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Avatar 2: Who is James Cameron, the director of The Way of the Water?

news culture Avatar 2: Who is James Cameron, the director of The Way of the Water?

What do Avatar, Titanic and Terminator have in common? It’s hard to say that these three films with very different styles were directed and written by the same person. The editorial staff presents James Cameron, director, producer and exceptional screenwriter at the controls of Avatar: the way of the water.


  • James Cameron, from Terminator at the top of the box office
  • Avatar 2: the long-awaited return of the saga

James Cameron, from Terminator at the top of the box office

Born in 1954 to an engineer father, one can understand James Cameron’s interest in technology, which he continued to develop throughout his career. He begins by studying physics before turning to letters, but will not complete his course. He then became a truck driver to finance his scriptwriting ambitions and started in the cinema as an artistic director on the film. The Space Mercenaries in 1980. The Canadian director, producer and screenwriter really launched his career in 1984 with terminator, a low-budget independent film and yet the beginning of a whole saga. He then realizes Aliens: The Return in 1986, then returned to the Terminator saga in 1991 with Terminator 2: Judgment Day before letting the franchise fly on its own.

It’s with titanic that it reaches the pinnacle of international recognition. The tragic love story between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) aboard the famous ship quickly won over audiences. The film won numerous awards and took first place at the global box office, becoming the highest-grossing feature film of all time with 2.09 billion euros in revenue. The Canadian director even nourishes a real obsession for the history of the Titanic to which he also dedicates a documentary in 2003 before working on the 3D remastering of his film in 2012. The director is so preoccupied with attention to detail that he carries out numerous underwater expeditions to reproduce the ship with precision and rigor. Besides his cinematographic work, James Cameron is also a marine explorer for National Geographic.

He broke his own box office record twelve years later with Avatar by collecting 2.7 billion euros in revenue. Titanic loses its second place in favor of Avengers: Endgame in 2019. James Cameron worked on this science fiction project for a very long time: his first script dates back to 1995, but the director wanted to wait until he had the right technology to launch the film. Released in 2009 and shot almost entirely in computer graphics, Avatar is a real hit. After that, the Canadian will not release any film for ten years. However, he signs the screenplay and the production of the film Alita: Battle Angel and Terminator: Dark Fate in 2019, but did not direct them, unlike his other films.

Avatar 2: the long-awaited return of the saga

Upon the release of Avatar in 2009, James Cameron announced that he had bigger projects than a simple science fiction film. It is in fact a whole saga that he has in mind with at first three then finally five films. Originally announced for 2014, the second opus of the Avatar saga is delayed due to writing problems. The release date of the film is seen shifted from year to year, so much so that we could doubt the release of the film. However, filming takes place between 2017, for the scenes using motion capture, and 2020 for the live action scenes. Covid-19 has also caused some delays, but today the wait is “almost” over as Avatar: The Way of the Water will be released on December 14, 2022, a definitive release date.

Avatar: The Way of the Water follows the adventures of Jake Sully and his companion Neytiri, a decade after the events of the 2009 film. The Resources Development Administration, the evil organization from the original feature film, has returned to Pandora and is threatening the Na’vi people. Jake and his family are forced into exile and join the reefs to start a new life. There they discover another clan, the Metkayina.

This film does not conclude the story of the Na’vi. Nor will it be necessary to wait another ten years to know the sequence of events taking place on the surface of Pandora. The third opus, whose name is still unknown, is currently in post-production while the next two parts are said to be in the process of being shot. Added to this is an open-world video game, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandorawhich should be released at the end of the year on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Avatar 2: Who is James Cameron, the director of The Way of the Water?

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