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1st “Mena Europe Future Energy Dialogue” between Israel, Palestinian Territories and Jordan. – IsraelValley

German Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck visited Israel and the Palestinian territories from June 6 to 9, 2022 and Jordan on the occasion of the 1st » Mena Europe Future Energy Dialogue”.

This trip focuses on cooperation in energy transition and climate protection, as well as innovations and high-tech developments.

“The Eastern Mediterranean region faces major challenges. Political tensions, social differences, the consequences of the war in Syria and the perceptible effects of the climate crisis are among them. The different crises are nested within each other. In this region in particular, it becomes clear how closely security policy and climate policy must be brought together and how urgent it is to limit global warming to a tolerable level,” said Federal Minister Robert Habeck before the start of the travel, but to counter them by seizing the opportunities that reside in global climate protection. The expansion of renewable energies, hydrogen production and technological innovations can create new economic prospects and new forms of cooperation. And some of them are already being developed. We want to encourage them as much as possible so that cooperation within the region develops and cooperation between Germany and the European Union on the one hand and the Eastern Mediterranean on the other is closer. This will guide my talks in Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan. »

During his inaugural visit to Israel, Federal Minister Robert Habeck met with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Foreign Minister Jair Lapid, Economy and Industry Minister Orna Barbivai and Energy Minister Karine Elharrar, who are also responsible for climate protection.

In addition, he met with representatives of Israeli and German business and civil society. The talks focus on issues relating to joint cooperation in the field of innovation and technology, as well as the challenges of the energy transition and the climate crisis.

Mr. Habeck also visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. “Due to our history, Germany bears a special responsibility. Israel’s security is part of Germany’s raison d’etat. This government is also responsible for this continuity in the policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is an integral part of our actions,” said the Vice-Chancellor.

In Ramallah, Federal Minister Habeck will discuss the current political situation in the Palestinian territories, the fragile economic situation and energy supply challenges with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh and Minister of Economy, Khalid Osaily. From there he traveled to Jordan and opened with joint host country Jordan – the 1st “MENA Europe Future Energy Dialogue (MEFED)” in front of around 800 participants. The aim of the conference is to better anchor in international politics the measures necessary for a climate-neutral economy and energy supply and to accelerate them together. Many ministers and heads of regional and international organizations, representatives of the private sector, science and NGOs from the region and the EU came to the conference to discuss the further development of renewable energies, hydrogen infrastructure and joint climate protection projects.

Minister Habeck also inquired about the state of the Dead Sea in Jordan, visited Al-Azrag refugee camp and Bundeswehr soldiers at Muwaffaq Salti air force base Jordanian royal.

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