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10 films with Romy Schneider to see absolutely on Netflix! News People

On the occasion of the addition of nine films with Romy Schneider on Netflix, here is a selection of his best films!

netflix announced in its March calendar the addition of a Romy Schneider collection, with 9 of her films, available on the platform on March 16, 2022. The swimming pool (1969), Things of life (1970), Caesar and Rosalie (1972), Max and the scrap dealers (1971), The important thing is to love (1975), Christina (1958), The trial (1962), A woman at her window (1976) and full sun (1960).

Forty years after her death, Netflix pays tribute to Romy Schneider, icon of a generation and favorite actress of Claude Sautet. Kifim offers you a selection of his best films !

Discover Romy Schneider’s 10 best films

The Old Rifle (1975)

By Robert Enrico

The old gun

The old gun takes place in 1944, in Montauban. Surgeon Julien Dandieu there leads a peaceful life with his wife, Clara, and their daughter Florence. However, the German invasion cannot leave him indifferent : preferring to know them far from the torments of this war, Julien asks his friend François to drive Clara and Florence in the countryside, where this family owns a castle, a veritable medieval fortress overlooking a village. A week later, no longer able to bear the absence of his family, Julien joins his family to discover, with horror, that the Germans have already sown terror in the village.

The Things of Life (1970)

By Claude Sautet

Things of life

Things of life tells the story of Peter, architect about forty years old, which is victim of a road accident. Ejected from the vehicle, he lies unconscious on the grass by the side of the road. He remembers his pasthis life with Hélène, a young woman he wanted to leave, his wife Catherine and his son…

Available on Netflix

Caesar and Rosalie (1972)

By Claude Sautet

Caesar and Rosalie

Caesar and Rosalie tells the story of Rosalie, who lives with César, a rich, boastful and self-confident man. When reappears David, a love of youth, she knows she still loves this sweet and calm boy. She go live with him. Caesar joins them soon crestfallen, and Rosalie agrees to follow him. But she is not happy. Caesar asks David to come live with them. A strong friendship is forged between the two menfrom which Rosalie feels excluded…

Available on Netflix

Sisi (1955)

By Ernst Marischka


How can we talk about Romy Schneider, without mentioning her role as Sisi The Empress?

The film Sisi is based on the love story of Empress Sissi, played by Romy Schneider, and Emperor Franz Joseph, played by Karlheinz Böhm. The young Sissi accompanies at the Imperial Court of Austria his mother and sister eldest Helen promised to the future emperor. As usual Sissi takes advantage of a moment alone to go for a walk during which she will unknowingly meet the imperial heir

The Pool (1969)

By Jacques Deray

The swimming pool

The film The swimming pool is a cult film because it brings together an emblematic couple of cinema: Romy Schneider and Alain Delon.

It tells the story of Jean-Paul and Marianne who form a ideal couple and flow happy days in their villa in Saint-Tropez, until the day when Harry arrives, on the arm of his daughter, the incendiary Penelope. Former lover of Marianne, the man disturbs this quiet life. The tension is growing.

Available on Netflix

Max and the Junkmen (1971)

By Claude Sautet

Max and the scrap dealers

Max and the scrap dealers this is the story of a policeman decided to arrest a gang of thugs amateurs. He sets a trap for them so that you can catch them in the act.

Available on Netflix

Police Custody (1981)

By Claude Miller


Jail is a detective film where the inspector Antoine Gallien murder and rape investigation of two little girls. The inspector continues his investigation until this New Year’s Eve. He summons a city dignitary to his office, the notary Jérôme Martinaud, to make him specify the circumstances in which he discovered the body of one of the victims. Annoyed by the arrogance of his witness, Gallien shows him that he could very well to find oneself in the position of a suspect. Martinaud loses his footing and is therefore ready to take on all doubts. Inspector Belmont, Gallien’s second, goes so far as to brutalize the notary. Without much success. More and more distraught, Martinaud embarks on a long and painful narration of his married life…

The important thing is to love (1975)

By Andrzej Zulawski

The important thing is to love

The important thing is to love follows Servais, a photographer reporterwho meets Nadine, an actress who, to survive, is forced to make pornographic films. She is attracted to the young man, but she loves her husband, a sort of disenchanted Pierrot who runs away from the realities of life. Servais sponsors a play without Nadine’s knowledge, in which she will have a role that will allow her to express her qualities. By the extravagance of the staging the play is a failure.

Available on Netflix

Ludwig or The Twilight of the Gods (1972)

By Suso Cecchi d’Amico and Luchino Visconti

Ludwig or the twilight of the gods

Luchino Visconti signs a magnificent adaptation with Ludwig or the Twilight of the Godsevocation of reign of Ludwig II of Bavariaprotector of the arts, and in particular of Richard Wagner who owed his salvation and opportunity to create their finest works thanks to this monarch…

The Train (1973)

By Pierre Granier-Deferre

The train

The train takes place in May 1940. Fleeing the advancing German troops, Julien Maroyeur, radio repairman, reformed due to myopia, leaves his village in the North-East (Fumay, Ardennes) with his wife, Monique, pregnant, and their 7-year-old daughter. During the formation of the train which must take them south, Julien, forced to travel in freight cars reserved for men, finds himself separated from his family. During the trip, he meets Anna, a young German Jew. Between these two beings, yet so different in their origin and condition, a great passion will be born.

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