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Covid: Did Florida have a better policy than other states? Studies show that…

In the United States, health policy depends on the States, and not on the federal power. This explains why the two presidents (Trump and Biden) of this “Covid era” had trouble making themselves heard, especially in states that were not of their political color. It’s a bit sad… but that’s the way it is. It explains the differences in policies against Covid… and it allows them to be compared.

The States all reacted more or less in the same way at the start of the Covid, with more or less strict confinements. Then, around mid-spring 2020 or early summer, it started to vary. People were forced or encouraged (or not at all) to wear masks; schools reopened more or less quickly; as well as the organization of vaccination, etc. While there are no more pandemic waves as serious as in 2020-21, we can now begin to draw up balance sheets. The studies are starting to come out, and not necessarily with the results that the mass media envisaged…

Taking an interest in Florida is quite interesting from this point of view, since Governor DeSantis did everything to preserve the freedoms of individuals and businesses, while other states such as California or New York, on the contrary, took the most large number of binding measures possible, maintaining them for the longest period.

We will first mention a study by the Unleash Prosperity committee rating the states on the number of deaths, the impact on the economy and on education. We find New Jersey in the worst position, followed by New York, but also California, Illinois and Washington, DC. At the top of the states that are doing the best, we find Utah, Nebraska, Vermont and Florida.

The Study is interesting because it does not only focus on health aspects: the economy and education also have health impacts (we will come back to this).

However, the study is not detailed enough and the institute has links with the curators (1).

And the result is….

The Washington Post, for its part, has positions that are extremely favorable to the Democrats, so it is more interesting to see whether they also agree with the policy put in place in Florida, which is almost contrary to all the messages they passed during the pandemic. And, yes, they agree with Florida, a little dragging their feet… but, they do, by publishing a study by Justin Fox for Bloomberg, comparing Florida with California (2).

What is interesting is the rebalancing they achieve between the age of the population, to be able to compare what is comparable. Indeed, there are many more people over the age of 65 in Florida (3). If California had had the same average age as Florida, there would have been slightly fewer deaths in California than in Florida. The last sentence of the article (which is usually called “a conclusion”) is: ” If you just compare Florida’s performance with that of other states, California in particular, its approach doesn’t look bad at all. »

But, as the previous study reminds us, Florida has had this flexible policy while protecting individual freedoms, the economy and by educating its children much more, it should be emphasized.

To return to the (sinister but unavoidable) “counting of the dead”, the study published by the Washington Post goes further. During the pandemic, crime has increased in the United States. Gold, ” if California had experienced the same percentage increase in accident and homicide deaths among those under 45 from March 2020 to August 2021 as Florida, 1,889 Californian lives would have been saved “. Because California did not have the same percentage increase in crimes: its was much higher. (4)

The mail will mention future studies that are sure to come, but for now what these publications indicate is that the disparities in death rates are not necessarily due to smarter policy on the part of the governor of Florida, but would perhaps be mainly due to chance (5). And therefore, that the very restrictive policies of the great democratic states would not have been of much use. The cleavage is very partisan, but the proponents of “letting live” must not rejoice too quickly: if we compare the countries (instead of the States), the results are still much more favorable (in number of deaths) to certain countries such as Canada or Australia, rather than to the USA…

– 1 –

– 2 –

– 3 – And this segment of the population cannot at all be compared with the others in terms of mortality.

– 4 – It should be noted that this deadly crime mainly affects the poor, just as the lack of education or the stoppage of the economy penalizes them more than others.

– 5 – By not doing much against Covid; by not applying precautionary principles as strict as the other states, Governor DeSantis could not have known that nothing was going to change.


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