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Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 30th anniversary and has seen many stars pass by!

In 30 years of existence, Disneyland Paris has seen many celebrities pass through its park. We tell you more!

Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th candle! 30 years of dreams, joy, shows and above all star parades! MCE TV invites you to discover the celebrities who have already visited the famous French amusement park.

Disneyland Paris a 30 ans

April 12, 1992, an amusement park of more than 2 hectares opens its doors in Chessy, in Seine-et-Marne. We are then more than 30 km from Paris.

More than just an amusement park, Disneyland Paris offers a whole world to its visitors. Two theme parks. Many hotels. Restaurants and even a golf course!

With the incredible success of the American Disneyland park in California opened in 1955, the Walt Disney Company was looking to expand its empire internationally. While they almost settled in Spain, it is finally France that wins.

But he is caught up in a harsh financial reality. And his strategy is proving to be very fragile. Indeed, the beginnings did not live up to the expectations of the parent company.

But the park still manages to survive. And this despite some negative reviews. Especially from visitors. Who often complain about paid parking, too long a wait, catering. As well as choices and prices in the shops.

The famous park fyour 30 springs today! 30 years during which we have seen 375 million fans of the Disney universe flocking from every corner of the world.

Moreover, many stars have already visited the Ile-de-France park. Blake Lively, Elton John, Mariah Carey or Johnny Depp and many others! We tell you more about all the celebrities who have been charmed by the park of Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Attracting stars since 1995

In May 1995, Disneyland Paris inaugurates its new attraction: Space Mountain. You should know that this is one of the flagship rides of the franchise’s theme parks.

This offers a journey through space to its visitors. But a very eventful journey. Since this is a roller coaster attraction! Eh yes.

To inaugurate its attraction at Disneyland Paris, the firm called on the great British legend Elton John. Yes, they did not do things by halves!

On June 3, 1995, the park then offered its visitors a superb concert by the singer. An epic inauguration that will remain in the memories!

The singer is also far from being the only one to have visited the famous Ile-de-France park. One year later, and 1996, l’actress Whoopy Goldberg poses alongside Mickey and Minnie!

The famous actress has starred in many films and series. In 36 years of career, she has become a true icon of the 7th art! Eh yes.

Throughout his career, he was often associated with roles placed under the sign of comedy. However, in 1985 she was nominated for the Oscar for best actress for her great dramatic role in Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple!

An appointment that will take off his career. It was in 1990 that she ended up winning the Oscar for best female funny second for her performance in the film Ghost.

Footballers having fun

In 1998, the American park Disneyland continued to introduce its visitors to its novelties. Therefore « Honey, I Shrunk the Audience » was born.

The same attraction opens its doors a year later at Disneyland Paris. For the opening of Honey, I shrunk the audiencethe Ile-de-France park invites the entire French team at the time.

As a reminder, the year 1998 is still seen today as the golden age of the French team. The whole team was therefore present at the Disney park. A period photo has also immortalized this magical moment.

There are y you Didier Deschamps cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the attraction. Behind him, we recognize Zinedine Zidane, Christian Karembeu. Or even Franck Leboeuf and Lilian Thuram. The heroes who brought home the cup that year have therefore responded.

They are not the only athletes to have been seen at Disneyland Paris. In 2017, the entire Paris Saint Germain team treated themselves to a day in the park to celebrate Christmas.

On December 10, 2017, we were therefore able to discover Nasser al-Khelaïfi surrounded by his men to close the year in style. Killian Mbappe, Di Maria. Draxler, Cavani, Dani Alves. Or Marco Verratti, Rabiot and Thiago Silva were all there to pose with the Disney characters!

The young athletes enjoyed the end-of-year festivities with their teammates. But also in the company of their loved ones. In 2018, the young Brazilian player, Neymar too treated himself to a trip to the world of Disney.

2010, year of the stars

Disneyland Paris is therefore a real star magnet! En 2000, Bruce Willis surprises his fans by playing the rock stars on stage. Eh yes !

The one we are used to seeing in action films or as superheroes therefore becomes a singer for the time of a concert with his group The Accelerators. Later in the evening, he even becomes a DJ for his fans.

You should know that the young actor Bruce Willis was a shareholder of the Planet Hollywood restaurant. An exotic place to visit if you are passing through the park.

The parade of stars continues at Disneyland Paris! The young actor Adrien Brody that we discovered in 2010 in Predators or The Experiment poses alongside a character from the Incredibles.

The same year, in 2010, singer Enrique Iglesias is also seen at Disneyland Paris. He’ll even take a souvenir photo with the unique Mickey Mouse!

And that’s not all. The young tennis player, Rafael Nadal also treated himself to a day at Disneyland Paris in 2010. That year, the famous sportsman won his 5th Roland-Garros trophy. Just that.

To celebrate this new victory, he decided to take his cup to the park with him! Rafael Nadal therefore posed, his trophy in his hands, surrounded by many characters from the Disney universe. Epic !

Besides, it seems that tennis players really like Disney! In 2018, l’unique Serena Williams also fell in love with the world of Mickey and his friends.

Actors at Disneyland Paris

The Disneyland Paris park therefore attracts young and old. And on the side of the actors, they are also very numerous to come to enjoy the amusement park and its dream universe. Eh yes.

Famous actor Kevin Costner was also photographed in 2013 in the Dumbo carousel with his son in his arms. It is therefore with his family that he has chosen to spend his day.

Actress Emma Watson was, meanwhile, came in 2014 with her darling at the time, Andrew Garfield. The two lovers had also posed with Mickey Mouse. The couple have since separated, but the two actors have remained on good terms.

One year later, young actress Natalie Portman spends the Christmas period at Disneyland Paris with her darling Benjamin Millepied. A romantic getaway immortalized by a photo alongside Minnie.

In 2017, the entire cast of the film Pirates of the Caribbean takes a short trip to this wonderful world. We were therefore able to see the young actor Johnny Depp accompanied by Javier Bardem. Eh yes !

The cast of the Ant-Man movie also couldn’t resist the charm of Disneyland Paris. Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly. Michael Douglas and Hannah John Kame have given themselves a trip to the world of Mickey.

In 2018, famous actress Blake Lively known for her role in the hit series Gossip Girl poses on the arm of Mickey Mouse. The same year, Salma Hayek is also seen at Disneyland Paris on Minnie’s arm this time.

Other celebrities charmed by Disneyland Paris

Actors, athletes, singers… they all have one thing in common. They have all been to Disneyland Paris! In 30 years, the park has become one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe!

Since 1992, Disneyland Paris counts 375 million visits! Just that. Among them, stars that we would never have imagined in a merry-go-round! Like Prince Albert, Charlene of Monaco and their children came to visit the park in 2018.

The fashion world has not remained indifferent to Mickey’s universe. Nor to its decorations inspired by French castles. Heidi Klum, Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss. Or Chiara Ferragni have all been seen in the park.

Those who visited Disneyland Paris come out amazed by this magical world a few kilometers from the French capital. In addition to its many attractions that are suitable for adults and children, the park also offers parades and breathtaking shows.

Son spectacle nocturne Disney Dream is unique in the world! The artistic teams adapt it over the seasons and years. What an eyeful!

Finally, it is one of the only places where we can meet the characters of our favorite cartoons. A getaway that takes us back to childhood. And at the same time offers us new unforgettable memories.

After a difficult period of Covid-19, the famous park has reopened its doors after 7 months without visitors! Now it’s just waiting for you. And you, are you going to fall for the magic of Disney?

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