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a very interesting netflix series to start today

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can get into Lincoln Defense today. A netflix tv series very interesting to see absolutely.

Many series were put online in May 2022 on Netflix. The return of season 4 of Stranger Things particularly caught everyone’s attention. There was also the series ozark and theAnatomy of a Scandal. But beyond all these good hit seriesNetflix had also uploaded new series, including The Lincoln Defense which particularly caught the attention of several spectators. Logically, the court series didn’t take long enough to hit. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is the reasons to absolutely see Lincoln Defense.

Lincoln Defense: what is the series about?

Lincoln Defense is a drama and legal series, from 10 episodes, released in 2022 on Netflix France. It follows the eponymous film The Lincoln Defense released in 2011 by Matthew McConaughey. The character is a creation of Michael Corlelly from his novel series The Lincoln Lawyer.

The story told by this good tv series 2022 is that of a brilliant Los Angeles lawyer named Michael Haller, affectionately known as the Lincoln Lawyer. A nickname he owes to the fact of having transformed his Lincoln Navigator into an office: he enjoys working from the back of his car where he rereads files, studies cases and puts his thoughts in order.

Following a surfing accident, Mickey suffers trauma and sinks into drugs. This keeps him away from the courts for quite a while. After recovering from his demons, the Lincoln-style attorney receives a call from Los Angeles Chief Judge Mary Holder. She entrusts him with Master Jerry’s office, according to the wishes of the deceased, who had just been assassinated. He therefore inherits Jerry’s business, the biggest of which, that of Trevor Elliott charged with double homicide. Back on the saddle, Haller will surround himself with his two ex-wives, Lorna and Maggie, to carry out his missions.

What is this series interesting to watch?

There are several reasons to absolutely see this best tv series 2022.

For the lawyer in Lincoln

Defense Lincoln is above all a interesting series because of attorney Mickey Haller. His whole personality and relationships make us love the show. The character is carried by the Mexican Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. He notably made an appearance in Six Underground and in the series Goliath.

The Lincoln Defense

Mickey Haller is a brilliant avocado who knows how to play with evidence to get his clients off the hook. With him, the objective is not to know who is right or wrong. The ultimate goal is to whitewash its clients, even if it means diverting the attention of the jurors, undermining the evidence, giving weight to a detail, etc. This is a particularly invested man who takes no respite. Haller is above all a passionate person who followed in his father’s footsteps. Probably the main reason why he is happy in what he does.

For the Trevor Elliot case

In addition, the main case, that of Trevor Elliot, makes the series particularly interesting. A wealthy developer who made his fortune through video games, Elliot is accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Even if he knows that he will one day or another be found innocent, he does not want to let social media justice undermine its image and reputation. The developer therefore wants the trial to be accelerated. Unfortunately, the case is more complex than it seems. Each episode gives rise to revelations and twists, adding to what was already difficult.

The Lincoln Defense” on Netflix

In addition to this case, there are many small court cases to pass the time. This makes it possible to show the talent of Haller who even gives law lessons to his driver. Also, Haller’s first wife, a prosecutor, is on the trail of a criminal. All this keeps the viewer alert: everything is dense and evolves quickly. Defense Lincoln requires full attention for this purpose.

Several topics covered

Finally, outside the legal framework, this series does not lose its interest. We follow in particular Haller’s private life who juggles between his two wives. This does not prevent him from being focused on his business. On the background, the series features themes related to e-reputation, self-confidence, drug addiction, education, the impact of parents’ activity on children, etc.

Lincoln Defense: season 2 is coming when?

For the moment, season 1 of Lincoln Defense continues to be a hit on the American streaming platform. This good tv series 2022 remains in the top of the series viewed. This logically suggests a season 2. But for the moment, Netflix has not yet communicated whether or not there will be a second season. But a season 2 Lincoln Defensethis is the only possible outcome.

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