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All TV programs from October 16 to 22, 2021

Every week, invites you to discover an overview of the program schedules of the French channels, which will be valid in three weeks. In addition to the bonuses of the four historical channels, also discover a selection of the most anticipated bonuses, as well as the programming changes in the second part of the evening or during the day on all the channels. Here is our selection for the week from Saturday 16 to Friday 22 October 2021.

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Saturday October 16, 2021

TF1: “The Voice All Stars”, entertainment anniversary season presented by Nikos Aliagas with Florent Pagny, Jenifer, Mika, Zazie and Patrick Fiori (semi-final)
France 2 : “The favorite comics of the French people of yesterday and today: 50 years of humor”, entertainment presented by Laurence Boccolini
France 3: “Commissaire Magellan”, French series directed by Stéphane Kopecky with Jacques Spiesser and Selma Kouchy (unpublished)
France 5: “Echappées belles”, magazine presented by Sophie Jovillard on the theme “The historic villages of Portugal” (unpublished)
M6: “Le petit Nicolas”, French film directed by Laurent Tirard with Kad Merad and Valérie Lemercier

And also :
at 10:45 p.m., “The great story of little Nicolas”, documentary (unpublished)
at 9 a.m., “Young people: Job objective”, magazine presented by Albert Batihe

Sunday October 17, 2021

TF1: “Venom”, American film directed by Ruben Fleischer with Tom Hardy (unreleased)
France 2 : “The Henri Pick Mystery”, French film directed by Rémi Bezançon with Fabrice Luchini (unreleased)
France 3: “Murdoch’s investigations”, season 14 of the Canadian series with Yannick Bisson (unpublished)
France 5: “Poutin, the master of the game”, documentary directed by Marie Lorand and proposed as part of “C dans l’air” presented by Caroline Roux (unpublished)
M6: “Forbidden zone”, magazine presented by Florence de Soultrait on the theme “Waste: the big lies of recycling” (unpublished)
“Phantom Thread”, American film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson with Daniel Day-Lewis
RMC Story: “Bring in the accused”, magazine presented by Rachid M’Barki and Dominique Rizet on the theme “Fabienne Kabou, the infanticide of Berck” (unpublished)

And also :
C8: at 9 a.m., “Envie d’agir”, magazine presented by Jaleh Bradea

Monday, October 18, 2021

TF1: “Loin de chez moi”, French TV movie directed by Frédéric Forestier with Marine Delterme and Marc Lavoine (unreleased)
France 2 : “A Perfect Man”, French TV movie directed by Didier Bivel with Odile Vuillemin and Loïc Corbery (unreleased)
France 3:
“Apocalypse: Hitler attacks in the East 1941-1943”, documentary series written and directed by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle (unpublished)
“Validé”, season 2 of the French series created by Franck Gastambide (3 unpublished)
France 5: “Cachalots, a family story”, French documentary directed by Guillaume Vincent, René Heuzey and François Sarano (unpublished)
M6: “Love is in the meadow”, episode 8 of season 16 of the show presented by Karine Le Marchand
: “We will not grow old together”, French film directed by Maurice Pialat with Jean Yanne and Marlène Jobert
“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, American film directed by Gore Verbinski with Johnny Depp
“Men in Black”, American film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
NRJ 12: “Crimes”, magazine presented by Jean-Marc Morandini on the theme “The incredible story of the greatest Swedish serial killer who was… innocent!” (unreleased)
RMC Story: “AZF, explosion in the heart of the city”, documentary series directed by Nicolas Breneol

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

“Koh-Lanta: The Legend”, episode 8 of the entertainment presented by Denis Brogniart (reunification)
France 2 :
“The extraordinary powers of the human body”, magazine presented by Michel Cymes and Adriana Karambeu on the theme “Arthrosis, osteoporosis: how to have healthy bones?”
France 3: “Death is in the meadow”, French TV movie directed by Olivier Langlois with Fred Testot (unreleased)
France 5: “Cooking at Spanish time”, documentary directed by Lionel Baillon
M6: “Red”, American film directed by Robert Schwentke with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman
Art: “Drought in Europe”, German documentary directed by Jens Niehuss and Marcel Martschoke (unpublished)
TMC: “90′ investigations”, magazine presented by Tatiana Silva on the theme “CRS of the highway, their daily life at high speed” (unpublished)

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

TF1: “Good Doctor”, season 4 of the American series with Freddie Highmore (unreleased)
France 2 : “I lied”, French mini-series directed by Frédéric Berthe with Camille Lou and Thierry Neuvic (unreleased)
France 3:
“Roots and wings”, magazine presented by Carole Gaessler on the theme “Terroirs d’excellence en Champagne” (unpublished)
France 5:
“La grande bookstore”, magazine presented by François Busnel
M6: “France has incredible talent”, launch of season 16 of entertainment presented by Karine Le Marchand
Art: “Secondary Effects”, American film directed by Steven Soderbergh with Rooney Mara, Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones
C8: “In the hearts of the French: Irresistibly Kad!”, documentary directed by Guillaume Genton and Thibault Gitton (unpublished)
“Ary Abittan: My Story”, show directed by Serge Khalfon (unpublished)

Thursday, October 21, 2021

TF1: “Munch”, season 4 of the French series with Isabelle Nanty, Aurélien Wiik and Tom Villa (unpublished)
France 2 : “Special Envoy”, magazine presented by Elise Lucet
France 3:
“A day with Brassens”, entertainment presented by Daphné Bürki and Raphäl Yem
France 5:
“The guinea pigs of the cosmos, confidences of astronauts”, French documentary directed by Jean-Christophe Ribot
“The best pastry chef”, episode 3 of season 10 of entertainment presented by Marie Portolano (unreleased)
“Hierro”, season 2 of the Spanish-French series with Candela Peña and Darío Grandinetti (3 episodes)
“Balance ton post!”, magazine presented by Eric Naulleau (live)
Sparta Prague v Lyon, UEFA Europa League game (live)
“Back to the Future 2”, American film directed by Robert Zemeckis with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd
NRJ 12:
“Retrouvailles”, program presented by Jean-Marc Morandini (live)
RMC Story:
NS Mura/Stade Rennais, UEFA Europa Conference League match (live)

Friday, October 22, 2021

TF1: “Dancing with the stars”, season 11 of entertainment presented by Camille Combal
France 2 : “Capitaine Marleau”, French series directed by Josée Dayan with Corinne Masiero, Gustave Kervern, Mylène Demongeot and Pascal Legitimus (unpublished)
France 3: “Inside Man, l’homme de l’intérieur”, American film directed by Spike Lee with Denzel Washington
France 5: “The Happy Stratagem”, play directed by Ladislas Chollat ​​with Éric Elmosnino, Sylvie Testud and Jérôme Robart
M6: “NCIS”, episode 15 of season 18 of the American series with Mark Harmon (unreleased) followed by reruns
Art: “In the mouth of the wolf”, German TV movie directed by Josef Rusnak with Nadja Bobyleva
Kazakhstan v France, 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifying match (live)
TMC: “Charmed”, American series with Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery and Rupert Evans (unreleased)

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