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28 of the most beautiful photos of Italy

Let yourself be transported to Italian lands and discover the wonders hidden there… here is our selection of the most beautiful photos of Italy!

Traveling is not only an act, nor an ambition, it is above all an art of living. And if it is difficult to cross the end of the world throughout his life, nothing prevents him from traveling his mind. It is for this reason that Generation Voyage offers you several themes, to help you escape to your favorite countries, or discover new wonders in anticipation of your future trips.

You can thus find for multiple destinations, our travel playlist, our top of the favorite culinary specialties and now our top of the most beautiful photos! So, whether you’re in the subway, in your bed or at work, take 5 minutes to discover sublime shots!

Today, it is on Italian lands that we have decided to transport you. And if Italy is often called the ” belpaese meaning “the beautiful country”, is that the richness and beauty of its landscapes live up to these words. Mixing vertiginous mountains as well as fine sandy beaches or even small villages perched in the mountains, Italy is full of treasures to discover through this top of our 28 most beautiful photos!

A country of art and architecture

Italy and its picturesque villages

The testimonies of the past and of successive civilizations make Italy a country at the heart of history, culture and art. Thus, artistic and architectural treasures are everywhere and every corner of the country has wonderful surprises in store for you.

Let’s start our journey by discovering the picturesque villages that adorn the whole country. Perched in the mountains or by the sea, they each have a special and unique charm.

Aerial view of Savoca village in Sicily, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – DaLiu


View of Trulli houses in Alberobello, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Vitlana Belinska


View of the village of San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Lowell Monke


View of the village of Trevi on a misty morning, Umbria, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – StevanZZ


View of the village of Pitigliano in Tuscany, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Lowell Monke

The Cinque Terre, the place not to forget to visit in Liguria

The Cinque Terre, the place not to forget to visit in Liguria, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Olga Gavrilova

Remains and emblematic cities

Aside from its picturesque villages, Italy is full of artistic and architectural treasures that we will discover below through monuments, vestiges and emblematic cities. From the famous Tower of Pisa to the many archaeological sites to historic towns, there is something to satisfy fans of cultural tourism.

pisa tower

View of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Cathedral, TuscanyPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Sergey Peterman


Aerial view of Monte Castle, Puglia, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Fabio Dell


Night view of the Colosseum in RomePhoto credit: Shutterstock – azargic Liviu


Morning view of Amalfi town on mediterranean sea coast, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – proslgn


Ancient Roman city of PompeiiPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Balate Dorin


Venetian gondolier on the canal waters of Venice, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – muratart


View of the beautiful gardens of Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – MarinaD_37


Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower in Florence in autumn, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – givaga


View of Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Boris Stroujko


View of the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Jaro68

An incredible diversity of landscapes

Mountains and lakes

The wonders of Italy don’t just stop at art and architecture. Indeed, the natural wealth of the country is incredible: vertiginous mountains, expanses of fine sand and their turquoise waters or even volcanic landscapes… so many natural treasures to discover on Italian lands.

To begin, let yourself be transported through our selection of shots that will take you on a journey through the mountains and lakes that border the country.

The peak of Seceda, Dolomites-italy-photos

View of Seceda Peak, Dolomites, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Zick Svift

Visit the Dolomites and its lakesitaly-photos

view of lake braies, dolomites, trentino alto adige, italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Alessandro Pierpaoli


View of the alpine village of Santa-Maddalena in the dolomites, Trentino Alto Adige region, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – DaLiu


Aerial panoramic view up to Varenna – famous old town in Italy on the shore of Lake ComoPhoto credit: Shutterstock – aleksey shirmanov


Tuscany landscape, San Quirico d’Orcia, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Stefano Termanini

Islands and beaches

How can you make you travel to Italy without showing you pictures of its heavenly beaches? The beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia offer incredible stretches of sand and water that leave no one indifferent.


Cala Domestica beach, Sardinia Photo credit: Shutterstock – Eva Bocek


Stunning aerial view of Prince’s Beach (Spiaggia del Principe), Sardinia Photo credit: Shutterstock – travelwild


View of the beautiful beach of Scopello, SicilyPhoto credit: Shutterstock – leoks

A land of volcanoes

To end our Italian trip in photos, it’s time to discover the country’s volcanoes! From the impressive Etna to the Stromboli volcano perched on an island in Sicily, these treasures of nature are as beautiful as they are fascinating.


Volcano crater on the island Vulcano, alive and colorful, SicilyPhoto credit: Shutterstock – easy camera


Stromboli volcano on Eolie island, Sicily, ItalyPhoto credit: Shutterstock – luigi nifosi


Aerial view of Vesuvius volcano, Pompeii, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – gokturk_06


Etna volcano eruption, Sicily, Italy Photo credit: Shutterstock – Wead

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