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Australia already eliminated from the 2022 World Cup?

The places for the 2022 World Cup taking place in Qatar are expensive, Italy recently learned the hard way. But there are areas of the world where acquiring the precious sesame is even more difficult and uncertain. This is the case for the area encompassing Asia and Oceania and which therefore concerns Australia. And as much to say it right away, the Aussies are in rather bad shape at the time these lines are written. Here’s why Australia might not make the World Cup but also reasons for hope. Because yes there are, especially in football.

The playoff system

To qualify and participate in the Football World Cup, all teams have to go through it, namely to cross the ruthless course of the playoffs. Divided into geographic zones, the playoffs are held between teams from the same zone in the form of group stages and then first-leg and return knockout matches. As surprising as it may seem, Australia does not participate in the qualifiers for the Oceania zone but for those of the Asia zone. As much to say it immediately, this clearly changes the situation. Because without offending the teams present in the Oceania zone, the general level is without a shadow of a doubt higher in the Asia zone.

Australia struggling in qualifiers

Australia started the playoff phase from the second round due to their overall ranking (4th in the AFC). Finding themselves in a group within their reach along with Kuwait, Jordan, Nepal and Taiwan, Australia finished well ahead with 10 points ahead of the second (Kuwait). But it is from the third round that things get complicated. In a group of Japan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China and Vietnam, Australia finished third, seven points behind second-placed Japan. With three wins by more than three goals against Vietnam, China and Oman, Australia seemed to be in a favorable tie. But its draw (0-0) against Saudi Arabia and then Japan’s victory against the same Saudi Arabia changed everything. Now certain to finish third, so here she is donated in play-offs. The first play-off match will see Australia, third in group B, take on the United Arab Emirates, third in group A. But that’s not all, the winner of this match will then have to face in the intercontinental play-off a team from the South American confederation in a single match. This South American team will be Peru, which is no small feat. This match will be held in Doha, Qatar in June 2022 and will secure one of the last two places for the 2022 World Cup. In any case, sports betting is already in full swing!

Chances of hope for Australia

It is clear that the Australian team and its fans would have done without these additional play-offs. But now that what’s done is done, we should see the glass half full insofar as Australia (and this is the main thing) is not mathematically eliminated. To qualify, here are now the two obstacles on the way to Australia. First of all, the United Arab Emirates team, currently 69th in the world rankings and 7th in the Asia zone. A serious team that leaves bad memories for the Australians whom they beat and eliminated in the quarter-finals of the 2019 Asian Cup. So mistrust, but the team nevertheless seems within reach of the Australians. On the other hand, in case of victory, the biggest piece awaits them in the next round with Peru. This time it is a team ranked 22nd in the world ranking and 5th in the South American ranking. A very solid team which has nevertheless during this campaign beaten Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, held Uruguay in check, and lost on the smallest of marks (1 0) against Brazil. Mission impossible for Australia? No, everything is possible, even more so in a knockout match on neutral ground. Finally, it should be remembered that Australia has revenge to take on Peru, which beat and eliminated them (2 goals to 0) at the last World Cup (2018) in Russia. Final verdict expected in June 2022 in Doha.

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