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Aurèle Mannarini reaffirms that Yvan Colonna could not have been the shooter who killed Prefect Erignac

“If I responded to the invitation of the Group Vià Télé Paese – Stampa Paese, it is to free my conscience on the case of the late Yvan Colonna attacked on March 2 in Arles prison by Franck Elong Abé, a 35-year-old jihadist fellow prisoner, before being transported to Marseilles where he was to die on March 21. As I was able to do on the set of your regional channel, I wanted to talk about the letters that Yvan Colonna had sent to me during his lifetime and with whom I was in correspondence. During the discussion I was able to explain the reasons why Yvan Colonna had contacted me. As I said, I have freed my conscience, and I am relieved, because I have a moral responsibility in this matter. From these letters I inform public opinion, so that I am not later accused of withholding Yvan’s wishes, concerning an appeal for review of his trial.

Aurele Mannarini then explains the circumstances of this contact he may have had with the man nicknamed the Shepherd of Cargèse: “ Requested by Yvan’s father, Jean Hugues Colonna, I wrote an expert report, which I sent to his lawyers, before publishing it in 2019 on social networks, via my Facebook page. Yvan Colonna became aware of this publication, thanks to a friend who was visiting him and who gave him a copy. Following this, Yvan sent me a message in January 2020 asking me to work towards a review of his trial. Shortly after, he reiterated his request by mail. Immediately, I alerted the lawyers quoted in the letter to inform them of his request for review. Initially, the latter were not against, but they never followed up. After. A little desperate, after a second letter, Yvan sent me a new letter at the end of December 2020, in which he asked me to contact his wife Stéphanie, which I did immediately. Obviously she was for this request for review, but she told me that people around Yvan were against this request for review. I also deplore that in this case, there were no concrete steps taken by the lawyers for an appeal for review. Personally, as I have said, I have a moral responsibility, I inform the public, because I don’t want people to be able to accuse me of withholding information afterwards.

Aurèle Mannarini has a CV that says a lot about his career, holder of a thesis in interior ballistics as part of a DES, member of the European Society of Lesional Ballistics attached to the University of Lyon, former expert attached to the firm of Me Lombard in Marseilles.

He notably intervened on the trial of Aleria, or that of Tommy Recco, sentenced to life imprisonment in 1962, for two triple murders, who is today the oldest prisoner in France…

Aurèle Mannarini, guitar virtuoso in his spare time, looks back on this Colonna affair : A request for a review of the trial is absolutely necessary, to exonerate Yvan once and for all and even more so today, insofar as he was attacked and murdered. All public opinion in Corsica demands this revision and demands the truth”.

Tribute to Prefect Claude Rerignac

Aurèle Mannarini has in the past approached the Prefect Erignac, in a completely different field and today he wishes to recall the qualities of this statesman.

I would like to pay tribute to Prefect Claude Erignac who enabled the “Micro” company created in Corsica in the 1990s to obtain subsidies from France and the European Union for research into new antivirals, which I had synthesized, in particular, an anti-viral molecule. I worked at MGB Pharma in Nîmes, under contract with INCERM. This molecule has been tested in vitro on an HIV virus and a cancer virus. The latter being a world first whose work was published a few months ago in specialized French and Anglo-Saxon journals. I remember the cooperation of Prefect Erignac regarding this research. And, as a result, it is part of the history of this project. Researchers are humiliated, slandered in France, we know of specific examples. Also, any slander against me, as I have in the past, because of my testimony at Yvan’s second trial, will be considered an insult against Prefect Erignac, the MGB Pharma team and Incerm. In the event that insults are uttered in a media or a site, I will ask MGB Pharma to boycott France concerning the information on the development of this molecule abroad”.

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