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Blu-ray review: Adventure is adventure

Adventure is adventure

France, Italy: 1972
Original title : –
Director: Claude Lelouch
Screenplay: Claude Lelouch, Pierre Uytterhoeven
Actors: Lino Ventura, Jacques Brel, Charles Denner
Publisher: Metropolitan Video
Duration: 2h01
Genre: Comedy
Cinema release date: May 3, 1972
DVD/BR release date: May 26, 2022

Old-school thugs are abandoning their old-fashioned, old-fashioned ways of hoodlums to embrace business and politics. They embark on more profitable kidnappings of show biz stars, diplomats and other supreme leaders. Our crooks, great spaghetti lovers, travel the world using the contradictions of the time. They take home the loot with each of their candid undertakings, raising awkwardness to the rank of fine arts, and becoming specialists in “clarity in confusion”…

The film


Adventure is adventure is one of Claude Lelouch’s biggest public successes. With 3.8 million admissions recorded in France in 1972, it ranks just behind A man and a woman – it is also interesting to note that in the space of fifty years, the filmmaker would never again succeed in bringing together so many spectators in the cinemas.

Several reasons obviously tend to explain the immense popular success of Adventure is adventure : the most obvious lies in its four-star cast, bringing together on screen some of the favorite personalities of the French. At the top of the bill, we will mainly mention Lino Ventura and Jacques Brel, who would be reunited again the following year in the pain in the ass. But we could also mention the appearance of Johnny Hallyday, who also sang the famous song from the film.

But we can probably also think that Adventure is adventure came at exactly the right time, and proved to be totally in tune with the public of the time. Indeed, when the film was released on the screens at the beginning of 1972, the great ideological debates born with the revolution of May 1968 were still extremely lively. The period that followed May 1968 was indeed placed under the sign of the sexual revolution, Marxism and the debate of ideas, led by French intellectuals such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes… Politically speaking, the gaze of many thinkers was turned towards foreign countries, from Cuba to China via Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Chile…

Proud representative of an openly popular cinema, Claude Lelouch chooses with Adventure is adventure to put your finger on the multiple contradictions in the discourse of these intellectuals inclined to remake the world, and to highlight the most abstruse discourses, even the most absurd. And thanks to the talent of the actors, the whole thing works quite well: despite some lengths, the humor works regularly, and effectively. Of course, these anti-intellectual stances conveying this famous “common sense” so typical of our country earned the film to be regularly considered as reactionary, even Poujadist, but Adventure is adventure nevertheless found an important echo on the side of the spectators.

And fifty years later, we will readily admit that the histrionics of actors still works just as well; the film’s small rhythm problems are linked to a plot constructed as a succession of humorous vignettes that rarely present a link between them, but overall, the two hours of footage can be followed without major difficulty. The slaughter of Lino Ventura, Aldo Maccione, Jacques Brel, Charles Gérard and Charles Denner makes the djaube, even if the improvisations of one or the other are unequal and/or variously inspired. Incredible, full of memorable projections, Adventure is adventure is best known today for one sequence in particular, during which Aldo “the class” teaches his comrades his very particular way of walking. A totally improvised scene, in which Lino Ventura had initially refused to participate, before being convinced by his comrades.

A film marked by the seal of soft madness and the absurd, gently eyeing the side of the “right-wing anar” tone specific to Michel Audiard’s cinema, Adventure is adventure therefore stands out in the end as an unclassifiable nugget within the filmography of Claude Lelouch: if of course we immediately recognize the filmmaker’s style, the latter will rarely have indulged in such freedom and such humor – we like or we hate it, but we must at least recognize that with this film, Lelouch was able to perfectly capture the air of his time.

The Blu-ray


It is therefore Metropolitan Video which invites us today to rediscover Adventure is adventure on Blu-ray, after a first edition long out of print reselling at exorbitant prices on the second-hand market. The High-Definition copy of Adventure is adventure is superbly held, with a respected cinema grain with small onions, and finely worked contrasts. The restoration has cleared up stains, scratches and other unsightly scratches, and offers a relatively stable image, with nevertheless some discreet tingling on certain sequences. The sharpness is said to be very precise, so everything seems to be in place to (re)discover this “cult” film in the best possible conditions. On the sound side, the publisher offers us the film in DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 ; the mix is ​​balanced, without breath or parasitic noise. The dialogues are perfectly clear. Very nice work.

On the supplement side, Metropolitan offers us, in addition to the traditional trailerto discover a period report (6 minutes), which will allow us to discover a few stolen moments on the set of the trial scene, and will give the floor to Claude Lelouch, Lino Ventura and Jacques Brel.

It should also be noted that the Blu-ray of Adventure is adventure is offered in a pretty three-fold Digipack, inserted in a cardboard sleeve. In addition to the supplements available on the cake, you will also find a facsimile of the file dedicated to the film and the interview with Claude Lelouch originally published in the fifteenth issue of Mook “Schnock” (56 pages). If you didn’t know this magazine, founded in 2011 by Laurence Rémila and Christophe Ernault (also known to rock fans under the pseudonym Alister), we hope that this foretaste will encourage you to get old issues!

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