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Cegid announces the acquisition of Wittyfit

Press release, Paris June 8, 2022

Cegid, a leader in cloud management solutions for professionals in human resources (payroll, talent management), finance (ERP, treasury, tax), accounting, retail and entrepreneurship, announces the acquisition of Wittyfit, a French company founded in 2014 whose head office is based in Paris and which has around twenty employees.

The Wittyfit platform complements Cegid’s talent management offering, Cegid Talentsoft, by enabling HR managers in medium-sized and large companies to offer a new employee experience in the service of sustainable performance.

Wittyfit allows organizations to measure, analyze and act on job satisfaction, employee engagement and monitoring to drive collective performance, from a single SaaS platform.

Cegid supports the transformation of the world of work by simplifying processes and allowing HR teams to devote most of their time to their business expertise. The Wittyfit platform thus complements Cegid’s HCM portfolio, including Cegid Talentsoft talent management. By capturing the feelings induced, for example, by new working conditions: teleworking, flex office, mobile working, outsourcing of certain functions, Human Resources Departments and managers can understand and act on the levers impacting human capital that improve sustainably the performance of the company.

Wittyfit is used both by employees – to respond confidentially to surveys and offer suggestions – by managers – to transform ideas into concrete actions and ensure follow-up – and by Human Resources departments – to collect KPIs, perform analyzes and manage collective performance. Plug and Play, Wittyfit already has 120,000 users, including the teams of

Cegid, who are among its customers and will continue to use its solution.

A real managerial dashboard, Wittyfit was the very first platform in France capable of measuring job satisfaction in real time. It is now a leading solution for managing human factors in companies, says Pascal Houillon, CEO of Cegid. With the acquisition of Wittyfit, Cegid is consolidating its investment strategy and its leading position in the Human Resources and Talent Management market in the cloud. Our objective is to accelerate the development of Wittyfit in France, then very quickly internationally, particularly in Spain.

The two co-founders Thomas Cornet and Samuel Dewavrin, as well as all Wittyfit employees join Cegid, and its HCM Business Unit under the leadership of Marc Bruzzo.

About Cegid

Cegid is a leader in cloud management solutions for professionals in finance (treasury, tax, ERP), human resources (payroll, talent management), accounting, retail and entrepreneurship. With a solid full cloud business model, Cegid is committed to the long term with its customers and supports the digitalization of companies, from very small businesses to large accounts, for a superior and distinctive experience in France and abroad. Cegid combines a forward-looking and pragmatic vision of business lines, its strong capacity for innovation, mastery of new technologies and unique knowledge of regulations. In a rapidly changing world, Cegid opens up possibilities and reveals the full value of its customers’ businesses by providing them with useful and innovative solutions.

Bolstered by its international ambition, Cegid now has 3,600 employees and sells its solutions in 130 countries. Cegid achieved annual revenue of 632 million (as of December 31, 2021). Pascal Houillon joined Cegid in March 2017, he is the CEO.

About Wittyfit

Wittyfit is a platform for managing the employee experience, which supports companies on all subjects impacting their human capital (management of commitment procedures, quality of life at work, prevention of psychosocial risks or even project management). processing). The digital solution makes it possible to understand and act on the levers that improve individual commitment and therefore collective performance.

Wittyfit is aimed primarily at ETIs and large accounts, all sectors of activity combined, and helps support the three types of population within the company (employees, managers and management) by offering functionalities adapted to their needs. In a logic of continuous improvement, the platform evolves regularly in response to the expectations of its customers.

Created in 2014 by Thomas Cornet and Samuel Dewavrin, the start-up currently has 20 employees, around 2 million ARR and supports just over 70 clients.

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