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all series release dates in 2022

Impossible to see everything on Netflix, despite the best will in the world! The streaming platform puts so many new fictions online each week that it is difficult to follow everything. After discovering original creations that marked the beginning of 2022, such as the parody mini-series The woman who lived across from the girl at the window or the new Korean phenomenon All of Us Are Deador the Colombian thriller series In a beat, or find the new seasons of your favorite series, such as the highly anticipated season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle, which continues to captivate even several months after its release, or the finale of the thriller ozark, what are you going to watch next on Netflix? The platform still has many surprises in store for you, with unexpected dramas that are at the top of the most viewed programs, such as the Spanish series Welcome to Eden or the little French The 7 lives of Léa, but will also give you answers to your questions, like with the ending of Who Killed Sara? which, we hope, will finally answer the title of the series! What are you going to watch in 2022 on Netflix? Do not panic ! Like always, netflix has many new features in store for you each month, to be found on Télé-Loisirs.

After the Netflix series of 2021, what are the new series expected in 2022?

To not miss any of the best Netflix series, Télé-Loisirs offers you the calendar of all series releases, whether new seasons or new fiction. For example, you will have to be patient to also discover season 5 of The Crownof which we can see a preview thanks to the photos of filming, or season 4 of Stranger Things, that Netflix has decided to divide into two parts to make the fun last. As always, new original creations should create the event, like Notre-Dame: the part of the fireon the fire that ravaged the cathedral, The Sandmanso sulfurous that it will be prohibited for those under 18, or the Korean remake of Money Heist !

New Netflix series: all series release dates to watch in 2022 on the platform

In the shade of magnolias (season 2): February 4

after-life (season 3): January 14

Anatomy of a Scandal (season 1): April 15

Archives 81 (season 1): January 14

At the service of the past (season 1): January 28

Better Call Saul (season 6): part 1 on April 18 and part 2 on July 11

Borgen (season 4): June 2

Chosen (season 1): January 13

Cobra-Kai (season 5): September 9

How to Raise a Superhero (season 2): February 1

Disenchanted (season 4): February 9

Funny (season 1): March 18

Elite (season 5): April 8

Grace And Frankie : last episodes April 29

Inventing Anna (season 1): February 11

Money Heist: Korea (season 1): June 24

The Bridgerton Chronicle (season 2): March 25

The woman who lived across from the girl at the window (season 1): January 28

The Young Wallander : February 17

Love, Death and Robots (season 3): May 20

Love and Anarchy (season 2): June 16

my first times (season 3): August 12

Outlander (season 6): March 7 (US+24)

ozark (season 4): January 21

Peaky Blinders (season 6): June 10

heart plan (season 3): January 1

Russian doll (season 2): April 20

Who killed Sara? (season 3): May 18

Who is lying? (season 1): February 18

Snowpiercer (season 3): from January 25

SpaceForce (season 2): February 18

Stranger Things (season 4): May 27 for part 1, July 1 for part 2

The Crown (season 5): November 2022

The Journalist (season 1): January 13

The Last Kingdom (season 5): March 9

top boy (season 4): March 18

toy boy (season 2): February 11

Umbrella Academy (season 3): June 22

Undercover (season 3): January 10

Vikings: Valhalla (season 1): February 25

Outer Banks, You, vikings… The best Netflix series expected in 2022

Many series, new seasons or novelties announced, do not yet have a release date on Netflix. This list will therefore be regularly updated, based on information provided by the streaming platform throughout the year.

Robbers: the series (season 2)

dead to me (season 3)

Destiny: The Winx Saga (season 2)

Dynasty (season 5)

Ginny & Georgia (season 2)

Locke & Key (season 3)

Lupine (part 3)

narnia (series and movies)

Notre-Dame: The Part of the Fire (season 1)

Outer Banks (season 3)

Ragnarok (season 3)

Sex Education (season 4)

Sky Rojo (season 3)

Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga (season 2)

sweettooth (season 2)

The Politician (season 3)

The Sandman (season 1)

The Victim’s Game (season 2)

Always there for you (Firefly Lane) (season 2)

Valeria (season 3)

Vikings: Valhalla (season 2)

Virgin River (season 4)

Warrior Nun (season 2)

You (season 4)

Young Royals (season 2)

The top series and movies to watch on Netflix

To wait while waiting to find your favorite series, or to discover the next fictions that will make you vibrate on the platform, Télé-Loisirs offers you the best of streaming every day, with in particular selections made according to your tastes: if you have liked Bridgerton for example, the Colombian series In a beatthe mini-series Anatomy of a Scandal… But also the top movies on Netflix: the top of the best movies to watch with the family, or the top of the best Netflix movies, action movies, the best comedies…

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