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André Chassaigne aims for health as a political priority for the Thiers-Ambert constituency (Puy-de-Dôme)

He is aiming for a fifth term as a deputy. André Chassaigne wishes to guarantee access to care and makes health a new priority.

What idea do you have of the function of deputy?

I consider that a strong and independent voice in the National Assembly can only be expressed on the basis of a permanent presence and availability in the constituency. All the work of a deputy and his team is to articulate this local work on a daily basis to help and support all those who contact us, with legislative work, construction of the law, which is based very directly on the realities on the ground.

What are the reasons for your involvement in this campaign within your party?

The re-election of the President of the Republic has aroused a lot of anger. If he has an overwhelming majority as has been the case for 5 years, he will continue his policy in the service of the most fortunate, which makes life more difficult for the greatest number. His plan to retire at age 65 must be firmly opposed. This is why it is essential to have counter-powers, even an alternative majority, with enough deputies rooted in reality, and who make real proposals to improve daily life.

How do you intend to make the territory exist within the National Assembly?

We must both respect and ensure respect for our territory. The first mark of respect is to go, as we do with my deputy Julien Brugerolles, to each of the 132 municipalities in our constituency, to meet the inhabitants directly. As I have always done, I will continue to be systematically present to accompany both all those who fight for the defense of public services threatened each year, and all those who carry out projects to work and live well here.

For five years, what will be your “red thread” theme?

A priority arises from all our exchanges in the municipalities: to act to guarantee access to care for all and to improve the care of dependency. Thousands of inhabitants of the district no longer have a doctor. Thousands of families are in serious difficulty to finance the loss of autonomy. Health must be a political priority and I will continue to take strong measures in this direction.

In search of unknown candidates for the legislative elections

In terms of purchasing power, what is your position?

More and more homes are no longer able to cope with soaring prices. Real emergency measures are needed with the immediate increase in the minimum wage and retirement pensions and the unfreezing of civil service salaries. But it also needs an immediate drop in fuel and energy prices, by lowering taxes at the pump, and restoring regulated, regulated tariffs with the return of a large utility for gas and electricity.

If you had a bill to make, what would it be?

The day after the election, we will resubmit our bill to fight against medical desertification and to guarantee access to care for all. It includes strong measures to ensure the installation of young doctors in medical deserts, to promote the deployment of health centers, to stop any new closure of hospital beds. It also provides for a major employment, training and upgrading plan for all care and link professions, whether they concern establishments or home care.


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