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Atos, UCL and Arm join forces to broaden the uses of cloud computing in the field of life sciences

AtosUCL and Arm associate for broaden the uses of cloud computing in the field of life sciences

Paris, France – 1er June 2022 – Atos and University College London (UCL) announce today that they have successfully run the Viridian virus sequencing tool, used to detect mutations in the SARS-Cov-2 strain of the coronavirus, using an Arm®-based Ampere® Altra® processor in a native cloud environment and Atos integration expertise. This project was coordinated by the Atos Life Sciences Center of Excellence, which aims to foster a culture of exploration, discovery and co-creation to harness the power of digital technologies to advance medicine precision and accelerate drug discovery and development.

As data grows exponentially and becomes harder to process in the life sciences, scientists rely on high-performance computing (HPC) and parallel computing to quickly process and analyze very large quantities of data.

Since the Ampere Altra platform, based on Arm Neoverse, is designed to manage workloads in the cloud, simulation and results can be obtained not only on site, but also directly in the cloud, on all types of HPC platforms and from any place.

The process will be even easier with Atos’ Nimbix Supercomputing Suite, providing researchers and scientists with flexible, scalable and easy-to-use cloud solutions for compute-intensive workflows.

As more and more labs use Arm-based solutions, passing this proof of concept test will allow them to run Viridian on their systems to study life science workflows and detect various mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 genome, to contribute ultimately to the fight against COVID-19.

This work combined the skills of a team of experts from Atos and Arm focused on hardware and software optimizations, as well as a scientific team from UCL dedicated to scientific applications for these specific use cases. The collaboration has optimized both software and hardware in this co-design effort to meet cutting-edge genomics research workflow requirements, which are already being deployed in clinical settings.

Emmanuel Le Roux, SVP, HPC, AI and Quantum Director at Atos, said: “Being the undisputed European leader in HPC does not only mean being the largest system supplier to European HPC centers in terms of PetaFlops, but also of working closely with many European scientific and research institutions to enable various daily crucial data productions and simulations. This work, under the aegis of the Atos Life Sciences Center of Excellenceshow that the collaboration between academia and industry industrial, thanks to the power of supercomputing, opens new paths for scientific advances. Today we have once again shown the importance calculation hybrid to foster innovation and provide scientists with real-world applications for the life sciences. »

Alex Wade, Associate Researcher, UCL : “This co-design effort between Arm, Atos and UCL has optimized both Arm’s new hardware and its cutting-edge genomics software, further enhancing their potential in real-world life science applications. Working with industry partners has resulted in a key concept for the future of HPC applications, where hardware and software are willing to work in tandem, as opposed to the typical view of continuously updated software to match new versions of hardware equipment. This work was carried out within the framework of the Center of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine (CompBioMed) and was made possible thanks to the extensive interdisciplinary expertise of CompBioMed. Arm and Atos have been valuable partners in this work. We hope that our project will lead to future collaborations and can serve as a model for other co-design activities. »


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  • PR – Atos, UCL and Arm join forces to broaden the uses of cloud computing in the field of life sciences

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