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“Black Movie 2021”: From “Instagram” horror to the excellent madness of extras

It is therefore from last January 22 to 31 that the 22th edition of the Geneva “Black Movie” festival took place. During my marathon, 2 films particularly marked me. The Chilean with the intense “La Verónica” and the satirical Japanese “Red Post on Escher Street”.

While the event bowed out with its programming still coming from the 4 corners of the world, programming only online because of the Covid as a reminder, the 2 aforementioned achievements particularly captivated me thanks in particular to the ignominy filmed in the form of hypocrisy and the reality of an unrepresentative market that is too often forgotten in the middle of the 7th Art.

“La Veronica” or how to handle with excellence
Verónica, whom everyone calls Vero, is the wife of a wealthy Chilean footballer known worldwide for his sporting prowess. That said, she doesn’t feel left out as millions of Instagram followers follow the young model’s daily activities. But behind the beauty of the images, Vero’s life turns out to be very different. She is very jealous of her husband, for example, because he knows how to take care of their little girl so well. And who is this judge indicting him for some inconceivable reason? Would Vero be… crazy after all?

Presented as a world premiere at the 68th edition of the “Festival of San Sebastian”, “La Verónica” is the 1er feature film by Chilean filmmaker Leonardo Medel and as much knowledge, its production remains an excellent subject of controversy.

If “La Verónica” shows that anyone can be hypocritical, a liar and a manipulator, the feature film also proves that appearances should not always be trusted and that clothes do not always make the monk, or rather “The Instagramer” in this case. Intense, neat, superbly performed by its cast, “La Verónica” tackles subjects that are still too taboo. The suffering of “Vero” hides behind each image, but she buries it very deeply within her for particular reasons.

In conclusion, of course, “La Verónica” exposes the fact that it is possible to become a world-famous influencer, however in return, everything does not necessarily turn out to be smooth, beautiful and rosy. Moreover, the frame is not aimed at a young audience because the subject remains dramatic and horribly well played.

As for the last Sono Sion “ Red Post on Escher Street », it is better to fear the Japanese extras in certain films…

Tadashi Kobayashi can’t believe it. A very famous Japanese producer offers him to finance his next feature film! After much hesitation, however, the filmmaker decides to accept. Despite the constraints he might have and the torture that his friend Katako leads him. Original in his way of life, not only does he want to see the complete cast in order to choose the roles, but in addition no e-mail will be accepted at the level of postulations. Everything will be done the old fashioned way, by post. Thus, he will discover unsuspected slices of life, will manage immeasurable pressures and will have to show firmness in order to expose his ideas and motivations.

Just before his next film with actor Nicolas Cage (“Spider-Man: New Generation”) and Sofia Boutella (“Atomic Blonde”), the prolific and ultra versatile filmmaker Sono Sion (so Sion Sono in Western parlance), has filmed the excellent “Red Post on Escher Street” in his native country.

Headlining in reality and fiction, almost only unknown actresses. But that doesn’t matter, because their acting is incredibly well acted and filmed. If his recent realization gives the impression to the spectators of seeing a part of the life of the director, it is not for nothing.

Indeed, through “Red Post on Escher Street”, Sonon Sion could have been the main character, or “Kobayashi”. Nevertheless, he will avoid this trap and will choose instead, a very good actor to embody in his own way, Sono Sion.

From the mafia to groupies, from the crazy thinking they have committed an irreparable act to top model actresses, from the 1er assistant-director to the singer-guitarist, the crossroads of these paths and that of thousands of others, will not be in Rome, but in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Wacky, dramatic, daring and amusing, “Red Post on Escher Street” is aimed at a wide audience and allows in particular, to see without the extras, the films could not be shot. An offbeat production denouncing certain inadmissible principles at the level of the cinema industry as well.

Anyway, “Red Post on Escher Street” remains successful and ranks very well in the unreasonable universe of Sono Sion.

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