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Bullsh*t The Game Show: Netflix’s New Game Show Where Lying Can Win You A Million Dollars Is Out Now

Already available on Netflix since April 27, 2022many of you are probably wondering what this is new show titled ” Bullsh*t The Game Show “. Well, this is the Netflix’s latest game show,based on questions and answers, but this time with a little touch of originality . In effect,even if you don’t know the right answerto one of the questions, you will not leave empty-handed since you just need to convince others that your answer is correct. Which therefore means that lying like a tooth-puller can win you the million dollar grand prize . How is it possible ? We will explain everything to you in this article.

“Bullsh*t The Game Show”, what is the concept of the game?

As you probably already know, there is no shortage of game shows where participants have to answer questions in exchange for an inordinate amount of money. And there are many of them, to name only the most famous of them like ” Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? », « Questions for a champion », «The 12 strokes of noonand so many more. However, this new Netflix game show doesn’t look like those typical game shows at all that we already know. In effect, ” Bullsh*t The Game Show“, available since yesterday on the streaming platform, is a program in which the participants must answer various questionsto succeed in qualify for the next stage and g win the grand prize at the end. Until then, we can say that the title is only a copy of other already existing shows.

Bullsh*t The Game Show

But, unlike the others, in ” Bullsh*t The Game Show», no answer is directly wrong.The reason is that this new Netflix game show will allow players to climb a money ladder either by answering the questions correctly, or by playing the persuasion card. Participants can still win if they manage to confidently give incorrect answers to make their opponent believe they have given the correct answer . So, to win this game, you don’t have to be the smartest person of the room, but the most strategic and the most manipulative .

Bullsh*t The Game Show

A new concept that will certainly appeal to many TV game fans looking for something new. In addition, Netflix has decided to use a American television star to host his show , Howie Mandel known to the general public as a judge of the famous show “ America’s Got Talent “. Otherwise, if you want to know more, we also let you read the official synopsis of the show below:

“Hosted by Howie Mandel, Bullsh*t The Game Show will give attendees a chance to win big bucks, even if they don’t know the correct answer. Throughout the game, players will rise through the ranks by answering questions correctly or confidently giving incorrect answers – and persuading their opponents that they are correct. To win big in this game, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to cash in, you just have to convince everyone that you are”.

A million dollars to be won for the best liar

Yes, as in the famous game show ” Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? », the candidates of « Bullsh*t The Game Show also have to climb the rungs of a silver ladder until they reachthe million dollar prize. This is the maximum sum that candidates can hope to earn if they reach the top by playing the game of persuasion.
For your information, this new Netflix show was created byJonty NashandChristopher Potts,two great directorsspecializing in game showsand other similar shows. Nash served as a producer on other shows of a similar nature, including “Dancing With The Stars” and “Cat Vs. Dog“, while Potts has worked on Netflix competition shows”Sugar Rush” and “Nailed It!“. As forHowie Mandel,it’s atrue tv legendin the United States, known for hosting “Deal or No Deal” and “America’s Got Talent“. Additionally, he was also chosen to be thejudge in the second seasonof “Canada’s Got Talent”, which premiered last month.

Bullsh*t The Game Show

Otherwise, we can say that Netflix has really succeeded in creating some incredible reality shows that have been very popular lately, including “The Circle” and “love is blind“. But that’s not all, becauseBullsh*t The Game Show» therefore completes the list of the latest series of the genre, including «Is It Cake?», «Young, Famous & African” as well as “The Ultimatum: We get married or it’s over“. A long list that will certainly grow in the coming months knowing that these titles have all been very successful. In any case, if you’re a fan of game shows and you’re looking for something new,see you on Netflixto discover thefirst seasonof “Bullsh*t The Game Show“. Lies, deceit, tact and manipulation will be on the agenda.

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