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Amateur football: a film to “lower the pressure” on the edge of the Haute-Garonne pitches

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Parents overflow at the edge of sports fields, sometimes to the point of physical or verbal aggression. The Haute-Garonne football district is sounding the alarm. Other sports say they are concerned.

Jean-Mathieu Arevalillo is an educator at the Eaunes football club, near Muret. “We have seen it for several years, some parents are really overflowing on the edges of the field. They yell at their child, tell him how to play, “remote” him. They want their child to have the career they didn’t have. They are nervous towards coaches, referees, sometimes other children…”
When Sunday matches, for children from 6 or 8 years old, turn into a real “Champions League” for very, too committed parents… “You have to calm down, because small excesses can become real aggression, adds Marco Sentin. We saw some, for example, in Cugnaux at the end of 2021, where two educators were attacked. Sportingly, the sanctions fall, with penalties of prohibition. Justice is doing its job, and judgment should be delivered soon. This is unacceptable “.

The number of aggressions and incivilities increases

The president of the district of Haute-Garonne has decided to shoot, on the funds of his district, a small “shock” and moving film, to say “Touch not my football”. In the eyes of a young footballer, the spectator witnesses an altercation between parents, furious at the decision of a referee. “The film is very successful, it is very realistic. A young referee who plays in the film had also been assaulted a few days before the shooting. It’s not normal, you shouldn’t resign yourself to it, ”adds Marco Sentein.
The film will be shown in front of the club presidents of the district, then sent to all the districts of France. “The goal is for everyone to take hold of it, and for the film to have offspring. »
Shouldn’t his isolated initiative come directly from the French Football Federation? ” The Federation ? She wrote a letter to the presidents of clubs and districts, saying that we had to fight together against incivility and violence. But no concrete action. We, what we want is to pacify the edges of the field, from the youngest categories.

The “silent majority” of parents must be able to express themselves

Because according to Marco Sentein, that’s when a lot of things happen. “We don’t know how many assaults take place, or how many insults are thrown every weekend. But it goes up, it goes up. This must be stopped. This film is also to tell respectful parents, the silent majority, that she has tools so that some don’t ruin their lives. »
The “green chasuble” operation will thus be launched at the start of the 2022 school year. Parents will be able to put it on at each rally or match, and play the role of “peacemaker”. “Several chasubles with the logo “Touche pas à mon football” will be distributed in the clubs. I hope this will make it possible to welcome parents in a peaceful atmosphere. Children will also be reassured by seeing them. They will tell themselves that here, this afternoon, they are going to have a good time, without stress, without shouting. »
Other sports are also exposed to this phenomenon of violence: “Handball, rugby, basketball, my colleagues tell me so. We are very exposed because we have 41,000 licensees in Haute-Garonne, 9,000 young people under 12 years old. But it’s the same everywhere.” Green chasubles, we need them indoors, outdoors, everywhere…

A 3-minute film to “show what happens in the eyes of children”

“Together, let’s put an end to incivility and violence on our land”. It is with this sentence that the 3-minute film ends, shot in the spring of 2022 by children and parents from the Eaunes / Labarthe-sur-Lèze club, with a team of professionals. Previewed on June 8, it will be screened on June 11 at the general assembly of the Haute-Garonne district. A dad who says to his son before entering the field, “Come on, we’re going to massacre them”, a referee roughed up by parents who enter the field to contest a decision. And in the end, a parent wearing a green chasuble to calm everyone down, and the young player who, facing the camera and smiling again, pronounces the sentence: “Don’t touch my football”. “We tried to really put the viewer at the height of a child” explains Renaud Phillips, the director. The result is effective, moving, powerful.

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