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All TV programs from March 12 to 18, 2022

Every week, invites you to discover an overview of the program schedules of the French channels, which will be valid in three weeks. In addition to the bonuses of the four historical channels, also discover a selection of the most anticipated bonuses, as well as the programming changes in the second part of the evening or during the day on all the channels. Here is our selection for the week from Saturday 12 to Friday 18 March 2022.

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Saturday March 12, 2022

TF1: “The Voice”, episode 5 of season 11 of entertainment presented by Nikos Aliagas (unpublished)
France 2 : “Taratata & Co”, entertainment presented by Nagui
France 3:
“Murders on the Frioul Islands”, French TV movie directed by Sylvie Ayme with Francis Huster and Jérémy Banster (unreleased)
France 5: “Echappées belles”, magazine presented by Ismaël Khelifa on the theme “Savoie Mont Blanc, land of challenges” (unpublished)
M6: “MacGyver”, episodes 7 to 9 of season 4 of the American series with Lucas Till (unreleased)

Sunday March 13, 2022

TF1: “Joker”, American film directed by Todd Phillips with Joaquin Phoenix
France 2 : “He already has your eyes”, French film by and with Lucien Jean-Baptiste and Vincent Elbaz
France 3: “Brokenwood”, season 7 of the New Zealand series directed by Katie Wolfe with Neill Rea (unreleased)
France 5: “Paris, secrets of spies”, documentary directed by Nicolas Bourgouin with Amandine Stelletta, on an original idea by Laurent Delahousse (unpublished)
M6: “Capital”, magazine presented by Julien Courbet on the theme “Buying and manufacturing French: the big bet of made in France!” (unreleased)
“The Savage Horde”, American film directed by Sam Peckinpah with William Holden

And also :
France 3:
at 12:55 p.m., closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Beijing (live)

Monday, March 14, 2022

TF1: “Camping Paradis”, French series directed by Philippe Proteau with Laurent Ournac (unpublished)
France 2 : “It was the war in Algeria”, documentary series (unpublished)
France 3:
“Philomena”, British film directed by Stephen Frears with Judi Dench
Canal+: “UFO(s)”, episodes 10 to 12 of season 2 of the French series directed by Antony Cordier with Melvil Poupaud (final)
France 5: “M Symphonic”, concert with Matthieu Chedid
M6: “Nightmare in the kitchen”, entertainment presented by Philippe Etchebest
: “A witness in the city”, Franco-Italian film by Edouard Molinaro with Lino Ventura and Sandra Milo
W9: “58 minutes to live”, American film directed by Renny Harlin with Bruce Willis
“The Dark Knight Rises”, American film directed by Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale

And also :
TFX: at 5 p.m., “Moms and famous” with Emilie Nef Naf, Julia Paredes, Jesta, Cindy Poumeyrol, Julie Ricci…

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

“Koh-Lanta: The cursed totem”, episode 4 of the game presented by Denis Brogniart (unpublished)
France 2 :
“It was the war in Algeria”, documentary series (unpublished)
France 3:
“Face à face”, French series directed by Julien Zidi and July Hygreck with Claire Borotra and Constance Gay (unpublished)
France 5: “Artichoke, a heart to take”, documentary directed by Anne-Charlotte Gourraud (unpublished)
M6: “NCIS”, episode 3 of season 19 with Mark Harmon (unreleased)
Art: “The other pandemic”, German documentary directed by Michael Wech (unpublished)
W9: “The first star”, French film by and with Lucien Jean-Baptiste and Firmine Richard
TMC: “The Mask of the Spider”, American film directed by Lee Tamahori with Morgan Freeman
“Seduce me if you can!”, American film directed by Jonathan Levine with Charlize Theron (unreleased)

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

TF1: “Grey’s Anatomy”, episodes 15 and 16 of season 17 of the American series created by Shonda Rhimes with Ellen Pompeo (unreleased)
France 2 : “What Pauline does not tell you”, French series by Rodolphe Tissot with Ophelia Kolb (unpublished)
France 3: “Roots and wings”, magazine presented by Carole Gaessler on the theme “Terroirs d’excellence en Auvergne” (unpublished)
France 5:
“La grande bookstore”, magazine presented by François Busnel
M6: “Top chef”, episode 5 of season 13 of entertainment presented by Stéphane Rotenberg with British chef Clare Smyth
“Moonlight”, American film directed by Barry Jenkins with Trevante Rhodes and André Holland
“Face à Baba”, program presented by Cyril Hanouna with Marine Le Pen (live)
“The most dangerous roads in the world”, documentary series presented by Stéphane Carpentier (unpublished)
“Lollywood Night 2”, entertainment with Manu, Ugo and Choopa

Thursday, March 17, 2022

TF1: “Balthazar”, episodes 3 and 4 of season 4 of the French series directed by Franck Brett with Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé (unpublished)
France 2 : “Elysée 2022: Facing France Télévisions”, program presented by Léa Salamé and Laurent Guimier (live)
France 3:
“Everest”, American-Islando-British film with Jason Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal
France 5:
“Volcano Planet”, documentary directed by Roland Doust
M6: “Beijing express: In the land of the golden eagle”, episode 6 of season 15 of the game presented by Stéphane Rotenberg (unpublished)
Art: “The Shadow Killer: Death is Blind”, Danish series co-directed by Jonas Alexander Arnby and Goran Kapetanovic with Natalie Madueño (unreleased, 3 episodes)
C8: “Guy”, French film by and with Alex Lutz and Tom Dingler (unreleased)
UEFA Europa League, poster of the round of 16 second leg commented by Xavier Domergue and Jean-Marc Ferreri (live)
TMC: “Taxi 4”, French film directed by Gérard Krawczyk with Samy Naceri and Frédéric Diefenthal
RMC Discovery:
“Wheeler Dealers France”, season 6 presented by Gerry Blyenberg and Aurélien Letheux (unpublished)

Friday, March 18, 2022

TF1: “Welcome Back”, entertainment presented by Camille Combal
France 2 : “Crime suits him so well”, French series with Claudia Tagbo and Hélène Seuzaret
France 3: “The great regional competition: What will be the best folk dance in France?”, entertainment presented by Cyril Féraud
France 5: “Heat”, American film directed by Michael Mann with Al Pacino
M6: “House for sale”, magazine presented by Stéphane Plaza (unpublished)
“Claire Andrieux”, French TV movie directed by Olivier Jahan with Jeanne Rosa
“Les Chevaliers du Fiel: Le grand meeting en direct”, show by and with Eric Carrière and Francis Ginibre (live)
: “Enquête d’action”, magazine presented by Marie-Ange Casalta on the theme “Drivers and traffickers on the drug highway in Belgium” (unpublished)
RMC Story: “Jubillar case: Investigation and revelations on the disappearance of Delphine”, documentary directed by Xavier Beneroso and Grégory Heraud (unpublished)

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