of it, the future belongs to those who will be able to set up successful franchises. In the streaming industry, Netflix is ​​a pioneer in this field, and therefore seeks to find characters and stories that will appeal to its audiences over a long period of time. So, Netflix has already converted a few tries with Tyler Rake, whose second opus is eagerly awaited. Same case for the French film Lost bulletwhose second film of the name is scheduled for the end of 2022. And the expectation is high concerning The Gray Manaction-spy thriller from the Russo Brothers starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, which arrives July 22.

far from the ring road
far from the ring road ©Netflix

Re far from the ring road, the signals seem to be green to continue the adventure. Louis Leterrier and Omar Sy brought Netflix one of its greatest successes with the series Lupineand Laurent Lafitte has joined the contingent of Netflix artists as he plays Bernard Tapie in the next series wonder man. If the public is at the rendezvous in front far from the ring roadwe should therefore review this trio for a future film. The comic association of the two actors is precious, just like the intention of the cinema proposed by Louis Leterrier. Indeed, on certain sequences, Far from the ring road has nothing to envy to the current standards of American cinema which delight subscribers of the streaming platform. Business to follow therefore, because in the good things of far from the ring roadthere is this feeling that the best is yet to come.

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