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A4: soon ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles in these service stations

These will be bollards with extendable roofs on which solar panels will be installed. (©Fastned)

Among the five new terminals, two will be installed in Brie, on the stations of Changis-sur-Marne and D’Ussy-sur-Marne, in Seine-et-Marne. Good news for drivers electric carswhich sometimes struggle to find charging sites or who have to wait several hours to recharge their vehicle.

Indeed, the call for tenders launched by the French motorway concession company Sanef was won by the European company Fastned, thus enabling it to develop and operate 18 new fast charging stations along the main concession motorways in northern France. Operational at the end of 2022, they will be spread over four regions : Ile-de-France, Grand-Est, Hauts-de-France and Normandy.

Load hundreds of vehicles per day

“We are committed to providing users of French electric vehicles with a reliable, high-quality charging network, accessible to all drivers and allowing them to drive freely. Each new tender we win brings us closer to this goal. »

Pierre CourgeonCountry Manager of the Fastned France

These stations, crossing like petrol stations, will be able to recharge hundreds of electric vehicles every day. They will be open to all electric vehicleswhatever the brand and model, and are equipped with awnings in photovoltaic panels that protect drivers from the rain.

Each of these stations will be equipped with 4 to 18 charging points. In this case, there will be 8 in Changis-sur-Marne, and 4 in Ussy-sur-Marne, at least at the start, since these figures may change according to needs. They can later be extended to 12 and 8 ; the objective being that there is no waiting.

With a charging power up to 300 kWusers of electric vehicles will be able to earn up to 300 km range in just 15 minutes.

On the price side, the standard charging rate is set at €0.59 including tax per kWh excluding subscription and at €0.45 per kWh with a subscription of €11.99 per month, knowing that an electric car consumes on average 15 kWh per 100 km in urban areas compared to 20 to 25 kWh per 100 km on the highway.

The construction and thestations are scheduled to open before the end of 2022thus responding to government goals to equip the 360 ​​concession areas of the motorway network with fast charging infrastructure by the end of the year.

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Equip 100% of areas in the Sanef network

“Clean mobility is a essential axis of the energy transition, the transport sector alone being responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions. Our responsibility, as a public service delegate company, is therefore to support these developments by facilitating the use of electric vehicles for long-distance journeys. By relying on Fastned, the charging expert, we are accelerating the massive deployment of ultra-fast charging stations and thus respond to the ambition to equip 100% of the areas of our networks by the end of the year”, reacts Arnaud Quémard, Managing Director of the Sanef group.

The 18 sites concerned

A1: West Vémars, East Vémars, Saint Léger and East Wancourt;
A4: Changis sur Marne, Ussy sur Marne, Valmy Le Moulin, Valmy Orbeval and Keskastel West;
A13: Rosny sur Seine Sud and Bosgouet Sud;
A26: Saint Hilaire Cottes;
A29: Villers Bretonneux, Quetteville East and Quetteville West;
A31: L’Obrion, Loisy and La Maxe.

“This new invitation to tender underlines the confidence that French motorway operators place in our fast charging concept and constitutes recognition of the expertise that we have developed over the past ten years on the European market”, adds him Pierre Courgeon, of Fastned France.

Fastned, with a decade in Europe, has also responded to other calls for tenders. New stations will therefore be able to complete the first 31 that already belong to it.

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